Chasing my heart update Wednesday 22 April 2020

Chasing my heart 22 April 2020: Raghav says I think you will be happy with Amit. Naina says oh, you took decision for my life again, you think any man is right for me, am I any animal to give away, you think you are Lord to decide for me, you thought Veer is perfect for me, you manipulated to get me married to him, when that did not happen, you cheated me and married me, when that was not enough, you came with this cheap thinking, you want me to marry Amit, who left me, you think I m charity case, I understood you are acting to get rid of your guilt, I don’t need anyone’s help, I don’t need you, those who claim they understand others, should understand themselves first, you were liar, and now you have become a coward. She throws the papers on him.

Dadi asks Veer do you feel the same, if I behaved strictly with you, it was for your good, I always wanted best for you, I love you a lot, you know it right. Veer says I know, you should get award, you do acting so well, you control everyone saying its good for you, I feel to hell with it, who are you to say what’s right for me, I have right on my money, you decided to make me marry that cheap waitress, what about my decision, who are you. Dadi slaps him. He gets angry and asks is this your love, you slap always, you treat us badly, I doubt that you love us. Dadi gets scared.

Naina cries and starts leaving. Raghav stops her and says I m not coward, I m doing what you want, you wanted divorce. She says I will give you divorce and free you, go to that Sanjana. He asks have you gone mad, Sanjana is marrying my brother. She says you forgot this, you did not forget that Sanjana chose Veer, not you, so you get anger out on others, so you want to give me divorce, answer me. He says I m thinking about you. She says lie, you can’t think for others, you want to throw me out of your life, so that you can move on in life, don’t you? She sits crying.

Dadi cries and says I thought you all respect me, if not love, I was wrong, you all think so bad about me, today I m freeing all of you, from today, no one will keep relations with Mehra family name, you will get freedom from Mehra name, fame and money, I thought we are tied by blood relations, its strange, blood relations cheated me and my Raghav, who is not my family, he supported me like a son. Sudha asks why are you getting that servant in this conversation. Dadi says he is an angel, he is not servant, he is new owner of Mehra empire, I named all my property to his name. They all get shocked. Balraj asks what nonsense, what do you want. Dadi says I already did it, you all are free now, happy independence day.

Naina says Raghav, what will you get hurting me, I know you don’t love me, do you think I don’t deserve love. Raghav says no Naina, infact I feel someone will love you a lot, when you will leave from courtroom, alone and free, someone will see you, who will feel our separation pain and become relief, happiness will be there in your life, I m giving you chance to life life your way, you deserve it. She says I deserve you. He gets shocked.

Naina says I deserve…., you don’t know what I deserve, I deserve respect in this relation, a life partner who gives me my right to choose my choices, who gives me equality. She thinks I wish I could tell you that I deserve you, I wish I could get you, but truth won’t change. Raghav thinks I felt she said she deserves me. Kal ho na ho…..plays………..

She gets the papers and says if you think this is result of our relation, fine we will sign on divorce papers and end relation forever. Tere naam….plays…… Balraj says we have blood relation, you forgot blood is thicker than water. Dadi asks him to return the will. Balraj burns the will papers. They smile. Dadi worries and calls Raghav.

Raghav answers. Dadi asks Raghav to come fast. Raghav asks what happened Dadi. Sudha and Pam catch Dadi and phone falls. Balraj says be careful, else police will doubt. Dadi faints. Raghav tells Naina to come fast, we should go home, I don’t feel right. They rush home. Sudha acts and asks Dadi to wake up, its Veer’s marriage. Naina asks Dadi to get up. Raghav asks what happened suddenly. Balraj says we did not know this will happen.

Raghav and Naina cry and hug Dadi. They rush to call doctor. Balraj stops him and asks where are you going. Raghav says I m going to call doctor, Dadi will get fine. Balraj asks are you trying to cover up old guilt, what do you want to show. Raghav asks what. Pam says Dadi is in coma because of you both, Naina is the reason of all this. Sudha says Dadi had to bear all this, she has golden heart, because of both of you, Naina tries to blame us again, she took Dadi to clinic, we don’t know what happened there, Naina said Sanjana is not pregnant, she is just acting, Dadi believed Naina and did not feel to ask us, today she is in coma.

Raghav says Naina can never do this. Naina looks at Raghav. Balraj says pack your bags and leave, no need to come office, you are fired. Sudha and Pam insult them. Pam gets a broomstick and asks them to take the last tip as per their status. She throws it at Raghav. Naina catches it and looks on angrily.

Naina catches the broomstick. She says you all insulted my husband, made me leave home and blamed him, and threw this on him to show his status. She touches broomstick to forehead, and says you may not know this is regarded Laxmi Maa in India, you insulted Devi Maa, I promise till we have Laxmi Maa and Dadi’s blessings, Raghav and I will start our life afresh and show. Tere naam…..plays…… Raghav and Naina cry.

