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Game of love June teasers 2020: the love hate relationship between Anika and Shivaay continues meanwhile Om and Rudra try to convince Shivaay that Anika is the right partner for him. How long will it take for Shivaay to accept it?

Starlife Game of Love June teasers 2020.

Monday 1 June 2020 Game of love

Anika finds the chip in the police station and gives it to Shivaay. Later, Omkara and Rudra are arrested. Meanwhile, Janhvi is shocked to see Tej and Svetlana’s video on the news channel.

The Oberois are shattered to see the news of Tej and Svetlana on television. Shivaay believes that Anika had sold the chip to the reporter and threatens her.

Anika asks Shivaay to leave. Tej confronts Svetlana for giving the video footage to the media. Later, Roop and Svetlana discuss their plan against the Oberois. Omkara attempts suicide!

The Principal informs Anika that she lost the contract as the new trustee of the college has rejected her name. He asks Anika to meet the new trustee. Anika visits Mr. Mukherji’s office to meet him.

Tuesday 2 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 21 – 24

Anika learns that Shivaay is the college trustee. Meanwhile, a girl stalks Omkara. Shakti asks Pinki to stay away from Roop. Shivaay bribes Anika’s lawyer to put her in trouble.

Anika learns that Shivaay has sent her lawyer out of the town. As Roop, along with Pinki try to accuse Jhanvi of stealing the diamonds, she is herself exposed in front of the family.

Shivaay makes his associate call Anika for a catering order. Meanwhile, Dadiji is disappointed with Roop for stealing the diamonds!

Anika apologises to Shivaay. Sartaj gifts a painting worth Rs. 5 crore to his wife. However, Anika accidentally sets the painting on fire!

Wednesday 3 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 25 – 28

Omkara and Rudra suspect Shivaay of hiding something from them. Anika challenges Shivaay but is soon shocked to know that he has done something again to spite her!

Shivaay tells Anika that she although she has won the challenge, she has ruined her life. He asks her to accept defeat. Will Anika give in?

Shivaay refuses to get engaged to Tia, until he completes his work. His employee informs him that Anika has encashed the cheque. Shivaay agrees to get married within a month. Later, he is shocked to see Anika in Oberoi Mansion.

Shivaay feels uncomfortable to see his family mingling well with Anika. Meanwhile, Rudra apologises to Anika for creating a rift between Shivaay and her. Later, Dadi plans for Shivaay’s birthday. Anika also has something in mind for him.

Thursday 4 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 29 – 32

Shivaay asks Anika not to tell his family about the chip. The goon blackmails Ishana for money and threatens to kidnap her sister. Later, Ishana lies to Omkara about her name.

Rudra fails to impress the beautiful girl from his college. Omkara and Rudra tease Shivaay about Anika. Later, Anika accidentally spills coffee on Shivaay’s shirt!

Shivaay is angry with Anika for spitting coffee on his shirt. Rudra refuses to recognise Sumi in front of Romi. Later, Shivaay tells Tej that the police have decided to release Gayatri.

Tia decides to spend some quality time with Shivaay. However, Shivaay misunderstands Anika to be Tia and embraces her!

Friday 5 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 33 -36

The commisioner tells Shivaay about Gayatri’s release from jail. Meanwhile, at the press conference, Gayatri blames the Oberois for her husband’s death and tries to shoot Shivaay, but Rudra gets shot!

Shivaay threatens to hurt Gayatri after she shoots Rudra. He also tries to find out what Tej is hiding about Gayatri. Later, Anika is surprised to see a soft side to him.

Rudra takes advantage of his situation and tries to gain sympathy from his girlfriends. Meanwhile, Ishana tries to prevent Riddhima from meeting Omkara. Later, Shivaay explains to Anika about the other night’s misunderstanding.

Shivaay and Anika show their hatred towards each other. Dadi tells Rudra and Omkara that her friend’s grand-daughter will be visiting them. Later, Ishana fails in her plan to lure Omkara towards her.

