Blue venom girl Update Tuesday 15 February 2022

Blue venom girl 15 February 2022: The episode starts with Kumkum thinking didi/Nandita is thinking something which she does not want to discuss. She takes water mug to Nandita’s room and asks when she has water mug already, why did she ask water then. Nandita says she is not a criminal that she is questioning her. Kumkum says Kalpana and Apu have done black magic on Malay and controlling him. Nandita reminisces her goons acting as hypnotized and attacking her. Kumkum says she will go and reject alliance, they will convince Malay later. Nandita thinks Kumkum will ruin her plan and stops Kumkum. Kumkum leaves making weird faces, as usual.

Dida sees Kalpana sitting on a rocking chair and singing song and says she is looking happy after many years. Kalpana says Apu has started taking revenge from Mittals. Dida says she is risking 2 lovers’ lives and 1 of them is their Apu. Kalpana says Mittals destroyed them and they need punishment. Nandita made didi bhai a living dead body. Dida says this is wrong. Apu enters and says punishing them is not wrong. She will make Nandita suffer like her mother is suffering. Kalpana gets emotional hearing this.Nandita calls Kumkum and asks he to take Malay for marriage shopping and take Abhi also. She can take her credit card. Kumkum thinks Nandita is up to something now. She gets into car with Malay and says she will shop a lot with Nandita’s credit card, then says they will.

Nandita comes to Kalpana’s home and helps her in household chores. Kalpana gets tensed that Nandita is up to something now. Nandita says she came to take Apu out for shopping. Apu comes down and asks who is going for shopping. Nandita says she is taking her for shopping. Kalpana says they have parlor appointment today. Apu says they will go to parlor tomorrow and walks away with Nandita. Nandita heads towards home instead. Kalpana gets tensed that Nandita took Apu home instead of market, she does not know what she is up to.

Nandita takes Apu to her home and says shopping mall comes to Mittal’s home instead. She forcefully gives her lemon juice. Apu drinks juice and falls unconscious. Nandita calls pandit and asks him to examine girl as she was locked in room for many years. Pandit starts doing tantra on Apu and asks who is she. Malay comes cback and is shocked to see Apu unconscious and asks what happened to her. Apu wakes up and angrily looks at Nandita. Malay coming home and seeing Apu unconscious on bed and pandit shouting who is she. He asks what happened to Apu and who is he.. Nandita gets tensed. Apu wakes up and says she is fine. Nandit stammers that Apu fell unconscious and pandit was trying to wake her up. Apu says Nandita her plan failed today. Malay says he will drop her home and walks with her. Nandita fumes.

Apu reaches home with Malay. Kalpana asks if she is fine. Apu says yes and Kalpana thanks Malay and sends him. Apu says Nandita tried to hypnotize her and extract information from her, but she does not know a simple sleeping pill will not work on vishkanya. She will destroy Mittal family soon. Kalpana says Nandita is irked now and will try to break this alliance. Apu says she knows and let her do what she can. Nandita’s brother Vishal comes to Kolkota and gets out of taxi. Kalpana walks with painter and clashes with him by mistake. She identifies as the one who tried to killed didi bhai and Harsh and hides her face. Vishal ignores her and leaves. Kalpana follows him to Mittal house to check why he came here. Vishal meets Malay who does not identify him. He says he is his mama/uncle. Malay happily touches his feet. Vishal then silently murmurs in front of Harsh if he is still alive. Rasik and Kumkum come. He flirts with Kumkum and gives sweets to Rashik. Rasik enjoys sweet and says he came on right time, Malay’s marriage is on the way.

Vishal says he was not informed at all, now he will go only after Malay’s marriage.Kalpana informs Apu and didi bhai that the culprit Vishal who tried to crush didi bhai with car is here and has seen her before with Harsh and will ruin their plan, so she has to kill him. Apu says her 20-year-old suffering is over now, now Vishal will die before telling Nandita who they are. Apu tells Kalpana that Malay is coming to pick her up for shopping. Malay comes with Vishal. Kalpana starts coughing and hides her face. Malay introduces Apu to Vishal and Apu touches his feet. Dida and Tapur enter. Malay introduces even then. Vishal wishes them and looking at Kalpana thinks he has seen her before. Dida says Kalpana they are going for shopping if she will accompany them. Kalpana says no. Vishal tries to walk towards her, but Apu takes him out. Malay then takes Apu in car. Apu looks tensed. Malay asks what happened. She says nothing. He starts chatting while driving and car stops. He goes to get mechanic. Apu reminisces Kalpana telling about Vishal and she promising Kalpana to kill Vishal. She reminisces mixing something in petrol tank to stop car.

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