Unfortunate love update Thursday 24 November 2022

Unfortunate love 24 November 2022: The Episode starts with Karishma telling Neelam that Lakshmi didn’t wear the necklace given by you and started doing what she wants. Lakshmi says she had kept the box on the dressing table and it was heavy. Rano says she didn’t wear it as she lost it. Neelam says it was ancestral necklace given by my mom and says how irresponsible, I don’t believe that you can do this. Karishma says you have trusted the wrong person and says I warned you not to give it to her. Rano says it was lost. Lakshmi says it is not lost, just missing from the box when I was about to wear it. Karishma asks Rano and Neha why they are signing each other and says it seems they have stolen it. Rano asks if we are thieves? Karishma says I am accusing you as only you, your daughter and Lakshmi’s sisters were in the room.

Lakshmi says what are you saying and tells that they are my family. She says we are poor, but can’t steal. Karishma says you are poor and they are humans and might want to get the expensive necklace. Lakshmi says you are saying this even now. She asks them to return if they have stolen it. Lakshmi asks why are you saying this Bua ji. Neelam says we shall call the Police and asks her husband to call Police. Dadi asks Neelam, if she will call Police for a necklace. Neelam says it was not just a necklace, but a virasat, I shall know where it is gone. Rano thinks it is in my Purse, how to save myself. Karishma thinks she will not let Lakshmi be anyone’s favorite as she is not suitable for Rishi. She then calls Rishi and asks him to come home fast.

Rishi says yes. Karishma says Lakshmi and her family have stolen our ancestral necklace. Rishi says now everyone will know, that Lakshmi who was going to be driver’s wife became my wife, did this. Rano asks Neha to keep back the necklace in Lakshmi’s room. Neha goes to Lakshmi’s room and thinks where to keep the necklace. She thinks to keep it in Lakshmi’s purse to make her thief in everyone’s sight and thinks when Police finds the necklace then they will think that Lakshmi is the thief and they will repent for making her bahu. Karishma tells that she has called the Police.

Police comes there. Neha searches for Lakshmi’s purse and gets it. Rano asks Police to search her purse and says she is rich in values. Neha keeps the necklace in Lakshmi’s purse and says I won’t let Rishi become yours, he will kick you out from his life. Lakshmi comes there and slaps Neha. Neha looks angrily. Mr. Oberoi apologizes to Preetam. Preetam says I understand. Lakshmi says I don’t say anything as I value relations. Neha asks what did you do? Lakshmi says I have caught you red handed and says I heard everything that you wanted to trap me and made me fall in everyone’s sight. She says Rishi is my husband. Neha says Rishi doesn’t love you. Karishma asks Inspector to check Shalu and Bani.

Rishi says don’t check Shalu and Bani. He asks his mom not to stress. Neelam says she is stressed as it is given by her mom. Lakshmi says Rishi loves me so much. Neha says she heard whatever he said to her and says don’t know what his father saw in you, you don’t deserve to be in the house. Lakshmi says enough and tells that she has bear when she attacked her, but this time she will not forgive her and will expose her. Karishma thinks if Lakshmi and Neha are hiding are necklace.Lakshmi comes there and tells that necklace is found. Rano calls Neha. Neha tells that Lakshmi had caught her red handed and threatened to expose her.

Rano asks Preetam, about the imprisonment time for the thief? She tells that Neha had stolen it. Lakshmi shows the necklace. Karishma says where did you find it? it was stolen. Neelam asks her to say. Rano signs her not to say. Shalu asks Lakshmi to say truth. Karishma asks her to say. Lakshmi says you are right, I don’t deserve for such precious necklace, as I never worn such before. She tells Neelam that she couldn’t handle it and had forgotten it after keeping it in the locker. She says when I was called here, I couldn’t remember and came without wearing it. Karishma says do you have an idea, that Police is called here, I called Rishi from office and a big drama happened here. Virendra says Rishi had to come, when Lakshmi is in problem.

Rishi thinks Dad, please. I haven’t come for Lakshmi.Virendra thanking Police for coming and says now necklace is found. Police leaves. Neelam says I want you to wear this necklace now. Lakshmi says I worn this necklace, as I don’t want to come here without wearing anything. Neelam says nobody thought about it and asks her to become responsible and not to do this again. She asks her to wear necklace. Rano says I will make you wear. Dadi asks her to sit. Rano makes Lakshmi wear the necklace. Lakshmi feels bad for lying and thinks she couldn’t humiliate her one family infront of another. Rani makes her wear necklace and says thank you Lakshmi. Rishi tells Dadi that he has to go to office. Dadi asks him to stay back. Karishma says whatever happened is not good, for our guests, everyone has to be humiliated, if necklace was not found then they would have get humiliated.

