Destined by fate starlife update Tuesday 19 December 2023

Destined by fate 19 December 2023: Vikrant accuses Sayuri of cutting CCTV cables, revealing truth to her husband, and sending him to rescue her daughter. He pushes Sayuri away and she falls on a door. She says he is mistaken, she didn’t do anything. He continues to physically harass her. Daadi mausi catches Kanha and Nakul hiding under dining table and enjoying laddus. She calls them out and twists their ears.

Destined by fate 18 December 2023

Nakul says its Kanha plan and he told they should hide and have enjoy without letting Saroj know about it. Kanha says he is lying and asks when did he say that. Nakul hides behind Saroj and says Kanha told 15 years ago. Kanha runs behind Nakul while Saroj enjoys their childish behavior.Nakul plans a costume for their republic day event. Kanha says its not possible at such a short span. Nakul says he will seek Rashmi’s help. Rashmi nods yes and fumes inside fearing all her plan of creating rift between both brothers is failing.

Daadi mausi notices her expression and senses that she is up to something evil, but she will not let Rashmi succeed in her plan. She prays god to keep the brothers always united. Sayuri takes her baby’s oath and says she didn’t inform anything to Kanha. Vikrant apologizes her and says he will punish Kanha and make sure he doesn’t trouble her again. Sayuri th inks a cheap man like Vikrant can stoop to any extent and fears for her baby’s life. She thinks she needs to close the dark room in which Vikrant has hid his wife’s dead body before Vikrant reaches there.

Nakul gets romantic with Rashmi and asks her to stay back in his room tonight. Rashmi says she needs to be with baby. Nakul says let Indu and Bhanu take care of baby tonight and pulls her towards him. Sayuri says she doesn’t want him to set things right like before as she doesn’t want Kanha take over everything again and degrade Nakul in front of everyone again, he shouldn’t lose his self-respect falling for Kanha’s tricks and Nakul assures that nothing of that sort will happen. 5 p.m..

Rashmi continues to brainwash him against Kanha and leaves. She walks to baby’s room and hears Indu and Bhanu discussing that a family where there is no unity shatters, thank god that such thing is not happening in this house. She says they are right, they should get Kanha married and set everything right. She says Vidya is a best match for Kanha and she will invite her for republic day event.

Kanha feels emotional bonding with Mithu and thinks he will adopt similar baby once Sayuri returns home. She prays god to send Sayuri back home soon. Sayuri heads towards dark room thinking Vikrant slept off. She notices Vikrant not in his room and fears that he may see the room door open. Vikrant heads towards rom. Sayuri stops him and starts a romantic discussion with him to divert his attention.

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