His mistress child update Sunday 3 December 2023

His mistress child 3 December 2023: The episode starts with Yashoda telling Astha that Ashok met Krishna’s mother before he married Yashoda and if he had married Krishna’s mother, he wouldn’t have married Yashoda and Astha wouldn’t have been born and hence the root of the problem is Ashok and not Krishna. Shamshera says Astha should understand it and stop blaming Krishna. Yashoda says she will explain her until she understands. Amma asks Arvind to cut even her slippers like he cut Babuji’s slippers and if he doesn’t want to, she herself will cut them as she wants to experience the pain her son gave to his father. Kamini asks Amma to stop demonizing Arvind for Yashoda’s sake.

Amma says Yashoda proved herself innocent in Randhir’s case and will prove herself innocent even in Arvind’s baby’s case.

Babuji gives money to Arvind and says it’s for breaking his tea cup. He says a son may like his mother to walk barefoot, but a husband doesn’t like his wife to walk barefoot, so she will use slippers and he will walk barefoot to realize that the son whom he lifted on his shoulders and walked wants to see him in pain. Bansal asks if he wants to defame his son. Babuji says he will tell people that his slipper is broken and he is going to repair it. Arvind shouts at them to stop their drama. Amma says Yashoda and Krishna are in deep pain and if Arvind has lost his humanity and can’t see their pain, they will visit Yashoda’s house at any cost today and hopes Arvind doesn’t face the humiliation via his son like they are facing from Arvind.

They both walk away. Bansal asks Arvind not to bother about old couple’s words and think of giving a better life to his son Sonu.

Yashoda tells Astha that she has to understand why Ashok left home and stop blaming Krishna. Krishna asks him not to scold his sisters as they have rights to scold him. Astha asks him to stop interfering and tells Yashoda that it’s not Ashok’s mistake but Krishna biological and stepmother’s mistake that they accepted Krishna. Yashoda asks Nupur if she thinks same. Nupur says no. Astha says their father will never return until Krishna is with them. Krishna cries recalling Astha’s bitter words. Shamshera comforts him. Babuji feels immense pain walking barefoot. Amma asks if he is fine. He smiles. She also walks barefoot. Krishna notices them and asks why are they walking barefoot. Amma says Babuji’s slipper broke and they are searching for a cobbler, she is walking to support him. Krishna snatches slipper from Babuji and says there are 4 cobblers on the way, he didn’t mend his slipper for some reason; he asks them to stand right there while he fixes slipper and returns.

Amma and Babuji getting tensed seeing their money and jewelry missing from the locker. Yashoda looks at her mangalsutra and recalls Ashok refusing to return home and taking dhiksha. She thinks she has to sell this mangalsutra for her children’s sake. Krishna requests her not to sell it as it’s a symbol of her love. Yashoda asks what will she do then. Bansal and Kamini ask Arvind to stop Amma and Babuji from gathering money from their room. Arvind asks them to relax and just wait and watch. Babuji finds even his investment documents missing and confronts Arvind to return his money and stuff. Arvind says he has kept them at a safest place. Babuji holds his collar and says he knows how to get his stuff back.

Arvind frees his hand and warns him to dare not use force on him or else he will experience his bones being broken in this age. Amma confronts him for misbehaving with his father. Babuji says he is paying for his sins. Mahua runs out of her room and tells Arvind that she is getting afraid hearing someone shouting. Arvind scolds Babuji to stop shouting as his wife is getting afraid and takes Mahua to room. Babuji and Amma cry hugging each other. Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi Hairan Hoon Main..song plays in the background. They both walk out of the house crying.

Yashoda also cries holding her children. Babuji with Amma walks to her and says an arrogant person becomes a beggar one day, he became a beggar due to his arrogance and can’t help her. Nupur cheers up Yashoda to live in presence without worrying about the future. All kids cheer her up singing a song. Randhir walks in. Yashoda asks how dare he is to come here. Randhir says she had got a court order to keep him away from her and her family, but now he got that order canceled; he threatens her to return his 1.5 lakh rs or else he will snatch her shop and house and get her and her children on road. Yashoda challenges him to dare do that and warns him to get out of her house. Randhir leaves.

Arvind waits for Amma and Babuji frowning and hopes Yashoda’s shop is broken tomorrow and she gets on road. Amma and Babuji return. Arvind stops them at the door and asks them to stay outside tonight as they would be returning to Yashoda anyways. Babuji if he is not ashamed to do this to his parents. Arind says they should be ashamed to help a woman who killed their son’s baby and shuts the door on their face.

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