Destined by fate update Tuesday 11 July 2023

Destined by fate 11 July 2023: Sayuri while returning home in a cab cries recalling Kanha’s love for her and his determination to get her back in his life. Anjali visits Sharmas. Sharmas are shocked to see her at their house and asks why did she come there. Anjali says soon they would be neighbors and would meet often. Pihu confronts her and asks if she is their relative to meet them often. Anjali asks if didn’t learn how to behave with elders and says she is going to marry Kanha soon. They all stand shocked hearing that.

Destined by fate 10 July 2023

Kanha still sitting in temple thinks god’s blessings are on him and he will get back his love. Anjali asks Sharmas why they look shocked, if Sayuri didn’t inform what happened at Kanha’s house. Indu says they don’t wan’t to know and asks her to leave.Anjali says everything is setting right now as she will go to her place and Sayuri will return to her original place. Bhanu warns her to stop her rubbish as Kanha married Sayuir and Sayuri is Kanha’s wife. Anjali says she will break their marriage and marry Kanha.

Sharmas warn her that she has gone mad to think that. Anjali says she will marry Kanha at any cost. Sharmas say Kanha loves Sayuri and will never leave her, Anjali will lose even Kanya’s friendship if she tries to separate them. Anjali holds Rashmi’s hand tightly. Rashmi warns her to leave her hand. Bhanu asks Pihu to call Kanha. Anjali shouts at them to shut up and threatens to kill Sayuri if they ever try to create any problem in her and Kanha’s wedding and if Sayuri tries to interfere.

Sayuri returns and warns Anjali to leave Rashmi. Anjali threatens Sayuri to leave Kanha or else she will repent. She says she and Kanha are marrying and she wants Sayuri to attend her wedding’s each function and even decorate her and Kanha’s room. Sayuri stands silently. Bhanu and Indu say Anjali just knows to bark but not bite.Sayuri runs to her room crying. Kanha returns home without his shoes. His servant asks him where are his shoes. Kanha walks further and imagines Sayuri returning home and dancing romantically with him. She walks in teary eyed. Dhanraj asks Nakul asks if he is fine.

Kanha breaks down saying Sayuri didn’t return home with him and said she doesn’t want to interfere between him and Anjali, she is the reason for Chiru’s death, and Chaudhry family won’t be happy if she stays in their house; someone forcefully put these thoughts in her mind. Dhanraj looks at Saroj.

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