Guddan zee world update Thursday 24 November 2022

Guddan 24 November 2022: Guddan recalls AJ trying to confess his love. she recalls what Laxmi said. Guddan is in tears. Guddan opens the letter. AJ wrote I don’t know how it happened but wherever I see I find you. I know that your hand’s food is my favorite. I know that when you are no around, i am only worried for you. Truth is that I don’t know when amongst these fights I found love. If you want to be part of this, if yu want to fight me with like this all your life, then wear the saree to our engagement. I will consider it a yes. If it’s no, I will step back. I want this new relationship to be with your consent. I love you. Guddan smiles.

AJ and Guddan recalls their moments together. Guddan picks the saree. Guddan says I love you. I don’t even know the meaning of love. I can’t live away from you. I am used to of fighting with you. I really respect your feelings. I wont let your confession go away with the response. I will wear this saree.

Scene 2
The function starts. AJ waits for Guddan. SAru says Durga AJ is falling I love. Look at AJ’s shirt. Durga says colored clothes don’t make relationships colorful. Angat says AJ looks so good. Revati says learn from him. Angat says my choice is good too. Dadi says to AJ she will come. Don’t worry she will wear your saree. Laxmi says he is waiting for her.Dadi says drink this juice. AJ says why is she taking so long. Dadi says women need to dress up.

Guddan comes downstairs. Dadi says here is your Guddan. AJ looks at her saree. Dadi says see. Patience is rewarded. Laxmi says the one AJ was waiting for is here. AJ hold her hand and bring her to stage. AJ walks upstairs. Gudan wonders what is wrong. Durga says I decide what happens in this love story.

Saru came to Laxmi and asked her what saree should I wear. Saru said I know you are mad at me. Laxmi had Guddan’s saree. She said I have to do something. Saru says please it would take a moment only. Durga replaced Laxmi’s box. Laxmi said wear this one. Saru left. Durga said to Saru like this saree, AJ’s expressions would change too.Durga says Guddan thinks she is wearing AJ’s saree and AJ thinks she isn’t. Saru says I hope AJ doesn’t find out. Durga says let this misunderstanding do its play.Guddan is waiting for AJ. DAdi says to AJ she loves you. Aj says in heart how do I tell you she doesn’t. Laxmi says why is there silence? AJ and Guddan will join us.

Dadi says AJ come for engagement. He says I dont’ want this engagement. Gudan comes up. AJ says in heart I can’t force you into it. You not wearing the saree shows your answer. Guddan says in heart why are you saying this after confessing your love? AJ says I wont do this engagement and that’s final. AJ leaves. Guddan goes to her room.Guddan looks at the letter. She is in tears. Guddan says why did he say he love me? Why did he confess? I did ask you asked. I wore the saree then why did you call off the engagement. You have to answer. Guddan comes to AJ and says what do you think of yourself? You wrote this letter right? You wrote you love me? What love is that? You are calling off the engagement.

You don’t love, you don’t want this engagement then why all this? He says Guddan.. Guddan says don’t touch me. You think you can always swipe my tears. You always say swipe tears then why do you make me cry in first place? He says you are mad because of this letter? I am sorry. I shouldn’t have written it. Guddan says I don’t want to hear anything. Gudda says mistake? He says yes this letter was a mistake.AJ says it was a mistake? Guddan says mistake? He says listen please.. Guddan says I don’t want to listen anything. Guddan steps back and pot falls and give Guddan a bruise on face. AJ says are you okay.. He cleans it with water.

Guddan says why are yu doing this drama? Stop this drama of care. Don’t you get tired? He says let me clean you can get infection. Guddan says what do you care? What about the way you have hurt my heart. He says it’s bleeding. Guddan says let it. Doesn’t matter. You confessed false love. Now at least don’t show this fake sympathy. I don’t know.. With water Guddan’s saree’s color starts dripping. Guddan says why should I care. Why is it hurting me now. Why are you doing all this to me? AJ is dazed. Guddan says answer me why do I care about all this? Why am I crying? Why does it hurt my heart. AJ shoves her in the pool. He jumps after her. AJ picks her. All the color drips from her sarre and it starts turning from blue to red. AJ smiles.

