This is fate update Sunday 3 December 2023

This is fate 3 December 2023: Preeta informs Rishab that Anjali got the bail and that too because of Arjun, Rishab asks her to not be tensed since everyone is with him and even she is standing beside him so what else does he need, Preeta mentions she can understand his talks because she knows he says such things to make them feel better but hide his own pain, the entire family gets troubled when anything happens to him so he knows they all love him so much, Rishab asks what about her, Preeta is stunned but he says she worries about him. Preeta mentions they will not talk about this thing, and she is going to take care of it all, she instructs him to come and sleep on the bed, he tries to argue but she insists he should at least listen to her. Rishab agrees to lie down on the bed, Preeta turns off the lights walking away.

Arjun is continuously drinking thinking about how Preeta warned him to not even dare call her daughter as his own, Rishab also threatened saying that he cannot share Preeta ji and Kavya with anyone in the world, Anjali comes to Arjun questioning what is he doing, he breaking the glass explains Preeta has always loved Rishab more then him and his feelings were never enough for her, Anjali makes him lie down on the bed explaining he is not alone and she is going to make sure that they pay the price since they have made him a target so she is going to reveal the truth about their relations.

In the morning Preeta enters the room where she sees Rishab sleeping, she notices he is getting disturbed by the sunlight and tries to close the curtain, she after seeing him remembers how she used to spend time with karan and even he got irritated by sunlight, Rishab asks if she was remembering Karan, Rishab mentions he feels good because she always tends to smile, Preeta replies this is what Karan said but the person who would make them smile left them causing so much pain. Rishab replies that she must not cry as he feels he has failed his brother when she is sad, he promised Karan he would always keep Preeta happy.

Preeta requests him to sit down since it is time for his medicine, Preeta mentions that he would be tensed thinking she still remembers Karan, Rishab explains he is just going to stand by her side whenever she needs him, even if she is a strong woman by herself he doesnot want her to feel alone. Rishab asks for the medicine, Preeta immediately hands it to him so he asks if he can also have a cup of tea. Preeta agrees but inform he can have it after thirty minutes since this was the instruction of the doctor. Rishab questions if she is a little controlling when Preeta replies because he listens to her while no one else does.

Arjun wakes up to see Anjali sitting in his room, he asks what is she doing here when she mention she wants an increment, Arjun agrees but Anjali replies she is not bringing anything new to the table nor has she done but is just taking care of him because he just acts as if he is mature but tends to drink a lot after getting angry, Anjali says he can drink it but after she has left for London, Arjun questions if she actually wants to leave but she replies she cannot leave him even when she wishes it, he smiles however she says he must not smile otherwise she would get even more furious. Arjun explains that Anjali cares for him when they do not have any sort of relation while Preeta used to be his love, even then she stabbed him in the back with a dagger, he explains that Rishab and Preeta were together and even want to snatch his daughter from him.

He informs Preeta was pregnant with his child when they both tried to kill him. Arjun vows to make them pay for what they have done, Anjali says he must forget the past however he replies that these feelings make him move ahead, he leaves informing he would meet her in the office. Anjali wishes arjun should not have returned to India because until he was abroad, he had control over his emotions but not here and it is only because of Rishab.

Rishab walks down the stairs, ready to leave for his office. Rakhi questions where he is going when Rishab explains she must say something politely so what might have happened if Preeta je hears it, Rakhi asks what abut her anger since he just listens to his wife but not his mother.

Rakhi starts smiling saying Rishab always listens to his wife, Mahesh assures Rishab that it is nothing to be worried about since he must take it as a title, Shristhi defends Mahesh saying he is speaking the truth. Rakhi gets angry with Mahesh who tries to console her but then Rishab leaves after getting a call requesting them to not tell Preeta.

