Anupama update Saturday 18 June 2022

Anupama 18 June 2022: Shah fam aily walks to main door seeing Kavya standing outside house. Nandini asks Kavya why did she come and to stop this nonsense and come home with her. Baa yells at Kavya. Vanraj tells Kavya that he already last night told her that he needs some time, even then she came here with her bags. Kavya picks her bags and walks into Nandini’s house smirking, leaving everyone fuming. She walks out again holding coffee mug. Shah family walks back inside home. Vanraj angrily looking at Kavya from window calls her and asks what is this. She says its love, he doesn’t let her near him and she doesn’t want to go away from him, so her love brought him here. He says its madness and not love. She says he used to consider this madness as love before.

He says neither of them will be breathe easily if she becomes CCTV like this. She says at least by being near him, she can breathe easy. He says this is crazy. She says love is crazy.Anu looks at Kavya via kitchen. Kinjal walks to her and says even she didn’t support her, Baa doesn’t understand her and even if she doesn’t understand her now, asks if she thinks she speaks wrong. Anu says she didn’t speak wrong, but the way she spoke was wrong; she should remember how to speak with elders; in English, they refer everyone as you, but they refer elders with respect and that makes the difference. Kinjal reminisces misbehaving with Vanraj.

Kavya unpacks her bag. Nandini walks to her. Kavya if she has come to lecture her, then she shouldn’t. Nandini says she has come to remind her of her mistakes, one she made a mistake by interfering between Vanraj and Kavya and second by coming in this locality which would be hell for her, so all the best. Kavya says staying near V is heaven for her. Bapuji sees Baa tensed and asks reason. Baa says she is feeling nervous, she thought when son returned, everything will be alright and Anu will forgive him, but with maide ki katori/Kavya’s presence, Anu will not forgive Vanraj, so they have to shoo away Kavya from the locality.

Vanraj with Toshu and Anu gets ready for doctor’s visit and waits for cab outside home. Toshu informs that cab stopped outside locality. Kavya enters with cab and asks Vanraj to come in and bring Toshu along. Vanraj says his cab is coming. Anu asks him to go with Kavya. He gets into cab. Kavya taunts that people serve out of pity only for a few days, but those who love will take care forever and she loves Vanraj and will take care of him always. Family stands fuming and walk in while Toshu gets into cab and they drive away. Kinjal noticing Anu asks if Vanraj can visit Kavya when she is here; Vanraj easily came here and went with his girlfriend again, this will continue until Anu stops it; she knows that she is doing this as Vanraj is not well and she doesn’t want to keep him away from his family and children; its her goodness, but people misunderstand it and think she is doing all this as she is still dependent on her husband, they are misunderstanding her goodness. Anu asks what does she think. Kinjal says she knows that her mummy is most strongest in the world or else she would have left her husband for her self-respect, wouldn’t have slapped Kavya, wouldn’t have taken care of whole family; she doesn’t understand when she is so strong, why she is still stuck in this relationship.

Anu says she ended it long ago, but threads of relationships are so entangled that they cannot be freed easily. Kinjal says she should break this thread or else she cannot move ahead, it will pull her back 2 steps if she tries to take 1 step ahead, so she should break it and move ahead. Anu thinks Kinjal is right and she has to berak this thread to move ahead.Doctor checks Vanraj that he is recovering speedily. Vanraj thanks him and says its because of his family. Doctor asks to visit next week again. Vanraj tells Toshu that he will walk without support soon and will compete with him. Toshu says he likes being defeated by him. He and Kavya at once say let us go home, Kavya says when he is recovering well why he wants to be a burden on others. At home, Baa scolds Anu that she should have gone with Vanraj for doctor’s visit as Kavya will take Vanraj home and they will have to wait to see Vanraj’s face again. Bapuji says Vanraj is not a kid that Kavya will drag him along, he will go wherever he likes to. Kinjal says good if he goes. Baa yells that she will support her MIL and misbehaving repeatedly, warns Anu to explain her bahu to stop misbehaving with her, shouts if she is hearing or not.

Anu says she is explaining her since 25 years and should explain her son also; she is asking her why she let Vanraj go and didn’t ask him why did he go; its his relationship, his wish, his wish, then why should she reply. Baa shouts because she is Vanraj’s wife. Anu says she was, but not now; her relationship, her patience, and her answers have ended and she doesn’t have answers for where, why, and when he goes; she lived as Vanraj’s shadow for 25 years and now wants to live like a human; she roamed behind him for 25 years and now wants to move ahead and will not back off. She then apologizes Baa. Baa yells that she shut her mouth with her befitting reply as she is not a DIL and doesn’t consider her as MIL. Anu says she considers her as mother, even she likes someone should understand her, so she spoke her mind out. Baa yells that she spoke her mind out, now her bahu will be more courageous and will misbehave with her. Anu says her MIL and DIL are both good. Toshu returns home. Mamaji asks where is his nephew. Baa yells that maide ki katori Kavya took him away, nobody listens to her. Vanraj walks in without support. Bapuji asks where is his plaster. Vanraj says doctor told he can walk without support. Pakhi happily hugs him and Baa pampers him. Kavya thinks though V didn’t come to her, he will have come back to her.

