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Guddan 23 November 2022:AJ says you aren’t well. I never lied. Guddan says you lied. You said it was all good just to make me happy. AJ says that is appreciating from heart. Why would I lie? She says for sympathy. She leaves. AJ holds her hand. Gudan says what are you doing. Guddan leaves. AJ says this isn’t sympathy this is love.Durga says AJ Guddan left in anger. All good? AJ says everything is fine. Durga says you look different. Guddan is different. She doesn’t understands things you do. AJ says she is mature and intelligent. Durga says yes she is. Durga says but she isn’t still not like you. this is her first marriage.

It isn’t easy to be MIL of this house. I can talk to her if you want. This wedding might be new beginning for yu. AJ says you don’t need to talk to her. He leaves. Says you played so well.Guddan is crying. Gudan says I am all mistakes. You show me sympathies because of it. You won me from life. He says this is life. You can never understand what my heart says. Guddan says you don’t trust me. You can never tell me truth. He says I will say it all truth. To understand my love, I will have to say it all. I know there is an age gap between us but I will make you understand my love. He was imagining all this.

Scene 2
They both choose the same ring. dadi says see they are alike. They pick ring for guddan. Saru says our plan is failing. Durga says their smiles will go away. My plans never fail. Some people come in saying Guddan Gupta. They are her friends. Guddan hugs them. She says you all here. She hugs her friends. Guddan says they are my school friends. Her friend vicky says you have become so fancy dress. Her friend says we were missing you so much. good old days. You didn’t invite us in first wedding. Guddan says you never called. He says we are busy in business. Durga says they are getting married again. Same people but new guests. There are many people who couldn’t be part of the first wedding. Her friend says wow that’s great. Guddan you are lucky. Your husband looks so romantic. Dadi says you all sit. Create the environment of the wedding. Durga says we will take care of them no worries.

Dadi says Guddan pick a ring for AJ and AJ you for Guddan.Guddan seats them. Durga says let me arrange food. Vicky says who is this uncle? A girl says she must be her husband’s older brother. Vicky says can you call her husband? Guddan says he is my husband. They are dazed. Guddan says those ladies are my DILs. Vicky whispers why did you marry an uncle? They laugh. Guddan says come on in.Durga says this is the beginning. See how their story ends.A guy says let’s meet Guddan’s husband. He says hello uncle.. I mean. sorry sir. Nice to meet you.

Guddan’s friend says Guddan you are lucky. Such big house, money and all. Your husband is nice. Durga says you are all so silent. Do some exciting things. Durga says saru I think we should leave.
Vicky says let’s do a dupup. Deep says what is it? He says not your fault. It is a new generation thing. My dad doesn’t know either. Guddan says let’s dance. They start dancing. AJ stands there. AJ slips. A guy says uncle are you hurt? Vicky says get your bones check. In this age bones are weak. AJ says you continue. He leaves. Vicky says when people this old dance this happens. Guddan’s friend says no offense. You are so young. You could find anyone why did you marry someone so old. Ankit says people will call you aunty because of her. How will you live a life with him?
Guddan says to AJ will you dance with me, please? She holds his hand and says Vicky you consider yourself an amazing dancer right? Let’s have a challenge and see who is a better dancer. Vicky dances with Kaviya. AJ dances with Guddan. Guddan and AJ dance better than them. Vicky falls.

AJ picks Guddan. Guddan says now you saw? The one you called uncle beaten you. You couldn’t dance with Kiya. He has handled me in life and dance. There is a little difference in age. But that only gets me experience. He hides my mistakes like he is doing to you because you are my friends. No one can speak a word against him. But he respects me and my friends and is tolerating all this. But I was wrong. AJ says let it be. Guddan says no let me speak. Gudan says he doesn’t know how to insult people because he isn’t stupid like you. There is the door. Now just walk. Kaviya says you will ask us to leave? Guddan says I got this house and respect because of him. He made me Guddan AJ. No one can walk in and insult him. I am not a statue. Leave my house right now. AJ says they are your friends. Guddan says they don’t’ deserve to be. No one has the right to insult my friend. They can come only when they can respect my husband. THey leave.