Saturday 6 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 37 – 40

The Oberois start worrying after Shivaay’s departure. Later, some officials arrive with some important information. Rudra calls everyone to watch some ‘breaking news’ on TV.

The Oberois are relieved to see Shivaay back. Meanwhile, Ishana manages to escape from the Oberoi House.

Riddhima and Tia confront Shivaay for his rude behaviour towards Anika. Meanwhile, Ishana tries to fool Riddhima and flees before she could call Omkara. Later, Shivaay and Anika accidentally fall on each other.

Omkara questions Ishana on seeing her at the Oberoi House. Anika believes Shivaay to be mentally ill. Later, she complains to the women about Shivaay.

Sunday 7 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 41 – 44

Both Shivaay and Om advise Rudra about seeking an apology from Soumya. Meanwhile, Anika teaches Soumya how to deal with an impolite Rudra.

Tej confronts Svetlana for neglecting her work. Meanwhile, Tia requests Anika to speak to Shivaay about the marriage. Later, Omkara informs Ishana about Ridhima, but she lies to him about her identity.

Rudra learns that Soumya and Romi are childhood friends. Anika challenges Shivaay that she can mend Rudra and Soumya’s friendship. Meanwhile, Pinki helps Jhanvi rekindle her relationship with Tej.

The Oberois are given a secure code to the main entrance of the house. Later, Ishana secretly meets Omkara. In the evening, the Oberois are shocked to discover an intrusion!

Monday 8 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 45 – 48

Shivaay confronts Anika when the guards tell him that the intruder has escaped when Anika had used the code to open the door. Meanwhile, why does Tia hide her associate from the security at the Oberois?

Anika sees a stranger in Tia’s car and informs her about it. Tej assures Shivaay that the security of their house will not be breached again. Later, Anika tells Sahil that she will make Shivaay apologise to her.

Svetlana gives the revised security plan to Tej. Omkara decides to help Shivaay catch the culprit who had sold the video to the media. Meanwhile, Shivaay is shocked to find a relevant clue!

Anika turns off the mains and saves Rudra from electrocution. Shivaay insults Anika making her take a drastic step!

Tuesday 9 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 49 – 52

Omkara tells Shivaay about the journalist who told him that Anika has not sold the video. He also asks Svetlana not to interfere in their family matters. Omkara and Rudra ask Shivaay to apologise to Anika.

Anika tries to prove her innocence to Shivaay. Dadi apologises to Anika on behalf of the Oberois and requests her to resume work. Anika agrees but on certain conditions. Meanwhile, Ishana plans to separate Ridhima and Omkara.

The Oberoi family sits at the dining table, while Shivaay cooks for everyone. Later, Shivaay asks Soumya to help Rudra select a perfect picture to woo a girl.

Om is surprised to see Riddhima at the club. Later, Soumya shocks Rudra, while Anika knocks Shivaay off his egoistic high horse!

Wednesday 10 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 53 – 56

Om gets angry with Riddhima for lying to him. Later, Shivaay and Om try to sort their problems. Meanwhile, Shivaay’s mother is worried about the date of his marriage.

Anika makes arrangements for Raksha Bandhan. Meanwhile, Ishana has another plan up her sleeve when Om decides to give Riddhima another chance.

On Raksha Bandhan, Priyanka plans a game where each member has to enact a character different from their real self. Meanwhile, Sahil is angry when his aunt arrives and Anika is called to work.

Soumya recalls her brother, while Shivaay confronts Anika for neglecting her work. The Oberois play a game on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Later, Romi visits the Oberois, while Roop plans to ruin their life.

Thursday 11 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 57 – 60

Ishana provokes Ridhima against Omkara and later, she apologises to Omkara. Ridhima accuses Omkara of cheating on her. Meanwhile, the inspector informs Shivaay something against Omkara.

Tension surfaces with Roop’s presence at the house leading to arguments between the family members. Later, Omkara learns about Shivaay’s deed and realises that he has made an error of judgement.

The Oberois celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Meanwhile, Rudra finds a new way to cheer Soumya up as she misses her brother on the festival.

