Destined By fate update Friday 23 February 2024

Destined by fate 23 February 2024: Ammu calls back Nakul and thinks why he is not picking her call. Kanha notices a call on Nakul’s phone, thinks Nakul is in bathroom, and disconnects call. Ammu thinks why did Nakul disconnected her call. Sayuri walks to Kanha and asks if everything is okay.

Kanha says Nakul saved them from Chaman’s doubt with a fake call. Sayuri says this film production idea is good. Kanha says they will get back their money, business, and house soon. Sayuri asks if production company documents are ready. Kanha says yes, he lied to Chaman to make it look genuine and will give it to her tomorrow. Sayuri prays god to help Kanha succeed in in his plan. Temple lamp blows off. Sayuri tries to light it back but fails repeatedly due to heavy wind. She finally succeeds and prays god to protect her family from any troubles and let her face trouble instead.

Chaman fumes on Sayuri for her closeness with Kanha and determines to evict her out of Kanha’s life permanently. She then jumps happily after getting an idea and thinks she should finish Sayuri outside the house as Tingu said. Kanha walks to Sayuri while she is busy working and asks her to rest for sometime or else she will collapse. Sayuri says she fine and thinks she will collapse due to mental tension. He dances with her on Mai Koi Aisa Geet Gawoon…song and cheers her up. Chaman gets jealous seeing that. Kanha leaves to get documents.

Sayuri feels uneasy and prays god that nothing unusual happens today. Chaman bumps on her. Sayuri apologizes. Chaman asks her to bring special fruits and flowers from market. Sayuri says she will ask Kanha to bring it. Chaman insists that only she should bring it. Sayuri leaves. Kanha bumps on her and asks where is she going.

Sayuri informs what Chaman ordered and how she was acting weird. Kanha says he will bring fruits and flowers. Sayuri says Chaman insisted that she bring it. Tingu walks to them and requests Sayuri to get some file for him. Sayuri informs him about Chaman’s order. He says he will manage Chaman. Kanha leaves. They both walk in. Chaman asks how did she return so early. Sayuri says Kanha went instead as Tingu needed some file. Tingu asks how does it matter. Chaman panics and says she shouldn’t have sent Kanh. She gets angry on Tingu. Sayuri hopes Kanha returns home safe.

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