Lost in love starlife update Saturday 6 April 2024

Ishan gets gets jealous seeing Savi dancing with Bajirao. Prateek notices Ishan and says whenever Bajirao arrives, he wins the game. Kiran drags Harini and character assassinates her. He says he doubts that her baby doesn’t belong to him. Harini gets angry and slaps him. Kiran slaps her back and tortures her. Hari falls down holding her baby. Prateek tells his friend that he is tired and will bring water for them all.

Bajirao says they shall continue to party and check out another pandal. Friends say they are all tired and not energetic like him. Baji continues to dance with Savi. Savi’s friend informs her phone is ringing repeatedly. Savi finds Harini’s multiple missed calls and a voice note. She hears Harini informing her that Kiran brutally tortured her and she is profusely bleeding and calls Savi there. Baji asks if everything is alright. Savi makes him listen to Harini’s message. Baji says Kiran will not change in life. Savi asks him to accompany her and leaves with him.

Ishan notices Savi missing. His friends inform that Baji took her to another pandal to dance with her. They say Savi and Bajij were dancing elegantly and looked pretty together. Ishan thinks how can Savi go for a dance when he ordered her to return hostel by 11 p.m. and start studying for tomorrow’s test. Prateek notices his restless behavior asks why he is acting as a nibba madly in nibbi Savi’s love. Ishan says Savi has a test with ex-IAS officer Sandhya madam tomorrow and he asked her to return to her hostel by 11 p.m. and study for tomorrow’s test. Prateek asks her to stop acting so possessive like Savi’s boyfriend or father. Ishan says he is Savi’s mentor.

Savi and Baji reach Harini’s house and break open the door. They are shocked to see Harini lying in a pool of blood and murmuring that Kiran tortured her. They rush her to a nearby nursing home where doctor treats her and informs that she suffered a miscarriage. She breaks down. Savi fumes and determines to punish Kiran. Baji over phone orders constable to file an FIR against Kiran and trace him. He learns that Kiran is enjoying watching his society’s Ramleela. Savi leaves. Baji follows her.

Savi reaches Ramleela and punishes Kiran. Kiran warns to harm her and runs for help. Savi continues to beat him with chairs, plates, etc. Kiran overpowers her and says he told her that men are always superior. Savi imagines herself as goddess and Kiran as asur and has a battle with him. She overpowers him finally and keeping her foot on his chest and trisul on his neck threatens to kill him. Kiran pleads to forgive him. Baji stops Savi and arrests Kiran. Kiran’s mother calls Bhavani.

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