Lost in love update Tuesday 22 November 2022


Lost in love 22 November 2022: Bhavani says whether Ashwini forgives herself or not, she will not forgive Sai if something happens to Virat. Sai pleads not to say that something will happen to Virat.

Bhavani says she thought her innocent son to be wrong because of Sai and kicked him out of house. Finally, Samrat also joins the blaming gang and asks how can she make a mistake. Sai says they can taunt and punish them, but should visit hospital now as Virat’s condition is critical. Devi prays god to protect her Veeru. She joins the gang next and blames Sai for Virat’s condition, slaps her, and asks not to take Virat’s name from her dirty mouth. Shivani tries to control her.

Sai reaches hospital. Pulkit asks her if she informed Chavan family everything. Sai says yes. He asks where
are they. Family walks in and ask how is Virat. Pulkit says doctors are treating him, his condition is very critical and only god can help him. Nurse gives Virat’s belongings to Sai. Bhavani asks why is she giving it to Sai. Nurse says she is patient’s wife and leaves hearing emergency alarm. Ninad and Ashwini break down seeing the packet. Karishma says she has seen in movies dead person’s family receiving similar packet. Mohit warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Karishma says its just a movie. Omkar says Pulkit told anything can happen to Virat. Bhavani says Virat will live long and nothing will happen to him. Sai says she is right. Bhavani asks why did nurse give here Virat’s belongings. Sai remembers doctor asking her to call patient’s family as anything can happen.

Sunny rushes in and asks Samrat how is Virat. Pakhi says he is in critical condition because of Sai. Pulkit asks them not to get any wrong thinking in their mind. Mohit asks how is Virat now. Pulkit says bomb particles are stuck in his body after blast and his condition is very critical. Sunny asks if he will get well. Pulkit says poison is spreading in Virat’s body and anything can happen, they call can watch him from a distance. Sai tries to walk towards ICU. Bhavani stops her yelling to dare not go near Virat and takes whole family to Virat’s ICU room. Sai stands outside and watches from a window. Ninad, Ashwini, and Bhavani feel guilty for cursing Virat and plead him to wake up once and speak to them.

Mansi says when god has sent Virat till here, he will cure Virat. Pakhi says Mansi is right and they should pray god for his life. Shivani consoles Devi. Bhavani says she spent half of her life taking care of her family and didn’t let anyone take any decision fearing it may go wrong, but she let Virat take a wrong decision, etc. She says she will not let Sai’s inauspicious shadow fall on Virat and asks family to promise same. Pakhi promises her. Bhavani says now Chavan family will obey her orders like always and nobody can dare oppose her.

Sai asks Mohit, Karishma, Sunny, Mansi, Ninad, and Ashwini about Virat’s condition. They all ignore her and walk away. Bhavani shouts at her that she ordered her to leave from there, then why is she still here. Sai requests her to let her meet Virat and coordinate with doctors. Omkar says there are 1000s of doctors for that, why she thinks she is better than doctors just by topping university exam. Sonali says she cannot disobey Bhavani’s order. Sai continues pleading to let her meet Virat once. Pakhi shouts next that she is still standing here shamelessly after doing such a heinous act, she forced them to go against Virat, she should get out of here. Bhavani backs her. Sai pleads Samrat next. Samrat says he wrongly helped her and fears her brother will leave them forever, so she should go from here. Bhavani warns if anyone supports Sai, they shouldn’t return to Chavan nivas; Sai herself ended her relationship with Virat. Sai pleads Shivani next who also denies to help her. She pleads Devi next, who says she mistrusted Virat and is wrong.

Bhavani says Sai is inauspicious and Virat’s life in danger because of her. Sonali asks her to leave and at least obey Bhavani once. Bhavani orders Pakhi to make sure Sai doesn’t enter Virat’s room and leaves with others. Pakhi with Samrat shuts Virat’s ICU room door on Sai’s face warning him to get out. Sai thinks she will not leave from here until Virat’s condition stabilizes. Nurse asks Samrat to press alert button whenever he finds any change in Virat’s condition or vital signs monitor.

Samrat always leaves behind her. Pakhi sits net to Virat, vents out her anger on Sai, and says Sai doesn’t have an right on Virat but only she has; he cannot imagine how she is feeling seeing him in this condition; she rudely behaved with him as he matters to her a lot and will not let any bitterness between them; Sai getting out his life is god’s signal to reunite us, she wants him to get ready soon and return to her.

Samrat walks to Sai and asks if she didn’t go yet. Sai asks if he is angry on her as Jeeva and Shiva’s jodi broke down because of her. He says this is the result of trusting someone blindly, they cannot change whatever happened and worsening things is of no use, so its better she goes from there. He returns to ICU room and informs Pakhi that Sai is still here. Pakhi fumes and says she needs to inform Bhavani. Pulkit notices Sai and asks why is she sitting here. Sai says Bhavani ordered her not to meet Virat. Pulkit says its understandable seeing their son in this condition.

Sai says she will meet Virat at any cost now. Pulkit tops her and says she cannot meet him as she herself divorced him. She says he knows she divorced him to save his job and him from humiliation. Pulkit says Virat’s survival is difficult as a bomb sharpnel has entered Virat’s heart and can be only removed via one of the most complicated operation and survival chances are grim. Sai asks why. He says sharpnel is in artery which can rupture when sharpnel is removed and if left inside poison can spread his whole body.

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