Rudra follows Love Angel’s advice of engaging in a heart-to-heart conversation with his crush, while Anika bakes a cake for Shivaay.

Friday 12 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 61 – 64

Anika tries to explain to an angry Shivaay about pushing him into the pool. Shivaay is forced to drop Anika to her house.

Something unfortunate happens with Shivaay after he drops Anika home. The brothers have a surprise for their family. Shivaay tries to keep the story a secret.

Shivaay confronts Anika for making fun of him. Anika faints due to a poisonous gas explosion. Shivaay asks the security to get the CCTV footage.

The Oberois take a family selfie. Anika and Soumya are also included in it. Shivaay struggles while apologising to Anika when he goes to drop her home. The Oberoi brothers make a plan to expose Mala and Bela.

Saturday 13 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 65 – 68

Gayatri and Roop conspire to get Tej and Shakti evicted from the house. Anika questions Sundari about the money taken from Dadi. Shivaay and Rudra get a sketch of Bela from Omkara.

Pinky is worried as Shivaay avoids talking about the marriage. Ishana loses her temper when Omkara makes a comment on her upbringing.

Omkara talks about having trust issues with Ishana. Anika realises that she is the one who starts most of the fights with Shivaay. The following day, other members give them privacy to spend some more quality time with each other.

Anika asks Shivaay to finalise his marriage date. Omkara and Rudra are shocked to see Shivaay’s ex-girlfriend Malika in the Oberoi House. Mallika confides her woes in Anika.

Sunday 14 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 69 – 72

Tej tells Shakti and Shivaay that Malika has eloped. Malika apologises to the Oberois for her mistake. Will Shivaay tell Pinki about his relationship with Malika?

Malika thanks Anika for her support and tells her that Shivaay has changed his decision. She tells Omkara, Rudra and Anika about her relationship with Shivaay.

Shivaay is moved when Anika expresses her views on love. Malika tells Shivaay that Siddharth’s mother is being biased with her. Anika, Malika and Soumya confront Shivaay when he claims that girls are weaker than boys.

Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra play a prank on the girls to prove that they are mentally superior. Dadi insists that Anika stays at the Oberoi house.

Monday 15 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 73 – 76

Priyanka scares Omkara and Rudra. Janhvi and Pinki execute Dadi’s plan of scaring Tej and Shakti, while Malika succeeds in scaring Shivaay. Tia sees Malika in Shivaay’s bedroom.

Shivaay confronts Tia for suspecting him. Anika tells others about her plan to mend Shivaay and Tia’s relationship.

Malika plans a get-together to mend Shivaay and Tia’s relationship. Shivaay agrees to attend the party. Roop replaces Tej’s cell phone.

Tej learns that Roop has stolen his cell phone and orders the security to follow her. Roop transfers the data to her laptop before Tej can reach her. Tia apologises to Shivaay for suspecting him.

Tuesday 16 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 77 – 80 

Omkara succeeds in his plan to mend Shivaay and Tia’s relationships. Later, he and Shivaay talk about the understanding between them and their beloveds. Roop and Gayatri plot to steal the safe’s code from Shakti.

The Oberoi brothers play a truth or dare game with Malika, Tia and Anika. Gayatri has a plan against the Oberois. Shivaay and Anika get drunk and dance together!

Rudra lies to Janhvi that Chubby had spiked the fruit punch. He and Omkara make fun of Shivaay. Janhvi informs Dadi about Anika, Malika, Tia and Priyanka’s get together with the Oberoi brothers.

Rudra tells Shivaay, Anika and Malika that he has the video recording of the party. Shivaay and Anika stop the family from watching the video. He deletes the recording. Roop tells Gayatri about Tej and Shakti’s locker codes.

Wednesday 17 June 2020 Game of love

Episode 81 – 84

Tej informs Shivaay that the Ranas have sent a legal notice claiming that the Oberois have hidden Malika in order to ruin their reputation. When Siddharth Rana visits the Oberois, Malika tells him why she ran away from the wedding.

