Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 6 December 2023

Faltu 6 December 2023: The Episode starts with Ayaan praising the food. Faltu boasts of her cooking. Dadi says the job is yours. Savita says start working from today itself, you will get 30000rs per month. Rocky says you just bless me. Ayaan says you talk really well. Everyone goes. Faltu thinks sorry, I have no way than to lie, I have to find out who wants to see my destruction. Everyone tells Rocky about their choices. Faltu asks them to stop troubling and just message their choices. She says I will handle everything. Govind catches her word and asks what. Faltu says I will see, you have confused me and made me a girl from guy, show me my room, I will take a bath and enter the kitchen, work is worship.

Savita asks how do you know where is your room. Faltu says good question, I was going to hall, I want my room. Savita says

you will get your room. She asks Amar to show the room to Rocky. She says Tanisha has planned a party tonight, you come to the kitchen on time. Ayaan argues with Tanisha about the party. She says I m following the counsellor’s advice. She asks what’s the benefit of visiting the counsellor then. He thinks I m not able to love you, because…. He thinks of Faltu.

Faltu sees Ayaan’s old room. Amar tells about Ayaan’s craze for cricket. He says sorry, this room is available, stay here for few days then we will arrange other room. Faltu says why, it’s the best place for me, I m happy. Amar goes. She recalls Ayaan and cries. She says I will clean my name, I will find out who is behind this, everything will be fine, our dream will get fulfilled. She thinks to take a bath and go to kitchen. Faltu locks the door. She removes the fake moustache and wig. Ayaan comes there and knocks. Faltu says I m going to have a bath, come later. Ayaan says don’t touch anything, open the door, I will break the door. Faltu wears back the wig. Ayaan shouts.

Amar comes and asks what happened. Ayaan asks why did you give this room to Rocky. Amar says Savita told me, Rocky won’t touch anything. Faltu opens the door. Ayaan falls over her. He checks his room. He says all these things are special for me, so I m possessive, you can stay here, but don’t touch anything. Faltu says I have nothing to do with this, do you play cricket. Ayaan says no. He stops and says I feel I saw you somewhere. Faltu makes excuses. Ayaan leaves.

Faltu says I got saved today, this drama won’t run for long. She hears Kanika talking on phone. She says Kanika is going to meet Vishal, it means she knows where is he, did she do this to make me out of Ayaan’s life. She follows Kanika. Govind tells Janardhan about Rocky. Janardhan asks did you see his ID or verification, he can be a criminal, don’t you read newspaper, such crime news comes about servants. Govind says we will get the police verification. Savita says we thought to make him work for Tanu’s surprise party. Janardhan says Sid and Ayaan also didn’t ask anything. He asks Amar to call Rocky. Faltu sees some guy and thinks its Vishal.

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