Bitter sweet love starlife update Wednesday 22 May 2024

The Episode starts with Kunal seeing Vandana walking lost on the road. He worries. Bobby also looks on. Kunal says don’t know what happened in one day. They go to Vandana. Kunal asks are you fine. She nods. He asks sure? She says yes, I was coming to office. He asks her to just come along. She goes with them.

Mrunal asks how was the morning. Vaibhav says amazing, Maa hates Vandu now and she is taunting her a lot. Mrunal says I feel bad for Vandu. He says think for ourselves. She says continue this drama, then we will unite.

Kunal and Bobby find Vandu lost. Kunal asks did you work in presentation. She asks which one, so sorry, I forgot, I will make it after going to office. He says its okay, its not that urgent. He thinks she forgot work, it means something bad happened with her.

The car stops. She sees a girl running after balloons. Vandu smiles seeing the girl. She sees a car speeding towards the girl. She runs to save the girl. Kunal shouts Vandana and runs to save her. Bobby runs after Kunal. Vandu saves the girl. Kunal saves Vandu and that girl. The girl cries. They ask the girl is she okay. The girl nods. Vandu says you got saved. Kunal asks are you a fool to jump down the running car, are you mad. The girl says don’t get angry on her, she came to save me, God helped us, we are fine. She thanks Vandu and says sorry.

Vandu says don’t say thanks, promise me, you will pay attention when you walk on the road, give me a hug now. She hugs the girl and asks her name. The girl says Tara. Kunal worries. Vandu and Bobby like her name. Vandu asks where are your parents. Tara says I came here with my Nanny. Vandu says I will drop you to her. She takes Tara.

Nanny scolds Tara. Vandu says you should have taken care of her. Nanny thanks Vandu. Tara says sorry Veena Didi. Vandu says Tara is lovely, I would have given my life for her sake, kids are lovely. She asks Tara to take care. She says I love you and kisses her. Tara hugs her and says I love you too. She gives the bracelet she made. Vandu smiles and also gives her a bracelet. They wear it. Vandu leaves. She comes home. Vijay and everyone smile. Vandu stops at the gate. Kunal signs her to go. Vandu meets her family. Vijay asks are you fine, when things aren’t okay.

Bobby asks why is he saying that. Kunal says I asked her not to marry, she didn’t listen. She says everything is fine. Kunal says she won’t tell us, come. She says I have to go to office now. She goes. A man comes there. Kunal thinks why did Sonia come back. The man says Kunal, it will be a pleasure to meet you, buddy.

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