Guddan update Friday 17 June 2022

Guddan 17 June 2022: Choti says go home with papa. She leaves with Agastya. Guddan says thank you for listening. Agastya is leaving. DJ comes there. He says let’s go beta. DJ says he dared coming here again. I have to teach this Pushpa a lesson.DJ comes to Pushpa’s place and says come out Pushpa. Pushpa says I can send you to jail again. DJ says book two spots. He came to our house without permission. Now he’s coming with his daughter. What do you want? What’s the new game you’re playing now? Don’t be bewildered. You don’t know? I heard he tells you everything. Your son doesn’t. Your daughter also came there. Pushpa is shocked. Arushi comes and says mom I got your set polished. DJ leaves.

Pushpa asks Arushi did you go to Jindal house? Do you have any shame? You are my daughter, don’t disrespect my name. Agastya comes in with Rashi. She says Choti.. Pushpa says don’t take her name in this house. You are only DIL by name. That doesn’t mean you don’t have any rules to follow. She says that Guddan disrespected me. How dare you go there. Rashi says but she’s very sweet. She made me pancakes. Pushpa says have some shame. She says Chiku she is just an upshagun for me. If she doesn’t learn, I will lock her in the room. Agastya says don’t scare her ma. Rashi cries. Agastya says Rashi go to your room. He says maa I will speak to you, why did you have to say all that. Pushpa says she’s nothing to me. Pushpa says I have to teach Guddan a lesson.

Aarav says people thought cricket can make your life. But now I realize how useless it is. Guddan says don’t say that. You’re a champ. We will arrange the money. DJ says she’s right. Guddan says I need your support. Hukum comes there. Aarav says we are trying. We will return it. He says here are your papers. I got all my money back. Guddan is shocked. She says where did you get it from? Money Birla comes in. Everyone is shocked. He says I am Money Birla. Shona is on call with him. He says why wouldn’t we give you this money. Aarav says we don’t need your favor. He says I returned what you wanted. Aarav says then return the restaurant as well. Your family’s track record isn’t good. Money says we aren’t responsible for it. But I understand.DJ we thank you for what you have done. He says why is Choti not saying anything? Aarav says I don’t trust you. Money says i have a plan. He says i want to talk about your restaurant. Pushpa is gonna open Birla office there.

Pushpa calls someone and says this Guddan has ruined my life. Please tell me a way out. She says yes, you’re right. It’s time to look for a girl for Agastya. Where should I start from? Shona comes and says from here. I have so many girls. Pushpa says you handle your money. I will handle Agastya. Pushpa says what’s the harm in seeing the girl. Pushpa says I want a girl who can rule everything. Shona says just like you. Pushpa says Chiku will have to listen to me.Rashi is upset. Agastya comes with teddy and says I am sorry my princess. He says don’t be upset. She says get me a mama, all my friends have mama. Not me. They do makeup with their mamas. He says you’re too young. Rashi says so are you. Even you have maa, but I don’t. He says what if I can’t find the mama you would like. Who loves you so much. The one who can bring out your smile. Rashi recalls Guddan. Agastya says it’s not easy to find such girl. Rashi says there’s one. Agastya says who? Pushpa comes in and says I have found a girl. Come downstairs. She asks Rashi to stay in her room and not come downstairs.

A girl and her family are there. Agastya comes downstairs. The girl’s mother says she will never speak back. She will listen to everything you say. Pushpa says is it her proposal or yours? Let me talk. Pushpa says have you read Mahabharat? The girl says yes. Pushpa asks what have you learned from it? She says I learned from Dropati to fight for her rights. I will be like her to show my husband the way and stand for him. Shona says Agastya is here.Agastya sits with the girl. She says do you want to ask something? He says I want to tell you something. I am marrying for one reason, my daughter rashi. I don’t need a life partner atm. But she need a mother. The girl says I would be glad to become a mom before I become a wife. Where is your daughter? He goes to bring her.