Malika blames Siddharth for not supporting her. Siddharth’s mother, Ketaki confronts Malika for defaming the Ranas.

Dadi tells the family how Jahnvi is related to Vikram. Malika tries to make Shivaay understand something he failed to realise. Shivaay reads Malika’s thank you letter for Anika.

The Oberoi brothers discuss about women’s equality and right to pursue their dreams after marriage. They learn about Jhanvi’s sacrifices when Om was born.

Thursday 18 June 2020

Episode 85 – 88

Pinki apologises to Dadi, who tries to prove her point when Pinki blames her of being biased towards Janhvi. The Oberoi brothers and Priyanka bring Lord Ganesh’s idol home.

Tej and Pinki announce that the three brothers will do the rituals of Ganesh puja together. Meanwhile, the alarm goes off!

The police demand the CD that Gayatri was trying to steal from the Oberoi Mansion. Gayatri accuses Tej and Shakti of a serious crime. Will the sons stand up for their fathers?

Shivaay and his brothers are shocked about the allegations made at his father and uncle. He refuses to do the ritual till his father and uncle return.

Friday 19 June 2020

Episode 89 – 92

Shivaay and his family perform the ritual together. Later, a quarrel between Anika and Tia makes Shivaay realise something about Gayatri. Soon, the Oberois get a pleasant surprise.

The three brothers are worried about the CD scandal and so is Anika. Om is in a dilemma and shares his problems with Riddhima. When an important business deal goes wrong, Tia offers the Oberois a new deal.

Tia tells the Oberois that the business deal will work, only if she and Shivaay get married. Realising that they are being blackmailed, the Oberois consider the proposal. How will Anika react when she is asked to organise the wedding?

Om and Rudra try to convince Shivaay that Anika is the right partner for him. How long will it take for Shivaay to accept it?

Saturday 20 June 2020

Episode 93 – 96

Tia forces Shivaay to marry her, and later apologises for her mistake. Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka give a present to Anika. Anika congratulates Shivaay, while he thanks Anika for arranging everything at such a short notice.

Pinki tells Janhvi that she has seen the girl from the video. Anika decides to prove Tej and Shakti innocent.

Tia and Shivaay’s marriage ceremony begins. Anika tells Omkara that she has found some evidence that can prove Tej and Shakti’s innocence. Shivaay learns about it and goes through the evidence. Anika tells Shivaay that the video is fake.

Omkara and Shivaay tell the commissioner that the video evidence against Tej and Shakti is false. Later, they set out to find the girl in the video!

Sunday 21 June 2020

Episode 97 – 100

Anika and Shivaay find the poster and enter the house to look for the girl. But, a blind woman hits Shivaay and helps the girl escape. Will Anika catch the girl and help clear the Oberoi name?

Shivaay tells Tej that the police has dropped all charges against them. The Chhabras want Priyanka to marry their son. Shivaay learns about Gayatri and Tej thanks Anika!

Soumya tells Priyanka and Anika about the deceptive nature of Chabra’s son. Is she speaking the truth? Can Anika stop Shivaay before the situation turns ugly?

Gayatri calls up Shivaay and troubles him. The Chhabras decide to hold Dev and Priyanka’s roka ceremony before they leave for Los Angeles.

Monday 22 June 2020

Episode 101 – 104

The Chhabras arrive for the roka ceremony. Shivaay confronts Mr Chhabra for lying that Dev is Chaya and his son. The Oberois call off Dev and Priyanka’s wedding. Priyanka requests Anika to persuade Shivaay to let her meet Dev.

Anika panics on seeing Dev in Priyanka’s room. Rudra tries to sort out differences between Soumya and Ryan. Shivaay fires Anika for letting Dev meet Priyanka.

Om tries to make Shivaay realise his mistake while Anika decides to leave her job. Shivaay gets furious on receiving a phone call about Gayatri and goes to meet her.

The Oberois are upset with Shivaay for firing Anika. Meanwhile, ACP Ranvir accuses Shivaay of Gayatri’s murder!