Toshu informs family that doctor informed that papa/Vanraj is fine now and to just reduce right hand movement. Baa thanks god. Pakhi says then she and papa can go on shopping. Samar says she just shopped for her birthday. Pakhi argues with him. Toshu asks them to stop. Baa yells nobody asked her son even for water and they are fighting. Pakhi says they will celebrate makar sankranti together this time and will fly kites with papa. They make teams. Mamaji jokes, and Bapuji taunts Baa as usual. Pakhi says nobody can beat papa in kite flying and she will help him. Vanraj agrees. Anu reminisces flying kite in childhood and excitedly says even she will fly kite tomorrow. Samar asks if she knows to fly kite. She nods yes. Baa says she thought Anu only knows cooking. Vanraj reminisces humiliating Anu. Anu says she forgot to live for herself for 25 years and will fly kite again tomorrow. She asks Samar and Toshu to help her make arrangements.

Samar meets Nandini and informs her about kite flying festival at home. Nandini says she doesn’t know to fly kite. He says its just kite flying paper rocket. She asks how did he learn flying kite. He says mummy told she knows to fly kite well, so its in his blood. The reach kite shop and select kites for each family member. She asks what about him. He shows a one with heart and then says sorry, he cross friendship barrier. She feels nervous, and they both walk silently. A romantic song plays in the background.Baa gives sari to Anu saying she is not a bad saas/MIL. Anu says she is world’s best saas. Baa asks to remove kurta from cupboard for Vanraj also as Jhilmil is not present. Anu agrees and thinks she needs to take out matching blouse for sari, so will take out even kurta. Vanraj while sipping tea reminisces Toshu stopping cab and going to buy Vanraj’s medicine. Kavya asks Vanraj if he will accompany to her house. Vanraj says he will go to his house. She asks why he is going there. He says because his parents, children, and family live there and he is happy there. She asks what about her. He says she can come to meet him anytime she wants, Anupama cannot be happy with their relationship but at least accedpt their relationship. Kavya says that is the problem, Anu is behaving so well that she is fearing now. He asks what kind of fear. She says whatever didn’t happen in 25 years may happen, he may fall in Anupama’s love. Anu enters room saying she needs to get stuff from cupboard. He reminisces Anu supporting him always, thinks why did Kavya tell that, he likes staying here because of his children and Anu helps him a lot, that doesn’t mean Kavya is right. He tells her that he didn’t know that she can fly kite.

She says there is a lot that he doesn’t know about her because he didn’t try to know at all; then says Baa asked to pick kurta for him for makar sankranti, if he will wear bright or light color as Kavya told he likes light colors, shows him many kurtas. He rejects all kurtas. She asks which one he likes then. He looking at Anu’s yellow sari says he will wear yellow kurta. She says she thought he likes plain kurtas. He says his preferences have changed.Next morning, Anu prays tulsi plant and prays god that today is Uttarayan and like kite threads even relationship thread should be strong. Kavya looks at her. News paper man throws news paper just then on pooja thali, Anu protects lamp. After some time, Kinjal serves her prepared til papdi/snack to Baa. Baa comments its very hard and she may lose 2-3 teeth. Kinjal says she prepared it for the first time. Anu reminds Baa of an incident where she prepared snack and it was hard. Vanraj laughs and says he would have lost his teeth that day. Samar tells youngster that he will win today’s kite flying competition and 11111 rs prize money. Toshu says he is competing with his elder brother and Kinjal is supporting him. Samar says Kinjal doesn’t know to fly kite. Kinjal says she knows. Toshu jokes in video game. Each family member argue that they will win. Samar says mummy is flying kite today. Anu says she is flying kite after 25 years, so she is feeling nervous. Samar encourages her. Bapuji says he will win. Baa asks him and everyone to go and change for pooja first. They walk away.

Baa jokes with Kinjal to make a red mark on her snack to save teeth. Kinjal says she will learn preparing it from her and Anu. Baa asks to learn from her if she needs gold medal in preparing it. She then asks if nagin dance Rakhi is coming. Kinjal says no as she is afraid of kite thread and never gets out of house during makar sankranti. Baa laughs.Anu passes by Vanraj’s room and sees him stuck without opening buttons while wearing kurta and calling her for help. She rushes and opens buttons, feels awkward reminiscing him singing Hame Tumse Pyar kitna.. song for her before. He also reminisces the song. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in kurta buttons. Kavya calls him just then. She reminisces him breaking mangalsutra earlier when he gets Kavya’s call. He frees mangalsutra and thanks her for whatever she is doing for him and whatever she did in the past. She walks away.

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