Jodha Akbar December 2021 teasers (Season finale)

Jodha Akbar December teasers 2021: Jodha’s love story comes to an end with a beautiful ending…

Thursday December 1 2021

Salim stops soilders who are taking Anarkali away from Agra.. Jodha is worried about Salim, she visits Anarkali and finds her in tears. Ruks invite Anarkali to dance at Salim and Mann party but she gets hurt while dancing.  Daniyal sees Salim kissing Anarkali and thought to tell Mann.

Friday December 2 2021

Mann caught Salim rubbing Anarkali’s feet. Madhev says in his heart that he will make sure to kill Salim and Jahal. Jodha refuse to apply mehndi to Mann’s hand seeing Anarkali. Murad give shahab prison key to escape. Anarkali get Mann ready as a bride. Jodha overheard Madhev telling some men to go kill Salim in his room, she is shocked.

Saturday December 3 2021

Madhev attack Salim but Jodha saves him. He is arrested and jailed. Salim and Mann gets married. Murad kills Shahab. Jodha suggest to Jahal that their spices should be export by themselves so the farmers can benefit. Jahal agrees and out her in charge. Ruks plan to destroy Jodha’s effort.

Sunday December 4 2021

Jahal gives Jodha trade stamp and Ruks becomes jealous, she fumes in anger. At night Ruks dasi open storeroom where spices are kept and all gets wet. Jodha meet farmers for extra spices to meet up deadline. Everyone one is proud of Jodha except Ruks ofcourse. English ambassador meet with Murad to use him against Jahal by telling him they want him as King instead and will help him become king.

Monday December 5 2021

Sultan Mirza send a message to Jahal to marry one of his daughter to Murad. English ambassador tells Murad to make Jahal agrees to come inspect the weapon in the city in order to carry out their plan. Jodha finds it suspicious but Jahal and Ruks thinks otherwise. Ruks demand for a huge amount of money which Jodha denied. She gets angry and plan to revenge. Murad gets inform that Jahal is stop on his way and he should go carry out their plan.

Tuesday December 6 2021

Ruks burn down spices. Jodha instruct Todar to find out who is destroying the spices. Jahal gets poison by English men through wine. Ruks burn Jahal letter to Jodha. Jodha is worried about Jahal and thought to go meet him. She inform Hamida, Salima and Ruks.

Wednesday December 7 2021

Jodha and Rahim disguise as common people to find Jahal. They search goons camp looking Jahal. Ruks took Salima document and falsified it. Salima send fake statement unknowillngly. Nisar Poison Jahal drink again. Jodha is stunned to see Murad with Nisar, she killed an English man to try to sleep with her.

Thursday December 8 2021

Jodha escape with Rahim and Moti as Nisar soilders search for them.she tells Rahim about Murad. Jodha finds out Ruks is behind all the farm produce disasters. She slaps her hard and place her on house arrest. Murad confess all his evil deed to Jodha and begs for forgiveness.

Friday December 9 2021

Jahal is happy and surprised to see Jodha. She explain all that happened to him. Murad deceive the English men about to kill Jodha and Jahal. Murad, Jahal,Jodha and Rahim fight against Nisar soilders. Nisar is shocked that Murad betrayed him. Jodha and Jahal gets cozy after the war.

Saturday December 10 2021

Jahal, Jodha, Rahim and Murad arrie to Agra safely. Salima ignores Murad and Jahal send him to Paten as punishment for aiding the enemies.he also deport Ruks to Kabul never to see her again. Ruks is distraughted. Salima forgives Murad while Jodha plead with Jahal on Ruks behalf.

Sunday December 11 2021

Jahal made a coin with Jodha’s name engraved on it. Ruks seeks Jodha’s forgive and promise to take up her challenge dutifully. Jahal praises Jodha as the reminisce how far they’ve come together.

The End


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