Wedding planners starlife December 2021 teasers



Wedding planners November teasers 2021: Amit insist Priyanka gets a virginity test else he will break their wedding alliance.

December 1

Nandini vows to use KT hatred for her fall in love with her again. Neelima Scolds Preeti. KT kisses Preeti as they argue over tattoo. Amit insist Priyanka gets a virginity test else he will break their wedding alliance.

December 2

Nandini send couch to Preeti and calls KT if she like the gift. Preeti warn her never to call her husband so late at night again.Preeti is shocked to see Nandini pictures and stuffs still in KT’s Cupboard. Preeti donates Nandini stuffs during her puja to the pandit. KT is upset about it.

December 3
KT and Preeti argue because of Nandini. Preeti Sari catches fire. Priyanka plead with doctor to conduct a virginity test for her as her fiance keep doubting her but he refuses. Nandini cries to KT that Arjun is missing. Preeti see missing Arjun with Neelima. She try to convince KT to get a DNA test. Neelima sees her cutting KT hair.

December 4
Neelima tell Sneha about Preeti trying to cut KT hair for black magic. Preeti takes KT brush for the test as she couldn’t get his hair sample. KT searches her bags. Sneha overheard Preeti explaining the reason she took KT’s tooth brush to Neelima. She then told KT who challenge Preeti for trying to get a DNA test done without his knowledge.

December 5
KT donate blood to Arjun who is involved in accident. Nandini thinks now he will have to accept Arjun as his son because their blood group matches. KT reconcile with Arjun . KT brings Arjun and Nandini to live in his house without informing anyone. Preeti is angry with this but played okay.

December 6
KT beg family to put up with Nandini fir his sake. Nandini breaks KT and Preeti wedding picture. Nandini challenge Preeti to send her away soon from KT. Preeti plan a party for Arjun. Sneha thinks Neelima refuse to buy a car for Neil when I asked but she’s getting Arjun a car,she feeks bad about it. Rati ask Preeti to convince KT get Tarun a job in his company but she refuses. Angry Rati join force with Nandini to teach Preeti a lesson.

December 7
Nandini falls her cake on purpose and lied against Preeti with Arjun supporting her. KT scold Preeti for Nandini. Neelima scold Juhi. Preeti get same suit for KT and Arjun who rejected it. Juhi is sad about how she’s been treated by Neelima. Kusum and Priyanka console her. Nandini stole Preeti’s ball gown.

December 8
Nandini lock Preeti in the room and dress up as her to dance with KT. KT introduce Preeti as his wife to everyone. Nandini is angered. She taunt that they should both kiss as they are under the mistletoe. KT is drunk and scold with Preeti for embrassing him before Nandini by running away from him. He asked her to remove her mangalsutra if she won’t allow him touch her.

December 9
Arjun get a call from Nandini. KT says Nandini is everything to me as the trash to them before Preeti. Nandini taunt Preeti. KT told Preeti his feeling for Nandini. Neil is disturbed as Priyanka won’t answer his call. Nandini accuse Preeti of trying to kill her. Police arrest Preeti

December 10
Preeti thinks Nandini loves KT and she’s also repenting of her mistake. She tell Nandini that she will leave KT for her. Neil and Priyanka confesses their feeling to each other. KT thank Preeti for doing her best to bring himself and Arjun close.



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