Preeta calls Rishab questioning where he is, he starts mumbling and tries to explain but Preeta says he should first park the car, she inquires why did he leave for office when he was not well and needs to rest. Rishab explains there is an important meeting which the staff would not be able to handle, Preeta asks then what would have happened since she feels he should worry for of his health, Rishab tries to explain how if they lose the project it will not be good for their reputation, Preeta getting furious replies that he is behaving like kavya so must not say anything when she scolds him, this is what he deserves because what was wrong in taking a rest for a few days however he just needs to work, Rishab assures he is fine, Preeta agrees on one condition that he will not stay in the office if he starts feeling even a little bit weird. The connection disrupts so the call ends, Preeta is shocked to see Shristhi smiling at the door.

Shristhi explains their relation is a perfect one since they both donot even fight with each other at all and have so much respect, Preeta replies that only both know the truth about their relation since it a unique relationship which she will not understand. Shristhi replies she is happy for Preeta as she got a life partner as Rishab jee but if she got married to Arjun then would have always fought with each other, Preeta replies that no one should get to marry Arjun.

Arjun informs Anjali he is leaving for office, he asks why are they doing the work themselves and where are the workers, Anjali says there are not many people in this house and Dadi fired the worker they had, Dadi says so what if she said a little it was not that much, Anjali taunts her saying she just said the worker takes unjust pay from them, revealing she saw the worker crying as he was also worried how he would earn for his family. Dadi agrees she made a mistake but Arjun tries to calm her down, she requests him to take her to Mandir, Arjun tells Anjali to take Dadi but she says that Anjali would still scold her so she wants to go with him, Arjun leaves with Dadi when Anjali thinks she wants him to be busy in his life so he doesnot think about Preeta and Rishab.

Preeta comes down when she sees Dadi so asks if she came back so early, Dadi says no one is here to take her because Mahesh had to go to a meeting and even Sameer and Shristhi have left, she is also worried if something happens as she came back after deciding to go to the Mandir, Preeta assures she would take her when Dadi is not convinced since Peeta would also have her own schedule but Preeta replies that everything else can wait.Arjun stops the car at the Mandir where he helps Dadi get out of the car who suggests if they should take the coconut. Preeta while driving the car tries to turn but accidentally hits the car of Arjun, she quickly parks before they find out anything. Preeta hits Arjun in his arm, they both feel as if something has happened so starts feeling weird, Preeta is shocked

when the stand falls so is about to go and help them when Dadi asks her to come since they should take the Parshad.

Arjun walks with Dadi to the Mandir explaining she wants to hold a Pooja for a mistake which she made a she fired her servant which might have caused problem for him, Pandit jee explains that if she accepts her mistake and seeks an apology then all her sins would end, Dadi and Arjun both start the pooja when Preeta along with Bani Dadi also enter the Mandir, Arjun is shocked seeing Preeta thinking how she came to his house explaining she has filed a restraining order against him if he tries to meet Kavya. Arjun rushes out of the Mandir thinking why he feels so restless thinking about her when he knows that she is not a nice girl but he still feels jealous whenever she calls Rishab as her husband.

Arjun receives a call from Dadi asking where did he go since she is searching for him, Arjun asks her to come outside the Mandir where he is waiting but she informs she doesnot know the directions in this Mandir so he must come, Bani Dadi notices it so asks if she can talk with him, she scolds Arjun questioning why is he not coming when his Dadi doesnot know the directions in the Mandir, otherwise she would ask her son or Grandson to drop her back off to her home. Arjun assures he is coming; Bani Dadi explains they sometimes have to scold the children to make them follow the orders. She asks her why she feels they have met but she replies it is not the case.

Bani Dadi asks Pandit jee where did her daughter in law go, Pandit jee informs she went to perform the ritual of Tulsi Maa.

Mahesh entering the room asks Rakhi what she is preparing for, Rakhi explains there is a pooja in the house which she is preparing for, Mahesh question what sort of Pooja, Rakhi replies she feels that the stars of Rishab are a little heavy because of which a lot of tensions have caused in this house, she therefor has asked for five different pandit jee to come tomorrow and hold a Pooja.