AJ smiles. Guddan says why are you looking at me like that? I would behave that way. Saru says to Durga why did you plant all this? They won. You couldn’t wait. Durga says let me think. Saru says you overthink. Durga says I know how to fix my mistake.
Durga says wow Guddan. You fought for AJ. Guddan says this is my responsibility. Durg says has AJ given you right of a wife? He would never give Antra’s place to anyone. This is sympathy, not love. You are just his friend. Nothing else.

Dadi says what happened AJ? You didn’t tell her what’s in your heart. Now you are standing in front of Antra’s photo. He says I feel like I am doing wrong with antra by giving her love to someone else. Dadi says what does your heart say? Did you ever cheat her love? The time and relations change. Antra also wants you to move on. Antra was your past and Guddan is your past. You can’t take her present and future. This love is her right. You don’t feel anything wrong. Antra is with you in all this. Think about it.Guddan recalls what Durga said. She is in tears. Gudddan sees AJ looking at Antra’s photo. She leaves. Guddan comes to Durga. She holds her hand. Durga says leave my hand.

where are you taking me. She takes her to the room. AJ has put Guddan’s picture on the wall. Guddan says he has given me a place in this house and his heart.Guddan says AJ has given me a place in his heart and life. But that doesn’t mean Antra is out of it. Antra’s photo is there. Guddan says she will always be part of AJ’s life. And I am his trust. Past has memories. everyone is where they should be. After seeing this picture I knew I was wrong. If it were just sympathy he would never give me place in his heart.Arrangements are being done for engagement. Guddan says dadi this is what you asked for. Guddan looks at AJ. Dadi says let me go. Guddan says you wanted to say something.

AJ says it wasn’t sympathy. Guddan says I wanted to apologize. And for what my friends did. Sorry for their behavior. AJ says it’s okay. I am glad for the stand you took for me. She says you taught me how to stand with your part. That’s why you placed my picture where Antra’s was. He says I have placed present in present and past in past. Guddan says thanks. AJ says I wanted to say something. This between us.. Flowers fall. Gudan says let me pick. Angat says it’s okay. I will pick these. Laxmi says AJ can’t do it.AJ says there was a problem. Guddan says yes? He says for my wife. He says he and his wife are always fighting. But he has fallen in love with his wife. Guddan says so this is a good thing. He says he is confused. How to confess.

They fight like us. Guddan says how can they fall in love then? ASk him not to confess. I don’t think there is space for love in all these fights. Dadi says AJ what did you do. He leaves. Laxmi says he can’t do it. You lost the bet. Dadi says we have to push them.Laxmi asks love marriage or arrange? She says AJ you sorry. I thought it was.. He says what were you saying. Guddan says dadi told me you are planning to propose her. So would it be arranged marriage or love? AJ says she doesn’t care. She said my friend shouldn’t confess because there is no chance.Guddan says to dadi what was that. Dadi says he doesn’t have any such friend.

He was trying to say what’s in his heart. Guddan says you’re pulling my leg. This isn’t possible. Dadi says you can’t be friends only. Guddan says stop watching movies. DAdi says he will confess. Keep your answer ready.Laxmi says how will she answer if you dont’ confess. I think you should it straight to her.Guddan says dadi said.. But does AJ? Dadi has some misunderstanding. Why would AJ fall in love with me? Laxmi says what if he did? Dadi was right. AJ wrote this letter to you and this saree. Guddan says what.. SHe takes the letter. Guddan is confused. Laxmi says read it. Guddan says I am scared. What if there is something written in it. I am.. I don’t know how to answer. I don’t know what love is like.

Guddan says I can’t.. Laxmi says read it. Laxmi says AJ says you can do anything. AJ cares about you, trusts you. Your fight has love. This is love. Guddan says we fight a lot. Nothing is alike between us. Laxmi says opposites attract. Their small things touch us. Their anger is part of the love. Laxmi says love can happen anywhere to anyone. Only your heart can answer it. One answer, that you need from your heart. Laxmi hugs her and says you can do it.Guddan starts reading. AJ wrote.. I wanted to say this for I love you.

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