Divya Drishti update Thursday 18 January 2024

Divya Drishti 18 January 2024: Pisachini says where is this anjaan. We have to start our big plan. Rakshit is Anjan. He does tandav. He comes home. He comes to room. Drishti says new saree? Blue? no that’s rakshit’s fav color. Find a color of my choice. Rakshit goes to rest room. Drishti smirks.

Simran’s MIL comes. She says everyone is here. Where is my DIL? Ojaswami says she has headache. she slept. Simran comes downstairs. Everyone is dazed. MIL asks how is your headache now. Dirshti says she is not well to sit here. MIL says choose your favorite design. She says they are all black. Drishit says she is still in sleep. MIL says beta these are all gold. Ojaswami says don’t worry Simran. You can choose later. Simran says I will meet you on other side of the bridge. Drishti says she mean sshe wants to meet you in person late.

Rakshit says yes. They elave. Ojaswami says thank you Drishti. Simran screams. She says she will come. She will kill me. Ojaswani and Shekhar take her to room. Mahima says why did she say it. Rakshit says your papa used to talk like this. that woman. I think she is back. rakshti says we will get her treated. Don’t worry. Drishti handled it all. Rakshit says did you see? Mahima says that wont change my opinion about her.

Drishti asks Rakshit what did doctor say? He says some tests. Rakshit says who were you talking to? She says you have Lava now. So I would need someone else. She says he is handsome. drisit says in heart it is Anjan. And I know that’s you. I wont tell you that I know you have to tell me. Drishit says when you get married to Lava I can get married to him. Rakshit sees his ring. He says I have to hide it. He says I am going I have a meeting.
Drishit opens a book.

Anjan comes to Pischini. She says you left. He says you and your useless plan. Pisachini says I will Drishti. Anjan says you dont know she has more powers now? You are so stupid. You make stupid plans. Anjan lights fire. He says you will burn in your fire. Make a solid plan. If you fail, then I will plan something. Pisachini says what do you want? Why are you helping me? He says you will know on right time

Scene 2
Drishti sees fire in her sleep. She gets scared and checks the house. Everything is fine. Drishti tries to shut the main door but a storm is raging. She shuts the door. drishti says what is happening.

Pisachini looks for Bichu. She says what happened to you? Where were you? Bichu dies. Piscahini says how can yu die.
Drishti wakes Divya up. She says I saw a fire. Pisachini says ow can my bichu die. I have to get my kaal vijay. I don’t have much time. Shekhar wakes up too. Drishit says let me call Romi. Pisachini takes bichu’s poison.

Drishti says something really bad is going to happen. Romi comes to dristhi. Drishti says we have to find what’s going to happen. rakshit sees Drishti. Everyone hides. He says what are you doing here at night? She says you are also roaming around at night? He leaves. divya says let’s go.

Piaschini burns Bichu. Anjan comes there. Pisachini says show me your face. He says what do I have to do? If I think it’s part of the plan that’s going to work. Pisachini says you have to get rakshit married. That girl is lava. I will get more powers. His protection would end too. Get Rakshit married to lava. Anjan says okay I will do that.

Drishti says the fire and that gate. Guru ji says if Pisachini opens that door her powers would lose. She is getting and she is scared. She would die if that door opens. He shows them a child. He says when she was born she had red eyes. She was devil for her family too. The village tried killing her and she woke up as Pisachini. She has to be taken to the place where she was hit. You have to get her human ashes. If you get it in 24 hours, you can kill her evil powers. Romi says we don’t have much time.

Scene 2
Ojaswani says in laws would come today. We have to do come up with another excuse. Lava says we will manager. Mahima says to Drishit don’t appear in front of her in laws. You have no manners for anything. You left the arti. Divya says she handled everything yesterday. Mahima says why are you taking her side?
Divya Shekhar Romi and Drishti come to a room. Divya cheers up Dristhi. Dristhi says we have to find the ashes of Piaschini’s human. They leave.

Ojaswani welcomes the in laws. Her MIL asks where is Simran? Lava says she went to parlour. She needs some grooming. THe coconut falls in Simran’s feet. MIL says she is here. Simran screams. She says stay away from me. Her husband to be says how is she behaving. Ojaswani says listen please. MIL says we don’t want to hear another excuse. Simran screams. She says this is black. Take is away from me. Drishti and Divya stop Simran. MIL says let’s go. Ojaswani says she was attacked. MIL says she is crazy. Drishti says she is just in shock. Rakshit says you sent her there. MIL says this wedding is over. We don’t want her. They leave. Ojaswanu cries. She says Simran’s wedding broke. Mahima says everything will e fine. Ojaswani says her life is ruined. Nothing will ever be okay. Rakshit says Simran is my sister. there will be a wedding today. I will marry Lava today. Dristhi is dazed. She leaves.

Simran says bhabhi please tell me what happened. Dristhi says you were talking about something black. What did you see? She says I don’t know. Dristhi says Rakshit is preparing for his wedding. Divya says he can’t do that. That’s illegal. Drishti asks Simran where did you see that black snake? Simran sleeps. Dristhi says to Divya we have to get that locket from Pisachini. We can fix Simran with it. Divya says yes everyone is busy in the house. Let me call Shekhar.

Pisachini asks Anjan what did you do? How did you convince Rakdhit? She says that’s not your problem. Tell what you plan is? She says I will dance with the barat? He says I asked about the plan. She says something big. You can’t imagine. Let’s go we have to do big things tonight. She leaves. Rakshit takes off his mask. He says she is doing something weird.