Mahesh mentions she did the best thing but there is a question so what is the need is for these clothes, Rakhi replies she decided to give these dresses to Pandit jee who would then gift them to the newly wed couples who come at the Mandir, as then no one would even feel bad for it., Mahesh exclaims she has found a way to gather blessings for her son and daughter in law, Rakhi explains that she has noticed how her son really loves Preeta so she also wants that Preeta should feel the same for her son, Mahesh assures her desires would be fulfilled since nothing is more powerful then the prayers of a mother.

Preeta walking in the Mandir bumps into Arjun, he is also stunned so keeps staring at her, both of them remain standing there and are not able to move away, Preeta however feels irritated, but Arjun is thinking about the memories he had with Preeta, how happy they were as a couple before she deceived him. A lady goes to perform the ritual but accidentally drops the Dupatta which falls over both Arjun and Preeta, he thinks that a lady once requested him to buy the Chunri as it contained the blessings of Mandir, but he threw it out of the car which went over Preeta. Arjun and Preeta both take off the chuniri when the lady takes it away.

Mr Shekar is in the office when the employee asks if he would like to have anything, Shekar requests him to call both Mr Rishab and Arjun. Anjali enters the office when Shekar questions where Arjun is, Anjali excuses saying he would not be able to come because of a family commitment, the manager of Rishab explains that he is not able to contact Rishab, Anjali is waiting along with Mr Shekar.

Rishab greets them both when Mr Shekar asks if they can start it, Mr Shekar explains that he would not be able to come because of some family issues, Rishab asks then why are they doing this meeting so they can postpone it, Anjali says Mr Shekar said it was something personal, Rishab replies even he had an issue and was advised complete bed rest but even then he came here, Anjali questions what problem does he have, Rishab says she must say it without passing a comment. Rishab gets up to leave, Anjali stops asking if he is scared about the award, Rishab mentions he does the business with commitment and ethics, which is why he is successful with his business for so many years and therefore he gets the award, he doesnot have control over what she thinks about him.

Rishab mentions this deal is between him and Arjun since the meeting was arranged to discuss the business module, he asks if he has made himself loud and clear, Rishab advises Mr Shekar to be clear before arranging this meeting. Anjali questions if he is angry because of Preeta, Rishab instructs her to shut up explaining she must keep his wife and personal issues away from the business, Anjali asks what happened asking if he got mad.

The lady apologizes to both Arjun and Preeta explaining this Chuniri is of her pooja which accidentally flew to them, Arjun hands her back when the lady explains that this Chuniri just bless them, she prays them should always stay happy as a couple, Preeta tries to inform they are not a couple but the lady leaves.

Preeta asks Arjun if he is following her when Arjun exclaims she can even file a police complaint for this purpose, she tries to walk away but her sarree gets stuck, Preeta thinks Arjun is the one behind it so exclaims she can also file a police complaint for such shamelessness, Preeta is stunned to see that it is stuck in a tree, Arjun says he heard the choice of words which she used for him since she is wrong to think of him so must take these words back, Preeta replies he might not have done anything now but is surely capable off. Dadi asks Arjun where he was all this time when he explains Preeta was wasting his time, Preeta leaves wishing her. Arjun asks why she was talking so nicely with Preeta, Dadi also asks him why he shows he doesnot care for her, he replies he doesnot, but she asks him to not lie.

Preeta asks pandit jee where is her Dadi, he informs she went to perform the Kirtan. Bani Dadi questions why she is worried, Preeta explains that problem has arrived in the Mandir, Arjun Soorvyanshi so Bani Dadi says she must not care as this Mandir is of Mata Rani.

Arjun reaches the car when Dadi asks him to take it in reverse, he replies someone has parked behind their car and the other car is also parked so closely, Preeta comes with Bani Dadi, Arjun asks if this car belongs to her, questioning what the need was to park so closely. Bani Dadi angrily asks what the problem is assuring they would give him the money, Arjun realizing it starts checking where did she hit his car. Preeta thinks Arjun would keep teasing her for hitting his car.

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