Guddan update Thursday 16 June 2022

Guddan 16 June 2022: Guddan prays. She says mama always told you always give people power do to things if they have a clean heart. If mama papa were here, I could at least hug them and cry. I only have you now. Why am I not like mama? Why don’t I succeed? Am I so bad? I lost my restaurant and my house? Everything. I couldn’t save anything. Will you help me? Please. Show me a way.A little girl comes running to Guddan. Choti says what happened? She cries and says save me please. Help me, please. He’s so scary. He wants to take me with him. She says look there. Agastya is looking for that girl. He asks different people.

The girl says he will come here. She says don’t worry, Choti is here, nothing will happen to you. The girl says is your name Choti? She laughs. Guddan says don’t laugh. The girl says he’s here. Choti looks back. It’s Agastya. Choti says who is he? Why is he after you? Tell me the whole thing. She says I was playing and he said he will kidnap me. Choti says let me call the police. There’s no network in her phone.Agastya asks people if they have seen Choti. Choti asks her to hide behind the idol. Agastya says Guddan? What are you doing here? She says the temple is yours as well now? This is my place too. I came here to pray. He says have you seen this girl? She is 10.

Choti says so he’s kidnapping 10 year old girls now? Choti slips. Agastya holds her. A woman says they are such a cute couple. Agastya says please tell me if you have seen her? Guddan says I won’t help you in kidnapping a kid. He says what? Guddan says you’re disgusting. You’re a kidnapper now? Can’t you do anything right? Do you have any shame? He says don’t cross your line. She says what else will I do? Did you parents teach you anything?Vivan looks at Guddan’s photo. Shona comes. He says you scared me. Shona says will you eat her from the eyes? You have to trap her not eat her. Shona’s husband comes. He says what are you two planning now? Shona says couldn’t change you so have to change my fate now. I could be in this house the queen just like jiji but I married you. My life would be useless with you so I am preparing my son. Shona says he will trap Guddan and get us all her property.

He says why would she? Shona says she’s crazy. She loses things. Once my Vivan is married to her, her house would be mine and my pictures would be all over there.Pushpa comes and says picture? Shona shows her another girls photo and says she is such an innocent girl. If Agastya says right she will say right. Pushpa says I don’t want a servant for my Agastya. I want a girl who can take a lead. She can make her husband do anything. I want a girl who is not Agastya’s shadow but has her own personality as well. Someone who can control Agastya and make him run after him. Someone who’s wife.Agastya says tell me about this girl. Choti says I don’t know anything. He says you’re hiding something. Choti says why would I hide anything? He says tell me. He goes near the idol. She says that’s my stuff. The girl runs.

Guddan runs with the girl. Agastya says how is Guddan’s stuff moving. A man stops Guddan and says this is my trolly. Guddan fights with him. Agastya comes there and says what is this? Guddan runs. Agastya says she’s hiding something.Guddan asks the girl are you okay? She says yes I am having fun. DJ calls Guddan. she says why are you out of breath? Guddan says walking home. DJ says don’t know where Aarav is, you come home.Shona says to Pushpa, you told me a list of all the qualities of the girl. Pushpa says no matter how much the husband earns, the woman should rule the house. Shona’s husband says so the man shouldn’t even say anything? Puhspa says till his brother was alive, I chose everything for him and he had to decide. You choose such a girl for him.

Agastya tries to sell gold. He says this is pure gold. Arushi comes there. The jeweler says this is very cheap. I can only give 20 thous.. Arushi asks him to make it 2 lacs. He says 2 lacs. Aarav gets happy but he sees Arushi. He says if you really wanna help them why don’t you return our restaurant? What is this drama by your family? Disgusting. Aarav leaves. The jeweler gives her set to her. she calls someone.Arushi comes out. A goon snatches her gold set. Aarav hits him and takes it from him. He says don’t try to look for a shortcut to success. You don’t have to hide your face if you work hard. He returns it to Arushi and says they stole it from the shelf. Aarav leaves.

Guddan brings the kid to her house and says drink water. You are safe here. Who is your mom? Where is she? And we should complain about the kid thief to the police. The girl cries. She says I am hungry. Guddan says what do you like? She tells a long list. The girl says she’s so sweet.Guddan cooks. The girl says it smells like restaurant food. But the kitchen is so dirty. She says when I cook in bad mood, it becomes a mess but the food is always great like my dad’s. She eats pancakes. Agastya comes there and says you Chalak choti. Come out. The girl hugs Guddan. Guddan says nothing will happen. Don’t worry, you stay here I will handle outside.

Guddan says to Agastya BBC why are you here? She says Birla Bacha Chor. Agastya says that means she’s here. Guddan says no one is here. He says you can’t hide from me. Guddan says you can’t kidnap a kid till I am here. Guddan stops him. He comes close to Guddan. Agastya says Rashi come out. Guddan says you stay in. I will handle him. Guddan says I will call police and get him arrested. Agastya takes her phone. Agastya says Rashi come out now.Rashi comes. Guddan says hide behind me. You can’t touch her. Agastya says Rashi would you tell her or should I? Rashi says hi papa. Guddan is shocked. She looks at Rashi. Rashi smiles. He says yes this is the truth. I was trying to control her. Rashi says no one can control me not even you papa. Choti says what? Rashi says yes. Choti says this Birla family has decided to fool me and waste my time all the time. I am not free entertainment for you. She says to Rashi why did you run from home? She says for mom. I want a maa. Agastya says let’s go hone. Rashi holds Choti’s hand. Agastya says let’s go. Guddan says she’s a kid You can’t handle her. He says you can’t handle yourself. I will write a long post against you. He says this is my personal matter. Guddan says your papa is a bad man. He says you can’t change the world. How will you deal with all the mess you have created in your life. Guddan says to Rashi, he’s your dad.You have to respect him anyway. Go home. Did you eat the cake? Rashi says it was so good. Guddan says Please go home now. Rashi says okay. Agastya says Rashi doesn’t listen to anyone but she listened to Guddan.

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