His mistress child update Saturday 2 December 2023

His mistress child 2 December 2023: The episode starts with Krishna recalling Yashoda telling him that Ashok took dhiskha and doesn’t want to return hme. He gets angry on Ashok and thinks Ashok always runs away from responsibilities and hopes he returns home. Next morning, Amma offers tea to Babuji. Babuji says he will have tea with everyone once Ashok returns home. Yashoda returns home alone. Astha and Nupur ask her where is papa. Yashoda says he didn’t come. Kamini, Bansal, and Arvind get happy hearing that. Kids try to walk in crying.

Yashoda says there is no use going in and crying, they should listen to the whole truth. Astha asks what is it. Amma says their papa has become a sadhu and doesn’t want to return home. Babuji asks Yashoda if she met Ashok. Amma says she did, but Ashok took dhiksha in front

of her. Kids ask if she informed papa how much they love him. Yashoda says she did, but.. Arvind says Ashok doesn’t want to return home. He taunts Babuji that he was flying high hoping his son would return, but his son didn’t return and now he should mourn after getting out of the house.

Kamini celebrates and serves sweets to Arvind and Bansal. Yashoda asks her not to stoop so low in front of children. Bansal says they will have sweets and even dance on music. Kamini tells Arvind that Ashok made Yashoda’s life like Mala’s. Bansal plays music and dances. Yashoda switches off music. Arvind gets angry and tries to humiliate her. Yashoda warns him to call her bhabhi as she is not a weak Mala. He tries to push her out of the house. She pushes him away. Kamini yells. Yashoda says he will not tolerate injustice from hereon and demands respect for her and her children.

Mahua notices and attacks Yashoda with a knife for pushing her husband away. She then captivates Astha and threatens to kill her. Yashoda pleads to spare her daughter. Arvind says she is worried for her daughter, but what about their child whom she killed. Yashoda continues to plead to sparer her daughter. Krishna tells Mahua that her son is crying for her outside the house. Mahua leaves Astha and runs towards the door. Yashoda stops her and says says her son is fine. Krishna says he lied. Mahua attacks them again. Arvind calms her down and takes her away.

Kamin taunts that it’s true that someone’s husband, someone’s father, and someone’s illegitimate father will not return. Bansal blames Krishna for breaking the house and asks Babuji if he accepted such boy. Babuji says he will never accepted illegitimate boy. He requests Yashoda not to go from there as he had sent her out thinking Ashok will return home seeing her in trouble. Yashoda says she has a family of 4 and not 3 now. Babuji refuses to accept Krishna. Y ashoda says Ashok became a sadhu so that Krishna gets his right, she is fighting till now for Krishna’s right, an innocent Krishna is suffering without his mistake. She refuses to stay back until Babuji accepts Krishna and walks away from there with her children.

The episode tells Krishnat that Yashoda didn’t tell him anyone, Babuji taunts him though always, so he shouldn’t bother. Krishna says it’s a mistake of Ashok Gupta who left home and didn’t return home for his wife and daughters, he will confront him if he sees Ashok, Ashok was his mother’s sinner and now became his stepmother’s sinner, Ashok has to pay for troubling his both mothers. Shamshera says he can when he gets a chance, but now he should concentrate on the tea shop as it’s Sunday and he gets many customers today. Astha holds Krishna’s hand and blames him for breaking their house. She drags him from there. Krishna says Astha is hurt. Amma breaks down recalling Ashok’s kind behavior and Arvind’s rude behavior towards Babuji.

She asks where did her son go. Babuji asks her to calm down as Ashok didn’t return for his children, he will never return for them. Amma cries recalling Ashok’s childhood incident where Ashok meets a sadhu and decides to go with them, but stays back for his parents.

Babuji asks her to stop crying and accompany him to Yashoda’s house, they will have tea there and share their sorrows. Arvind brings tea for them and says whole family will have tea together forgetting their differences. Babuji throws tea away. Arvind gets angry, sends them out, and locks their room. He says from hereon on they will have food, medicine, stay, etc., according to his wish. Astha drags Krishna home and asks he will destroy her or Nupur now. Yashoda warns her to mind her tongue. Astha says their father left them because of Krishna and asks Nupur if she is right or wrong. Nupur says she is right. Astha says Krishna is inauspicious for them. Yashoda says it’s not Krishna’s mistake.

Amma recalls Babuji locking Krishna in a room earlier and Arvind opposing it. She tells Arvind that she is not shocked as one has to pay for their sins in this world itself. Arvind insists them not to visit Yashoda’s house and stay back. Kamini asks Amma to follow Arvind’s order. Amma refuses and says this house belongs to them and they will visit their house anytime they want to, Ashok can’t stop them. Ashok cuts Babuji’s footwear and says he has heel pain and when he walks on bare feett and his pain increases, he will realize how wrong he is to support Astha. Their confrontation continues..

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