Raghav goes to Balraj. He says I don’t need your money, keep it yourself, but I will get what’s mine. He goes. Raghav and Naina come to Dadi and cry. He holds Dadi’s feet. He apologizes to Dadi for leaving without her permission. He says I did not have anything when I came here, but I m taking your and Dada ji’s love again, it will give me strength to live, I want your blessings.

Naina holds Dadi’s feet and cries. Tenu yaad karaan…..plays……… Raghav and Naina leave. They pack their bags. Naina gets Raghav and Dadi’s pic. Raghav says whatever happened today, you supported me, thanks I really appreciate, truth is we are made to leave home, I have no place to go, I don’t want you to come on road along me. Rajeev comes there. Rajeev says how can you say this when I m here, I have seen you both at courtroom, I was shocked hearing you guys are taking divorce, I came to explain you are doing wrong, think again, but what did I hear coming here that Mehras made you leave home, its good, you will get own space to reconsider decision, Naina forgive me, you get your bags, you both will stay with me at my house, go. Naina goes.

Rajeev says Raghav you supported Mehras and they did this, I will support you, I know how to teach them a lesson, I know some people who will give us big amount to reveal their business secrets, shall we shake hands for this deal. Raghav shakes hand angrily. Rajeev says what are you doing. Raghav says you were unqualified and got job in Mehras company, you did theft and got saved, even after filing case on Dadi, it was because you are Naina’s brother, don’t think you have free passes, its better if you let Naina stay at your home. Naina comes. Raghav says I decided you will stay at Rajeev’s house. Naina says I can take my decision, I did not sign divorce papers, I m still your life, I m your family, I will come along with you. She apologizes to Rajeev. Rajeev goes.

Raghav asks what’s your problem, I know you can take decision on own, but we have no place, I m going to sleep in my car at night. She asks what’s the problem, why can’t I sit in car along you, get the bags. She goes. He looks on.

Raghav and Naina sit in the car. She looks for her night cream. He says I wish you listened to me. She says on the heater please. He says if you agreed to me, you would be sleeping comfortable at Rajeev’s house. She asks am I complaining. He says you are not sitting quiet. She asks how many times will you taunt. She looks for her jacket. She feels cold. She gets her jacket from back seat and says sorry, I have to wear jacket, its so cold. Her hand hurts his eye. He says will you hurt my eye. She says sorry. He says I m time passing, I like to rub my eye. She asks him to show his eye. He asks what are you going to do now. She blows in his eye. He recalls old moment. Tere naam…..plays………. They have an eyelock.

Cop comes there and sees them. He knocks on the window. They get shocked. Raghav lowers the window glass. He says we were just going. Cops asks what’s inside these bags, get out. Raghav says actually…. Naina says why is Raghav answering this way, we will have to spend night at jail. She gets down the car and shows her bag to officer. She says this is our life, see this. She shows clothes in the bag. She says we love each other, this is my idea to run away from home, so that we can love each other till we die, we eloped from home, I got emotional, you know what GF and BF do. Cop says wow, sorry to interrupt you, carry on, have a good time. Naina thanks him. Officer says please be safe, all the best and hands over contraceptives to Raghav.

Raghav asks Naina why did she say this story to cop. She says if you said true thing, would he listen to me. He teases her and asks shall we do it, and make Cop’s saying true. She says sit in car quietly.

Pam and Sudha drink wine. Sudha says its not so bad that Sanjana is becoming my bahu, Raghav and Naina left and Dadi went in coma, how lucky can we get, its better to keep marriage low key, else people will think we don’t love Dadi. Pam agrees. Veer comes and says who said this marriage is going to happen. Sudha asks what nonsense. He says I was doing marriage to come back home, now Dadi is in coma, why will I marry.

Pam asks what does he mean. Veer asks what does Sanjana want to do. Pam asks what’s problem with Sanjana. Sudha asks what’s happening. Veer says Dadi’s doctor called me to congratulate for marriage and told me that Sanjana can’t give birth to babies. Sudha gets shocked and asks Pam is this true. Veer says yes, and Sanjana is doing nothing for treatment. Sanjana says that’s true, I don’t want children.