Dadi and Laxmi are worried. Laxmi says people have started talking. What will we say. Durga says dadi you know I have done things better for this house. Please tell me what happened. People are asking me questions. What should I tell them? Tell me what happened. Dadi says AJ has called off the engagement. Everyone hears. The mike was on. Everyone hears it. A man says why is he saying no? his wife says same fights. I this must be Guddan due to their age group.Guddan say why are you smiling? AJ says enough.. You didn’t wear the saree I gave. She says what else did I.. She looks at her saree.. Guddan says what is this. He says this is a the saree.

He says I confessed now your turn. Laxmi says sasu ma all people are leaving.People say Guddan can never be a good DIL or MIL. AJ comes and says do you know who are you talking about? Come Guddan. Guddan and AJ come holding hands. Durag is dazed. AJ says Guddan is capable of everything and we are lucky to have her. Just as I am to have her as my wife. We had a misunderstanding and due to which you all had to wait. Aj says Guddan will you marry me? He extends his hand. Guddan is about to fall. A flower string saves her. Guddan walks. Flowers sprinkle on her. Guddan says before you change your mind.. Make me wear the ring. I can’t wait anymore. This is your answer. Guddan says I will always be yours.Kaushaliya gives Guddan ring.

Arti falls from Laxmi’s hand. Dadi says this is such a bad sign. Guddan says this is nothing. Everything will be fine. AJ is about to make Guddan wear the ring. The ring falls. Someone steps in. Everyone wonders who is it. Lights sparkle. The woman picks the ring. AJ is dazed. Dadi is shocked. AJ says Antra..AJ says Antra.. Antra walks in. Everyone is in shock. Antra says Akshat.. Antra walks towards her. Laxmi says is this is a ghost. Antra says I came back after years. I would look like a ghost. Our relationship won. God didn’t keep me away from you. Your love didn’t let me die. It brought me here to you. Can’t believe your antra is here? Touch me. You will believe. AJ touches her face. AJ says you are alive? She says yes.

But I was incomplete I am complete now. He says you can never know how happy I am to see you. Antra hugs dadi and says ma.. Dadi says where were you? She says your prayers saved me and brought me back to this house. DAdi says you met an accident but you are here how? Antra says AJ’s love brought me back to life. Once Angat tried killing me. Angat says I am sorry about my mistake. Antra says I have forgiven you. I have left God behind. Antra says I was critically ill. I know AJ won’t let me go. You did that AJ. You did everything. When the ambulance was taking me to the hospital and it fell in a ditch. AJ says don’t’ remind me of that night. I couldn’t save you even though I was with you. You left me and I couldn’t do it.

I hated myself for not trying enough. Why you left and I was alive but you are here today. Antra says your love woke me up from a long sleep. AJ looks at Guddan. He says you mean?Antra’s doctor comes in. He says I was treating her for all this time. Her ambulance fell in a village. My team and I were there on a camp. When she was brought there she was alive but in a coma. We couldn’t contact anyone. She fought for her life. Like a power wasn’t letting her go. Last week she opened her eyes. We asked her she can’t leave the hospital. But when she came here I realized it was your love that kept her alive. When I see you two I realize miracles do happen.

Antra looks at the ring. Antra says all these decorations.. Whose engagement is it? Dadi says when Antra is here we have to find some solutions. Thank you for coming. Bhushan says you are right. it is someone’s engagement. It is my daughter’s engagement. Antra faints. AJ picks her. He says what happened. Antra.. Antra.. Doctor says she is very weak. AJ takes her room. Guddan picks the ring.

Scene 2
Saru places all her jewelry in the idol. Durga says bribing God? SHe says God sent Antra back. Durga says I gave up. But look who God sent to stop their love story. Saru says let’s see what happens to her now. Durga says Guddan thought she was his present and then his past came to present.Bhushan says to dadi please say something what would happen to Guddan now. Dadi says the circumstances. He says didn’t you know about circumstances when Guddan risked her life to save this family. Kaushaliya says AJ will be on our side. Bhushan says he has to. If you can’t question him I will. He can’t ruin Guddan’s present and future. Guddan says it is between us. I will question him. Durga says to Saru Guddan has no place in this home now. Guddan recalls what Antra said. She collides with a lamp.

Doctor is checking Antra. Guddan comes there. She holds AJ’s hand and takes him out of the room. Guddan says I made a mistake. I don’t want to do this engagement. I don’t’ want any relation with you.

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