Jodha Akbar July 2021 teasers

Jodha Akbar July teasers 2021: Maham Anga continues her plot to create a rift between jodha and Jalal, will she succeed?

Zee world Jodha Akbar July teasers 2021.

Thursday July 1 2021

Jahal sneak into Jodha room drunk while she was sleeping and try to kiss her but she woke up and he fall down. Ruks find out Jahal spend the night in jodha’s room, she became angry. Jodha went to ask Jahal permission but he shouted at her because he thought she was seeing another man in secret.

 Friday July 2 July 2021
At Hosiyar birthday party, Jahal ignore Jodha to sit with Ruks. Jodha wonder why he’s angry with her. Jahal suspect dilawar and questions her, Jodha who try to find out what was wrong between Jahal and herself was shun. Maham keep plot how to make Jahal hate Jodha.

Saturday July 3 July 2021
Adham after winning war thought Jahl will return himyo his position but was disappointed. He thought to kill Jahal. Maham also. She also reveal dilawar Identity to Ruks who she thought was Jodha’s lover. Ruks decieve dilawar to Jodha’s room and made Jahal see them together. Jalah is furious.

Sunday July 4 July 2021
Jahal caught Dilawar with Jodha, ask the solider to arrest him he then angrily pushed Jodha to the wall calling her name. Maham is happy. Jahal ask Jodha to leave by morning. Meanwhile Sujamal escape the prison.

Monday July 5 July 2021
Sharif shoot arrow to kill Jahal but Sujamal save him and took the arrow. Jahal find out the truth and ask Jodha for forgiveness. Jodja overheard people castigating Jahal and defends him.

Tuesday July 6 July 2021 
Jodha left the palace and Jahal is comply to look for her as Hamida won’t talk to him. Maham thinks of her next move to make Jahal misunderstand Jodha. Javeda trace Mahm to the jungle. Jahal couldn’t find Jodha in Amer leaving her family and everyone worried.

Wednesday July 7 July 2021
A young girl took Jodha’s Idol and ran away. Jahal on the other hand dress as common man to find Jodha. Jahal heard of a prayer being held for Khanna at a river, he went there to look fo Jodha. Jodha is in the river but Jahal doesn’t know.

Thursday July 8 July 2021
Hamida is missing Jodha. Jahal pass Jodha but couldn’t see her. Jodha and shehnaz intervene to rescue a woman about to be killed. Jahal also defend the woman and fought with those who want ot kill her not know Jodha is behind him. What will they meet soon?

Friday July 9 July 2021
Adham plan with maham to kill Jahal as he out ofnteh palace. Mali is angry Jahal in no where to be found. Jahal pretend to be dead to get Jodha’s attention. He asked for her forgive but she won’t listen as she hurt. Bharmal visit Jodha

Saturday July 10 July 2021
Bharmal begs Jodha to return home instead of wandering around. Jahal return home as Jodha didn’t follow him. Mali attack the Jungle, Jahal is injured. Jodha is uneasy as she felt something is wrong with Jahal..

Sunday July 11 2019

Jahal is seriously injured from Mali’s attack. Bharmal and Jahal went to Amer.  jodha sees Jahal in her room and thought it was her imagination. Hamida saw Maham leaving the Rahim in the night and thought to monitor her. Jahal and Jodha engage in sword fight.

Monday July 12 2019

Jahal told Jodha he’s returning back to his throne since she’s not willing to forgive him.Jahal return without Jodha, Hamida is disappointed while Ruks is happy. Jodha on her side won’t eat after Jahal left Amer.

Tuesday July 13 2019

Jahal find out Maham has been the one conspiring causing the rift between himself and Jodha. He is hurt. Salima consoles Jahal while Adham  is angry with Maham that despite her loving Jahal over her own son, he now consider her an ordinary maid.

Wednesday July 14 2019

Hamid advise Jahal as regards Maham’s case. Ruks is furious to find out Jahal went to sleep in Jodha’s room though she’s not there. Shehnaz  is giving Jodha head massage and she imagine it was Jahal.

Thursday July 15 2019

Jahal strip Maham of all her power and position. She plans to bring his downfall but in a subtle way. Jiji ask Maham to seek Jodha’s forgiveness. Tej and Shivani is caught brought before Jahal to punish but he free then and even gave Tej a kid in the palace.

Friday July 16 2019

Jahal made a Hindu a minister of finance which cause murmur amongst the others against him. Todal advise Jahal to dress as common man to find the truth about the money exhortation among his ministers. Jahal stop the yatra tax. Hamida and Salima is happy. Meanwhile at Amer, Jodha prepare to go back to Jahal….

Saturday July 17 2019

Jahal is praise by the Hindu for the no tax order though it didn’t go down well with some people. Maham said she will make sure to get the throne from Jahal to her son Adham. Bharmal hints Jahal of Jodha’s return and he prepare a grand welcome back party for her.

Sunday July 18 2019

Maham try to instigate Ruk against Jodha again but she won’t listen. Jahal is anxious about Jodha’s return as he couldn’t sleep out of joy. Jahal perform Pooja for Jodha. Ruks is devasted at this development. Jodha goes to Jahal’s room.

Monday July 19 2019

Jodha and Jahal hug tightly when asking for each other’s forgiveness. Ruks fainted after seeing them. Jodha confronted Maham after find out she was the cause of the rift between herself and Jahal. Ruks is not happy with Jodha and Jahal close relationship.

Tuesday July 20 2019

It’s Jodha and Jahal one year anniversary. Maham beats the secret thing she visits in the jungle mercilessly ask it to get ready to talk before she’s back. Shehnaz push Rahim to the roof. He struggle not to fall. Jahal call Shehnaz mad but Jodha defend her that she’s just like a child mentally. Shehnaz said she will use Jodha to get what she wants and kill them both. What is Shehnaz true identity?

More teasers to be added…


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