The girl asks Pushpa what kind of girl do you not want? Guddan comes and says a girl like me. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says someone she considers weak. Guddan says you can’t consider me weak. You can’t destroy the restaurant. Pushpa says I don’t want a girl who can’t protect her own things. Someone who knows her rights and doesn’t shiver.Agastya says what’s she doing here. Rashi comes and hugs her. She says I can’t believe you will be my mama? Thank you dadi. Pushpa says are you crazy? I won’t even have her as my servant. She will be your mom, she points at the girl. She says hi Rashi. The girl says hi Rashi, I am Niya. It’s okay if you don’t want to be friends right now. Pushpa says to Guddan get out of this house. Guddan says I will go away from your life. I am not here to ruin your family restaurant. I can’t let my restaurant, my dream shatter. Guddan says please return my restaurant. It’s just another property for you but it’s my dream. Please return it.

Choti cries and sats please give me my restaurant back. You were right. You showed me my worth. I am nothing in front of you. I am zero. I can’t do anything, you won and I lost. Please return my restaurant. I am begging you. Pushpa says before my ears bleed get lost. Guddan says please return the restuarant. She says how dare you come to my house. Pushpa drags her out. Agastya says ma please she will leave. Money says what happening isn’t right. Saru comes and says stop Pushpa. Pushpa says Saru ma you. Guddan is dazed. She says SJ?Saru is dressed as Guru ma. Everyone sits in her feet. Pushpa says give me your blessings. Shona says Jai ho Saru ma ki. Saru says my blessings are with you. They all say Jai ho. Pushpa does Saru’s arti. Pushpa says welcoem ma. Guddan looks at her. Saru says to Pushpa will you do what I ask? Pushpa says how can I say no to you Saru ma? Guddan says SJ is Saru ma? Pushpa says keep your gaze down. Saru ma’s own gaze cam burn you. Pushpa says control your anger. This girl is an idiot. She can question, it’s human right. In all mountains I did tapasya. We all have our journey set. Don’t worry, this Saru ma will solve your curiousty. 10 years ago, you misbehaved with ma. You kicked Saru ma out. But God and his blessings were with me. It made me stronger with all the powers.

I did tapasya in Himalaya’s cliffs and I was bestowed with this power. So I came here to give Pushpa my blessing and avenge her insult.Pushpa says see Saru maa is so great and you’re also from her family but you’re such a big loser. I am giving you one chance to save your restaurant because Saru ma asked. Guddan says thank you. What will I have to do. She says you’re a chef right? You will be doing catering for Agastya’s wedding. For all the events. The taste should be such that the entire country should be talking about. Guddan says okay I will do it. Pushpa says don’t do any mistake in my Agastya’s wedding. I want to see your dad’s talent not your mom’s stupidity. Guddan says okay. There will be a lot of events, but time is very less. What if something goes wrong because of someone else’ mistake. Saru says soimething to Pushpa. Pushpa says okay you have two lifelines. You can do 2 mistakes. Rashi says to Agastya please help her.

Agastya says maa these are childish things. Pushpa says you have only option to agree with me. Pushpa says do you take this challenge? Guddan says yes I will. Pushpa says you can’t even decide without sweating. I know you can’t do this. Guddan says I will win this challenge. Pushpa says get to work. This is your last chance. Guddan says thank you. She leaves. Saru says ma’s blessings are with you Pushpa.
Pushpa says maa sit please. Shona says to Money our work is easier since Saru ma is here. Money says how? Shona says Guddan will come to work in our house. You have to help her and win her heart. Money says we will be rich. Shona says yes our own money. Money says what if Guddan does a mistake? Shona says we have to hide her mistakes. Money says I will start my love story.

DJ says how did you agree? How will you manage all this in no time? Guddan says there was no time. This was the last option. DJ says she’s such a fraud. Where does she learn all this from? Guddan says from her Saru ma. She is her Guru now. DJ says what? Guddan says yes her Guru. DJ says what? Saru says yes she listens to her and she teaches her all this. Saru comes there and says Saru maa is here. DJ is shocked to see her new attire. Saru says how are you cheaters? DJ and Aarav are shocked.

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