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Episode 105 – 108

Anika tells ACP Ranvir something about the night when Gayatri was murdered. Will that help to get Shivaay out?

Anika gets into trouble with some men. Shivaay tries to be her knight in the shining armour! Will Anika forget everything and forgive Shivaay?

The brothers get intoxicated after consuming high dosage of painkillers, while Anika overhears them speaking about her. Shivaay asks Anika why she saved him.

Rudra tells Soumya that he has organised a date for her and Rihaan. Soumya decides to reveal Romi’s truth to Rudra.

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Episode 109 – 112

Sundari apologises to Anika. Meanwhile, at a family meeting Shivaay thanks Anika. Later, he proposes to Tia for marriage!

Anika tells Shivaay about the previous night and the two start having feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Soumya is worried about Rudra falling into Romi’s trap. Will Rudra learn the truth about Romi?

Anika and Shivaay dream about each other. Meanwhile, Omkara gets an ultimatum by Riddhima, while Rudra is stressed about facing Romi.

Priyanka shows ACP Ranveer’s envelope to Omkara. He is worried as the details inside the envelope indicate that someone knows about the accident.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Episode 113 – 116

Tej and Shakti decide to keep a fast for Karva Chauth. Meanwhile, Priyanka and Omkara keep Shivaay from finding out their secret.

Rudra finds out that Soumya is the Love Angel. Anika sees Tia hugging someone!

Priyanka discovers that Ranveer is a police officer. Anika tries to talk to Shivaay about Tia. Shivaay misunderstands the situation. Later, Soumya tries to explain herself to Rudra.

Omkara and Rudra tell Anika that they will clear her doubts before she tells Shivaay about it. Later, Anika and Rudra try to find out about Tia’s mystery man.

Friday 26 June 2020

Episode 117 – 120

Anika and Rudra notice Tia at the spa and try to flee before she sees them there. However, Anika accidentally gets locked in a sauna room while hiding from Tia!

Tia asks Anika why she has been following her. Shivaay confronts Anika, Omkara and Rudra for suspecting Tia. Later, Anika apologises to her.

Anika refuses to take Shivaay’s help in fulfiling her dreams. Rudra panics when Romi talks of marrying him. Priyanka stops Omkara from taking drugs. Omkara threatens ACP Ranveer for troubling Priyanka.

Rudra escapes from Romi’s house and gets back home to Soumya. Meanwhile, Anika notices Tia with someone and decides to tell Shivaay. Later, Tej confronts Omkara about his future after he starts taking drugs again.

Saturday 27 June 2020

Episode 121 – 124

Rudra is surprised at seeing Romi in his room after getting up and lies to her that he is going abroad. Meanwhile, Priyanka tells Ranveer to stay away from her, while Anika tries to find out more about Tia’s affair.

Omkara is depressed when he learns that he is the cause of a boy being orphaned. Meanwhile, Anika overhears Tia’s conversation on the phone and is determined to find the truth.

Anika is anxious to solve the mystery of Tia’s lover. Meanwhile, Rudra and Soumya, under the influence of alcohol, find themselves in a delicate situation. Will they be able to get out of it?

Shivaay is shocked to see Omkara unconscious and learns that he has taken drugs. Later, Rudra and Soumya realise that they are married!

Sunday 28 June 2020

Episode 125 – 128

Rudra and Soumya decide to forget about their marriage and try to find a way back home. Shivaay apologises to Omkara for not being there for him in his time of need. Later, Tia tells Shivaay that they should find a match for Anika.

Omkara has an announcement for the Oberois. Meanwhile, at the puja, Tia feels jealous seeing Shivaay’s behaviour towards Anika.

Anika goes to the station to meet Shivaay’s childhood friend, Daksh. Meanwhile, Rudra tell

Shivaay is jealous to see Anika and Daksh together. Meanwhile, Rehaan asks Soumya to marry him. Later, Riddhima makes Omkara listen to Tej’s proposition.

Monday 29 June 2020

Episode 129 – 132

Daksh claims to be in love with Anika and threatens dire consequences if Shivaay doesn’t as



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