Bitter sweet love starlife update Thursday 23 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu coming to Kunal and saying your old friend has come to meet you, Mr Indraneel Jeet. Kunal is shocked. He says he has come here, send him inside. Inder comes in and asks Kunal to look at him. Kunal and Inder start arguing. Inder says you met me after many years and so much praise, thanks a lot for this good treatment, global warming is going on, mountains are melting, your anger didn’t melt, I like it, keep it up.

Kunal says even if the world ends, my anger won’t melt for you, my hatred will never change for you. Inder asks why are you behaving like a loser. Kunal says I can’t become disgusting like you to make you lose, tell me, why did you come here. Inder says you are in India, I m in India, how could I stay without meeting you, you remember we had the trips together, I have no work, I came here for friendship, I got to know your Kanak records is sinking, I thought to do some charity and get good deeds. Kunal says you have done much sins, you get me. Inder says you didn’t forget the past. Kunal says I won’t forget and forgive, you did very bad with me, I won’t take your help, get out. Vandu and Bobby hear Kunal shouting. Vandu says why would Kunal get angry on his friend. Aaji says Vandu is getting late, her Sasural is already angry. Vijay says don’t know why Bappa is testing her. They have a talk. Inder laughs and says if you read the card, then you will fall down the chair, I will show it to you. Kunal reads the invitation for inauguration.

Vaibhav meets Mrunal and hugs her. She asks about his suhaagraat. He says I didn’t have any first night with her, I got saved. She says don’t act decent, you would have thought to enjoy. He says no. Vandu messages Vaibhav. Inder says I was joking, I came to invite you, true confession, I have learnt everything in music business from you and Kuldeep uncle, I regard Kuldeep my Guru, I m launching my second music company in India and you are also here, come in the launch party, you can make contacts and get investment for your company. Kunal scolds him. Vandu asks shall we go in and see. Bobby says no.

Kunal says you are in this position because of Kanak records. Inder says yes, my success, fame, name, money and work, its all because of you, above all, one more thing is because of you. Kunal asks what did you say. He catches him to punch. Inder says you are a loser. Kunal asks what. Inder says Kunal Loser Malhotra, this is your new name. Kunal says shut up. Vandu says I will go and see once, Kunal will get angry, what shall I do. bobby says no. Vandu sees the things fallen. She says there is a problem, go and check. Bobby goes to stop Kunal.

Kunal asks Inder to leave. Inder says I have snatched your happiness and peace. He laughs. Kunal says you are a stain on friend’s name. Inder says you will always be a loser. Kunal asks him to get out. Inder leaves. Bobby asks Kunal to relax. Kunal throws the water glass. He sees the fidget and says I hate this man. Vandu looks on. Kunal asks her to do her work. Vandu says I didn’t see him so angry before, what happened to him.

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