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Naagin 17 June 2022: Episode starts with Shalaka showing the magical bottle to Vrushali, Ketki and Rasik and telling that there is a devil mark under the bottle. She says she made her sautan quiet. Ketki asks did you see spot on Dev’s neck. Shalaka says just as I see the spot, I kept this bottle near it and got some part of his soul. She says she has to repeat it and takes his full soul out. She says once Naagmani comes out, she will put back his soul back in his body within 10 seconds. Vrushali says nothing shall happen to Dev. Shalaka says I will not let anything happen to him and I will kill Brinda after getting Naagmani. Hardik, lily and Manas are talking about the wedding plans. Dev feels pain in his head.

Naagin 16 June 2022

He tells Lily that he wants to start his life afresh and recalls promising Brinda. He says I want to listen to my heart now. Lily says that is really awesome idea. Mili comes and asks her to say. Lily says I can do anything to unite you both. Brinda hears and says this is my Dev. They ask Hardik to go and try the clothes. Brinda asks can I help you to choose? Hardik says yes, you also sit. Shalaka comes and pushes Brinda, and sits beside Dev. She then pretends as if she got hurt and taunts Brinda. Dev looks at Brinda. Shalaka says she will be very careful next time and says marriage preparation started, but nobody called me. She says I am here for less time, but deserves some respect. Hardik comes wearing Sherwani. Shalaka likes it, but Brinda asks him to try something else. She then tells that they shall have couple dance. Shalaka gets up. Brinda sits beside Dev. Shalaka thinks how to take out the soul from his neck and tricks him to come to her. He tells the exact words to Brinda and gets up. Shalaka takes him to side and takes out part of his soul. She covers up the mark. Dev’s eyes turn red. Shalaka gets tensed. Lily calls Dev. Shalaka says we are discussing something. She says we shall dance on SRK’s songs and asks him to go and sleep in his room.

Brinda runs and comes to Dev. Dev’s eyes are still red, but when he turns it becomes normal and he asks her what?Brinda asks him to come and select the song. He says sure. Shalaka runs and collides with Vrushali. Shalaka says I didn’t know how did this happen, but his eyes were red. She tells that there was no moment when I tried to take out his soul and then he became fine. Vrushali says we have to take naagmani out from him, we don’t have much time. Hardik tells that bole chudiya song shall not be played in bachelor’s party. They think to keep such songs which will be enjoyed by everyone. Dev and Brinda start dancing. Vrushali says Brinda is not letting him free. Shalaka says I will control him and goes to side. Dev says I want to say something. Brinda keeps the stone in his pocket. Shalaka says I have important office work and has to go. She finds out that the magic didn’t work on Dev. She thinks how can this happen. Dev plans to go out with Brinda. Shalaka says I have to go now, but nothing happens to Dev. Dev blushes seeing Vrushali. Vrushali asks why it is not working? Shalaka says may be as I was standing far. They come to room.

Shalaka asks the pendant to show what is going on in Dev’s room. The ball shows them Dev’s room in the mirror. Vrushali says nobody is here. Shalaka says naagin is here. They see brinda coming there and getting ready. She calls Dev and says I am ready. Shalaka gets upset and asks the pendant to show where is Dev. They see Dev waiting for Brinda in the lawn. She thinks I can’t let this happen. Ketki sees her eyes green and tells Vrushali. She asks the pendant to stop Brinda from going out of room. The magical bubble goes out. Brinda thinks to take her phone and the bubble comes inside her room and breaks the glass jug. Brinda thinks her saree is wet and thinks to change it. She thinks it is Dev’s favorite color and tries to dry it using hair dryer. Shalaka comes to the lawn and asks him to love Shalaka and reject Brinda and pushes her. Dev’s eyes turn red. Shalaka comes to Dev and asks if this arrangement is for her. He forwards his hand.Shalaka comes near him. Dev gives roses to Shalaka. Shalaka smiles and smirks at Brinda. She thanks him and takes his hand in her hand. Brinda gets angry and shock. Shalaka says it is very cold after the rain. Dev removes his jacket and makes her wear it. She touches his hand and smiles. She says I just wants Dev and your love. Brinda comes there and says it is not yours. She asks Dev to say. Dev says I didn’t call you and seems lost. Brinda asks him to listen to her and asks her to go and says she wants to talk to her husband alone. Shalaka says your husband? You had left him. Brinda asks her to go.