The guest lady says it is not like that. Karishma says Lakshmi and we all have to apologize to the guests for the inconvenience caused to them. She says sorry if anyone feels bad. Lakshmi says nobody shall feel bad, everyone is insulted due to me so I will apologize. She folds her hands and apologizes to the guests. Karishma asks her to feel sorry from her heart and asks her to go to the guest individually and apologized to them. Lakshmi goes to every guest and apologizes to them. Virendra feels bad. Neha smiles. Lakshmi then comes to Neelam and says sorry Mummy ji. Neelam nods no. Karishma tells Lakshmi that they regard guests as God, and that’s why she has done wrong with God, and says tomorrow you will go to Gurudwara and will keep the slippers and shoes on side there. Rishi says what people will think, if Lakshmi does this, being bahu.

Lakshmi says I will do this, as this is Seva and not punishment. She says her bau ji was sevak and used to do seva in Gurudwara. The guest lady says she is really Lakshmi and has spark in her eyes. Lakshmi touches her feet and takes her blessings. Karishma thinks what kind of girl is she, if she don’t have any self respect or mind, she is showing her goodness in everything. Virendra stops Rishi from going to office and says your Nana is about to come. Rano says they have to leave as Neha is unwell. Preetam apologizes to Virendra. Virendra asks him not to apologize. Lakshmi comes to Rano and Preetam. Preetam and Rano thank her. Lakshmi says mayka’s respect is her respect too and asks Preetam to make Neha understand and stop her.

Rano says she got Neha’s call and goes. Shalu asks why did you lower yourself infront of everyone, and says if you don’t respect yourself then how will others respect you. Lakshmi says it is not like that, Maa ji took stand for me and Rishi too. She says it was Neha’s mistake, but Chacha ji will make her understand. Shalu says Neha will not understand and says whatever you did is wrong. Lakshmi hugs her and asks Preetam not to feel bad about Shalu. Shalu asks her to live her herself and think about her. She goes. Bani says same from my side too and asks her to take care. Preetam says I will talk to Neha and will make her understand not to do such mistake again. Lakshmi hugs him. He blesses her and leaves.

At their home, Rano asks Preetam why is he scolding them. Preetam says I would have died with shame if caught. Neha says Maa asked me to steal the necklace. Rano asks if he can afford to give her such necklace and tells that if Karishma wouldn’t have ruined the things, then they would have brought the necklace home and you would have appreciate us. She asks him not to scold Neha due to Lakshmi and goes to ask Gurucharan to give keys.Neelam’s father comes there. Virendra gets tensed. Dadi asks Neelam to meet him. Neelam greets him. Dadi and Virendra also greet him. He asks if you are still here, and says they didn’t separate you like separating me from them.

He says they got Rishi married without me. Neelam asks him to know the reason first. He says I was not in India, you should have waited for me. Neelam says we liked the girl and that’s why we got the marriage done at the earliest. Her father asks if she is stuck due to kundali, grah nakshatra etc. Virendra says I have chosen the girl and Pandit ji said that the mahurat is good. Neelam’s father asks Virendra to give reply to Neelam. Rishi comes there and touches his Nana’s feet. Nana ji asks if she is your wife? Rishi says yes. Lakshmi touches his feet. He blesses her and asks her to sit. He asks Virendra since when his choice became so good. He asks Lakshmi what is her name? Lakshmi says Lakshmi. Nana ji says what I can give to Lakshmi, other than my blessings.

He gives her nek and asks her to open it. Lakshmi opens it. Nana ji says it is tickets for you and Rishi for your honeymoon tomorrow. He says you both are leaving for Shimla tomorrow morning, I have done all the arrangements, go there happily. Rishi asks Virendra to say something. Virendra says he is your Nana, your mother’s father and says you have to go for honeymoon. Rishi says no Dad and shouts that he will not go for honeymoon. Nana ji asks why did he react this way? Virendra says even I am thinking the same, Neelam went to make him understand. Nana ji asks why is he needed to understand. Neelam asks Rishi why is he behaving such with his Nana ji. Rishi says he wants to send me with Lakshmi. Neelam asks what is wrong in this? Rishi asks are you asking me this?

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