Sudha asks Pam when were you planning to tell me, Veer will not fulfill his promise now. Pam says you can’t get away from all this, don’t forget Balraj manages business. Sudha says from now, Veer will manage business. Raghav goes to office. The man says your account has just 300 euros. Raghav thinks how will we survive in less money. A lawyer meets him and asks what’s the matter, I heard you left home. Raghav says I was thinking to get money and take house on rent. The man says don’t you know about Dadi’s will, it will be read today, you should be there.

lawyer reads Dadi’s will in front of Mehra family. He reads Dadi’s will is to distribute everything to all family members equally, I want to give outhouse to Raghav Mehra, but my will will be distributed to my family members when Raghav accepts my gift. Sudha says it means till Raghav accepts outhouse, we will not get anything.

Naina says what’s wrong. Raghav says why willi go back there. Naina says for Dadi’s sake, Dadi needs us, if we stay there, we can take care of Dadi, if anything happens to her. He stops her from saying. She says please come back and sign on those papers. He nods.

Sudha and Pam argue for petty things. Veer says leave it, I want new diamond watch, I have to look good. Balraj says stop it, Raghav did not read document and signed without reading, we got all property, if he read, he could have asked for big amount. Sudha says Raghav does not use to take advantage of any situation for his motives. Naina comes and says you said right. She sees Dadi. She scolds Sudha and everyone for using people for their greed. She says you can’t understand Raghav, I will keep coming here to see if you are taking care of Dadi. Pam insults her. Naina says its last time you are saying this to my husband. Pam asks will he get equal to us. Naina says please, he is higher than you. Pam asks how, will he launch himself from outhouse. They laugh.

Pam says you both spent the night in car yesterday. Sudha says be thankful to have roof over head. Naina says give me one month, I will make Raghav stand equal to you, this is my challenge. Sudha blesses her. They argue with Naina. Sudha says I can’t wait, I want to see how a servant matches to master’s level in one month, wish you all the worst. Naina goes. Sudha says we should help them. Pam likes the idea.

Raghav talks to someone and says this is my invention, it will bring big change in household cleaning, I have the patent also, thanks, I will meet you tomorrow with presentation. Naina comes and sees Raghav hiding a box. She asks what are you hiding. He says nothing, I was cleaning sofa. She cleans the kitchen and cooks food. She asks him to go and freshen up. He goes. She checks that box and gets some machine. He comes back and asks her what are you doing, don’t to become spy. She asks why did you hide. She gets scared by power failure and falls on him. They have an eyelock. Tere naam……plays….. He asks were you spying. She says I will spy till you stop hiding things. They go out and see light in Mehra mansion. Raghav says we will see. Veer says I have cut the electricity, now no heater, lets see how Raghav and Naina bear the cold. Sudha says let the torture begin.

Raghav checks fuse box. Naina shouts careful. He says you check then, its fine here. She asks who has cut this wire. He says it may have got loose, it won’t be cut, give me tool box. He fixes the power issue. Power comes. They go back to outhouse. Naina asks Raghav what’s this. He says its electronic mob, its my life’s work, its very efficient, it has self cleaning feature and has low maintenance, it can get charged by solar energy too, I made it, I m going tomorrow to give presentation, I did not wish to higher your hopes, so I did not tell you. She says my hopes got higher, as all women will get this gift soon, can you give me a demo. He says of course.

Raghav gives her demo. He switches on the power and gets electric shock. She thinks someone damages the plug points too. Raghav falls down and flour box falls on him. She switches off the switch. She makes him smell the slipper. He gets conscious and asks why are you making me smell slipper. She laughs. He says I was going to die, you are laughing. She says your hair became like porcupine. He goes and sees himself in mirror. He says look at my hair, how will I go for presentation this way. She says relax, freshen up, I will clean the room with your super awesome mob. He makes an upset face. She asks did you give the mob any name, I will call it genie. He says I wish you also get shock so that I get entertained. She throws cushion on him. He says girls’ aim is never right and laughs. He goes. She cleans the room.

She asks why did you wear grey shirt. He jokes. She says remove it and spoils. She says you should look a winner, grey color shows you are desperate for that job. She throws the grey shirt and gets a red color shirt. She says red color signifies confidence, you will feel confident and look hero. She makes him wear it. He says I feel confident now and gets close to her. He asks her to give her yellow dupatta which would match well with it. She smiles and goes. He says this hair are not getting set. She asks what happened. She makes him sit. She pulls iron table. He asks what are you doing. She says I m setting your hair. He asks what? She asks for towel.

She asks him to sit. He refuses. She asks will you go this way as porcupine, I used to set everyone’s hair in college this way. He says you are going to burn my hair because I gave you divorce papers. She says no, bald head will be small punishment for divorce papers, sit quiet now. She sets his hair. She does his tilak and says your presentation will go well. He thanks her. She gets curd and says curd should be eaten before doing good work, its a good shagun. He forwards hand. She feeds him curd. Kal ho na ho…….plays….. She says your hands would have got spoiled. He says of course, I will go and come. She wishes him all the best. He leaves.


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