Scene 2
Mahima asks Rashi to take the dress to Lava. She says this is the ritual done by sister. Rashi says I think simran should do it. She is upset. She is also Rakshit’s sister. Mahima says I am so proud.
Drishti recalls Rakshti saying I will marry Lava tonight. Rakshit looks at her. He comes to as Anjan. Rakshit picks her up. Dristhi is dazed. Dristhi says why did you bring me here? He says I know you are mad. She says so you know why am I mad? He says because of the wedding? She says whose wedding? Name them. Rakshit and Lava. Should I be happy? If he wants to marry again its okay. He can marry Lava.

I don’t care. He says try to understand. Drishti says my husband is cheating on me, should I understand that? He says there must be a reason he is doing this. He says everything is not black and white. He leaves. Drishti sits there. she says I have to focus on finding the human Pisachin’s ashes.

Mahima says to Romi why is your hand bleeding? He says this is paint. Mahima says I had to give this shagun to simran. SHe has to give it to Lava. Romi says I have to stop her. He runs after her.
Divya dresses as Pisachini. Shekher projects the light. Simran cries. Divya says tell me what happened. Simran cries she says please let me go. Simran says please don’t kill me. Divya says tell me where did you see the black snake? Mahima comes. Divya and Shekhar hide. Simran screams. Mahima hugs her and says what happened. Everything will be fine. Dont’ worry. I will find a better guy for you. Simran says she will kill me. Mahima says no one is here. Come with me. She takes her there.
Divya says she was talking about the bridge. Shekhar says must be the one where SImran was attacked.

Romi sees Anjan. He follows him. Anjan comes to jungle. He takes off his mask. Romi says I have to see his face. He hides behind a sand pit. Anjan disappears. Rakshit throttles him. He says you were spying on me? Romi is dazed. He says jeju you. rakshit says go away from here. romi says I wont until you answer me. WHy are you playing this game with us? He says i am playing with Pisachini. Romi says why all that? You are marrying Lava? He says I have reasons. Romi says what can be your reason to ruin my sister’s life?

He says I have to get my dad from him, I have no other option. I have to pretend like I am with her so I can get to my papa. I dont’ want to hurt your sister. Promise me you wont tell all this to anyone. Would you help me? Romi says I cant hurt my sister. Rakshit says we don’t have an option. we have to go through small pains to avoid a big one. Romi says what would I have to do? Rakshit says keep an eye on Lava. Tell me everything she does.

Shekhar says we have to do this again. divya says we don’t have time. We can try again. Divya says let’s go there. They come behind the shelf. Divya moves a trunk. It comes to her. Shekhar opens it. There is Pisachini’s locket in it. Shekhar says how did you know? She says I don’t know. He says you still have Pisachini in you. She says don’t joke.
Drishti looks for Divya and Shekhar. She sees Divya being stabbed by Pisachini. Drishti is worried. SHe says I have to find her.

Divya takes the locket. she says it’s so powerful. Drishti looks for her. Divya and Shekhar see Pisachini. They hide and the locket falls. Dristhi sees them. Divya says Pisachini is here. Shekhar comes to Simran’s room. Simran says ask him to leave.

Rakshit is in anger. He says Drishti where are you. Dristhi.. Divya says Ma Rakshti is shouting can you see? Simran says please ma dont’ go. Mahima says I will come back. Divya sits with Simran. Dristhi asks Divya why is he shouting?

Anjan comes to Pisachini. e says why did you call me? She says you did all this? Pisachini says that Divya was fooling me. She tried to take my locket. I will never separate it from me. Anjan says I have to go. Pisachini says keep an eye on them. He says I am. I have other work to do as well. I can’t keep proving whose side am I on?
Rakshit looks for Drishti Mahima says why are you looking for her? You are going to marrying Lava. Rakshit says Dristhi where are you? I have to clear everything. Simran says go Drishti.

Drishti comes to Rakshit. She says what do you want? He says divorce. Here are the papers. Sign them. If I am marrying Lava I have to divorce you. Drishti says what would you do if I say no? What if I want to keep this marriage. What would you then? Rakshit says I.. Drishti says you thought I would say all that? I am just a PA to you. So I don’t need anything from you except for a pen. she signs the papers. She says take them and file them. Rakshit takes the papers. Rakshit says in heart I have a stone on my heart. I hate this wedding. Dristhi says in heart, If I find her ashes, you won’t have to marry Rakshit and I will find it. Drishti says congratulations. He says you too, on divorce. Raskhit leaves. Pisachini says they have separated.

Rakshi comes to room. The song ae dil he mushkil plays. They are both in tears. Dristhi leaves the house.
Pusachini says I have to dance. That protection would fall from those sisters. That Lava would be on my side forever. She would do what I ask. And Rakshit… She laughs.

Rakshit says she left without saying anything. She signs and didn’t say a word. Like I had a reason, she must have one too.
Dristhi asks Simran do you remember what that bridge looked like? What was the color. She screams and says I don’t remember anything. She runs. Pisachini says what are you doing here. Still, have sindur? Your husband left you. Dristhi says how do you know? She says I know everything. Rakshit and Lva will die tonight and then your game is over. She takes her mangalsutra. Simran asks Divya where did Drishti go? Dristhi says please don’t do all this. Don’t ruin my marriage. I beg you don’t ruin my life. Please return my mangalsutra. Pisachini says I don’t care. SHe throws the mangalsutra and leaves.

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