Shalaka acts to cry and pretends to go. She hides behind the car. Brinda asks Dev. Shalaka hides and asks him to say that he called her to make her see him with Shalaka and says he started feeling for her. Brinda says then why did you call me. He says I know what I want in life and says I don’t want your love, I want my marriage with Shalaka, as she is better in every means than you. He says I am sorry. Brinda is taken aback and shock. Shalaka smirks. She then asks Dev to go to Shalaka’s room and search her. She thinks just 2 times more, then Dev’s soul will be out and naagmani will be in my hand. She says Naagmani and Dev will be in my hand. Swara comes there and thinks what was Shalaka doing here. She sees Dev’s jacket on the swing and checks inside. She finds the stone and thinks to check it, if it changed color. She finds the color changed and thinks it means someone is taking out Dev’s soul from inside it and says then he will not be Dev, but the devil. She thinks she has to inform Brinda. Shalaka comes there and asks what she wants to do, and says want to tell your daughter. She scares her and says I am doing this to save my husband and to get naagmani. She says Naagmani is inside Dev’s body and tells her that she has captured Dev’s soul twice and just two more times left. She says once she takes his soul out, will take naagmani out and then will bring Dev alive. She says she will be Dev’s Rani and Brinda will be on road. She then tells her that she is not Shalaka, but nayantara. Swara is shocked.

Shalaka asks do you know who was Nayantara. Swara runs. She asks her to run faster and asks the bubble to bring Swara back to her. The bubble comes infront of Swara and breaks due to the Om Pendant in her neck. She says Jai bole naath and runs. Shalaka finds her gone and thinks if she had gone to tell Brinda. She thinks to kill her before she tells anything to Brinda. Dev comes to Brinda and asks what happened? Brinda says you are asking me. He asks her why you are crying. Brinda says what to do, you was confused, want to do something and said something. She says the romantic set up in the lawn was for Shalaka. I saw everything. Vrushali hears them and thinks Dev is still under Shalaka’s influence. Shalaka follows Swara. Swara runs out. Vrushali calls Shalaka. Shalaka rejects her call. Dev says I had gone down and his eyes turn red and then black. Vrushali thinks Shalaka is far and calls her. Shalaka tells her that she went behind Swara as she came to know everything. Shalaka sees Swara taking the auto and tells that she can’t come now, as she has to go behind Swara. She sees Swara going in the auto and asks the bubble to follow her. She then asks Vrushali to separate Dev and Brinda and tells that she will handle Swara. She asks her to behave strictly with them.

Brinda says your memory is not weak and asks him to tell what is in his heart. Dev says you and I want to be with you. She says you are saying this in closed room and said something else outside. Dev asks her to just believe in him and shows the flower without thorns as he likes it. Brinda gets emotional and looks at him. She says surely there is something wrong and says I was doubtful before, but now I am sure. She says I think Shalaka is doing this and making you do. Dev asks what do you want to say? Brinda asks if Shalaka is doing some magic on me. Brinda says not magic, but evil magic. Dev looks on. Vrushali hears and gets shocked. Brinda says there are evil powers in this world. Dev says I know about super heroes and wants betterment of this world. Brinda says there are evil powers also. She says I want to tell you something. Vrushali thinks what to do. Swara asks driver to take her to lal tekri temple and calls Brinda, but she doesn’t pick her call. Brinda asks Dev to enquire about Shalaka’s family. Dev says Maa knows her family. Brinda says your mom agreed. Dev says Maa agreed as she liked the family. Swara thinks pick the call Brinda and asks the driver to drive fast. Vrushali thinks how to take Dev out. Dev asks why do you think that mom is involved in all this. Brinda thinks to find out.

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