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The kids are in a circle. Guru ji comes there and says don’t cry. He takes off his mask. He says I am your great grandfather. I love you a lot. He laughs in evil tone. He says I love my kaal vijay ratan more. And you will take me to it. Let me tell you story of an evil. I had all the ratans but they were cursed. I needed a pure soul to break that curse. That was my apprentice Vidya.

She could break the curse. Pisachini took two ratan from me and I had kaal vijay only. Your mother had to give birth that night. I got to know that Mahima and Pisachini are together. I threw the ratan towards Divya. I thought the ratan would touch her and become pure. But Pischini and Mahima came there. Her green ruin everything. She tried to catch it. It burned her eye and went to Vidya’s belly. Your mother and aunt Divya and Drishti got all the powers. I did everything. I tried to kill them. I killed Kaal and became power of the evil. No one knows I have taken the place of Kaal devta. The kaal Pisachini had been talking to me all the time was me. You two don’t have kaal Vijay ratan yet. But I will blackmail your mother to give it to me. The kids cry. Guru ji says don’t cry. I am your nanu. No one can hurt or protect you. I will get the ratans and send you to the hell.

Shekhar asks Rakshit is everything okay? He says yes I have hid both the kids at a safe place. Don’t worry. Shekhar says Divya are you okay? She says yes I am fine. But you like to see me hurt. Shekhar says what are you saying. Divya says I was only pulling your leg.

Pisachini says do something Mahima. Kaal (Guru ji) comes to them and says the kids are born. You two couldn’t do anything. Kill those girls. Pisachini says we know they are alive. He says go and kill them. Mahima says my powers aren’t working either. Divya and Shekhar are there. Divya says why did you shut me up? They know already that we are alive. Pisachini mixes something and says with my magic Lal chakoor’s powers would come back. She says drink it. Mahima drinks that liquid. They hear the tune. Mahima says I got the powers. I was Drishti’s kids now.

Drishti is asleep. Rakshit says don’t get up. You are weak. Drishti says please take me to my kids. I want to see them. Rakshit says they are safe. Drishti says I was to pick them and feel like a mother. Please take me to them. Rakshit says okay I will take you there.

Divya heals Shekhar’s wound. She says how did you get it? Shekhar says Lal chakoor’s gave me this wound. Shekhar says I am really worried. We have to protect the kids. Something doesn’t feel right.

Rakshit and Drishti are in the corridor. Drishti says I heard the kids. Rakshit says they are safe. MAhima comes downstairs with the kids. Drishti screams my kids. Rakshit says calm down. She shouldn’t see you. Drishti says my kids. She cries and sobs. Mahima takes the kids to her room. Drishti screams my kids. Shekhar says how did this happen? Gury ji said the kids are safe there. Drishti cries and says my kids. Divya and Shekhar promise Drishti they will bring the kids back.

Shekhar’s wound brightens again. Kaal says here are the kids. Where is kaal vijay? Pisachini says I don’t know. Kaal says if you don’t get me kaal vijay in 2 hours I will kill you. Pisachini says in heart what should I do? I can’t give kaal vijay to anyone. Shekhar says we haev to follow Pisachini. Divya says I can’t let you take the risk. Shekhr says we have to protect the kids.

Rakshit sees Mahima and says give me my kids back. Mahima says I am their grandmom. Drishti throttles him and says give me my kids back. Pisachini shoves her. rakshit picks her. Mahima says you have lost all your powers. Drishti says I have the power of a mother that you lost. Mahima throws the kids away. Drishti runs and pick them. They are dolls. Mahima laughs. Drishti says my kids aren’t safe. They are with them. Please give me my kids back.

Scene 3

Divya and Shekhar are in the jungle. Divya says I know a mantra that can help us with the way. Her hands brighten. Shekhar says what are you doing? She says Kaal vijay shows us the way.

Drishti asks the star to show them where the kids are? Rakshit says it only works when you and Divya ask together. Drishti says it would answer me. I am a mother. It has to answer me. Drishti says rahsitara answers me where are my kids. Drishti says why isn’t it answering us? What is happening? Guru ji’s life is in danger. Our kids’ lives are in danger. Rakshit says nothing would happen. Drishti says you aren’t doing anything. Rakshit says please calm down. He makes her sleep with magic. Rakshit says I had to do this to make you rest. Rakshit keeps the dagger next to her.

Guru ji says kaal vijay would come to the kids. Mahima and Rakshit would be in my control. He says don’t cry kids. I will get all the powers. I will get all three ratans. I will rule everything. Everything would be in my control. Shekhar and Divya see the kaal vijay ratan. Divya says we have to follow it.

Rakshit tells everyone the kids are missing. Ojas says where can they go? Romi says did Divya go to find them? Divya keeps saying in sleep please my kids come to me. Rakshit says please go from here all of you. I will fight lal chakoor here. Everyone says no we will all stay here with you. Ojas says we are like your mother. Ash says yes we both are your mothers. We will stay here with you. Simran says yes. Romi says I am with you. They all hug Rakshit. Rakshit goes out. Romi says I will come with you. Rakshit says I hope Divya and Shekhar find the kids.

Rakshit says lal chakoor come in front of me. You can’t fool a father. You aren’t facing a son today. You are facing a father. I will kill you today. Come out. Mahima comes there and says what will you do? He says you’re a demon not a mother. He takes his dagger. Mahima says so you would kill your mom? I won’t fight with you. I am greedy. I did a lot of sins. Kill me.

This is what I deserve. Romi says she is fooling you. Don’t fall for her words. Mahima says I gave birth to you. I loved you more than anything. Rakshit says you only loved yourself and your ratans. Mahima says I have realized my mistakes. Please kill me. I don’t want to live. Please kill me.

Divya and Shekhar follow the ratan and come to a house. Guru ji sees the ratan and says Kaal vijay. It’s here.

Romi says don’t listen anyting. She is lying. Mahims shoves Rakshit and takes the dagger. She says you were right. Nothing is more important than ratans. I am selfish. I only think about myself. She is about to stab Rakshit. Ojas says Mahima he is your son stop it. Mahima stops them with powers.

Divya and Shekhar see someone with black hoodie. Divya says kaal devta. Her powers aren’t working. Shekhar says I would go inside. Divya says but you don’t even have the powers. I will go inside.

Rakshit is tied. He tries to use his ring. Mahima throws his ring away from the sword and says I will kill all of you. You will all die. You can’t be smart in front of me. I will kill everyone.

Shekhar comes inside and says what you are trying to do won’t happen. Don’t even try to touch the kids. He hits kaal devta. Shekhar says you ruined my childhood but I won’t let you do the same to these kids. Kaal hits him and says you were a prisoner that I detained for years. You can’t fight with me. Shekhar says you could never control my mind and heart. Mahima says get ready to die from my hands. Drishti shoves Mahima and says don’t even try.

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