His mistress child update Monday 4 December 2023

His mistress child 4 December 2023: The episode starts with Arvind refusing to let Amma and Babuji inside the house. He asks them to spend night outside the house as it would be easier for them to return to Yashoda’s house in the morning. Amma and Babuji confront him. He says he doesn’t like them supporting his enemy and says he would be happy to see Yashoda’s shop being broken tomorrow. Amma tells him that one who serves water to tulsi will never get any problems in life, Yashoda served water to tulsi for 10 years and she is sure nothing will harm her tomorrow.

He shuts the door on their face.dAmma and Babuji cry sitting outside the house and say their children made many mistakes, but they never asked them to stay out of the house. They continue to pour their heart out. During dinner, Arvind feels nad and says he will call them inside the house. Kamini asks him to let them learn a lesson for going against their son and helping their enemy. Sonu says they can let them inside the house if not their room. Kamini ask shim to have food silently and asks Mahua to feed him.

Yashoda gets concerned for Amma and Babuji, calls them, and asks if they safely reached home. They say yes. Yashoda says the way Arvind came to her house and reacted, she fears he may misbehave with them. They say why would he misbehave with his parents. Yashoda asks if something happened. Babuji says nothing happened and disconnects call. They both then sit behind a drum to not let neighbors know about their situation. A sad song plays in the background. They both continue to weep whole night. Yashoda and Krishna also don’t get sleep.

Next morning, Arvind walks to Amma and Babuji and asks them to return home and have tea. Babuji says they will have tea at Yashoda’s tea stall and refuse to return home. Kamini walks to them and asks them to stop acting as a victim and demonize their son, Arvind was concerned for them and had 2 rotis less last night. Babuji says he can have 4 rotis extra from today as they will not return home. Neighbor notices them and asks why are they sitting. Babuji says they had gone for a walk, got tired, and sat here. Neighbor says whole neighborhood talks how Babuji took good care of his children.

Kamini convinces Arvind and takes him back home. Amma and Babuji head towards Yashoda’s house. Randhir calls Yashoda and reminds her to keep his 1.5 lakh rs ready by 10 p.m. or else be ready to lose her shop. He reminds her how she celebrated her victory last time by offering him a cup of tea and says be ready to have tea today when she loses.

 Babuji telling Yashoda that they will try to borrow money from the people they know. Arvind and Kamini call all their known ones and ask them not to give money to Babuji. Babuji and Yashoda fail to borrow money. Randhir waits for the time to pass and informs inspector that it’s time for them to go. Arvind with family walks in and taunts Yashoda that she must have failed to gather money. Babuji asks him to leave with his family. Arv ind says he just came to see Yashoda’s shop breaking. Mahua says if Yashoda killed her baby, let her shop be destroyed. Yashoda feels hurt with Mahua’s comment.

Randhir with police enters and demands 1.5 lakhs from Yashoda. He taunts her that city’s best lawyer Ashok Gupta’s wife must have failed to gather money. Inspector asks Yashoda to give money to Randhir. Yashoda says she doesn’t have money. Randhir humiliates her. Arvind says he will give money. Amma and Babuji get happy and request Arvind to give money. Kamini asks him not to. Arvind checks his pocket, finds 1 rs, gives it to Randhir, and asks him to collect remaining money from Yashoda.

Inspector says they can’t get even 20,000 from sale of Yashoda’s shop and home stuff, but they will try to recover as much money as they can. Constable brings all the stuff out. Krishna resists. Yashoda stops him and asks him to remember this humiliation and promise himself to buy everything again. Baghbaan Rab Hai Baghbaan.. song plays in the background. Constables ask Randhir if they shall load the stuff in his car. Randhir says he doesn’t want to load cheap stuff in his 20 lakhs car, he will burn it instead and see Yashoda’s dignity being burnt. He pours petrol on the stuff and is about to burn it when Shamshera stops him and offers 1.5 lakhs. He tells Yashoda that he will explain her how he got so much money, it’s their internal matter, let him shoo away outsiders. Inspector tells Randhir they shall leave now.

Yashoda stops Randhir and demands 1 rs which he took from Arvind. Arvind yells he doesn’t need his 1 rs back. Yashoda says he is still her BIL and her family, so she needs 1 rs back. Randhir returns 1 rs. Krishna challenges Randhir to take revenge from him. Yashoda asks Randhir to leave now or else she won’t be able to stop her son. Randhir leaves. Yashoda then tells Mahua that her shop didn’t break, it means she didn’t kill her child. Kamini yells at her to stop manipulating Mahua and speak to her and Arvind instead, she knows what game Yashoda is playing. Yashoda says Kamini is playing a dangerous game instead. Arvind warns her to stop her argument as her sin can’t be hidden with her argument. Yashoda asks him to complain against her in place, let the police investigate the case and find out truth. Kamini gets tensed hearing that.

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