A Lockdown love update Monday 14 February 2022

A Lockdown love 14 February 2022: In Prayagraj, a few youth dance while the other guy places a hoarding and tells that they are welcome bhabhi ji. One of them asks who is coming? They tell that like Dhruv bhaiyya special, his bride is also special and coming from Mumbai. A big house is shown, Dhruv’s brother tells that he is very tired and needs to rest. His father Shashikant asks him to clean the cotton mattress. He tells that he has to get ready as Goel family is about to come. He calls his daughter Sneha and asks about pre-wedding shoot of her bhabhi. Sneha tells that shoot location is ready, she has selected best locations from Sangam to Khusrubagh. Shashikant gets happy and asks his son to do the work.

They hear mixer grinder sound. Dhruv’s brother informs him that Maa is calling. Shashikant tells that your Maa must be angry. Dhruv’s mother Nutan is upset with the thought of Pre-wedding photo shoot and asks if the bahu comes to her sasural before marriage. Her eldest bahu/Ankita tells that these type of things happen now a days. Nutan says your bau ji would have gone to Airport, but I have stopped him. She says everything is fixed in just 15 days on phone and asks if marriage is finalized in such a short span of time. Shashikant comes and asks what happened to his Zohra Jabeen? Ankita smirks hearing that. He tells that he has handled the mattress problem. Nutan gets upset with him for making the arrangements as if Sita is coming from Janakpuri. Shashikant says girl is coming from far. Nutan tells that the girl should have been from Prayagraj, like Ankita.

Sneha walks in to get cucumber for Dhruv. Maa and Ankita gets surprised. Sneha gives cucumber to Dhruv and tells that she didn’t know that he will get so much ready for bhabhi. Shashikant asks why did you smear dirt on your face? Dhruv says it is face pack, Sonam told that he will sparkle after washing his face. Nutan tells that she feels that he is more beautiful than the girl and that’s why she wants to ruin his face. He gets message alert and tells that flight is landed. He says we both are yours maa.

Ankita scolds her husband politely for not doing her work. They all get ready and wait for Dhruv to come. Dhruv comes down to the hall and touches his mother’s feet. He takes their blessings. He holds his mother’s hands and asks her to bless him that he will be just one for her. Nutan is about to bless him when someone comes shouting Dhruv’s name and asks him to come. They all go out and see Sonam beating the cab driver for demanding extra fare. They all watch in shock as she beats the cab driver. Dhruv tells that she is our Sonam, I mean your bahu. Sonam hits the cab driver with stone, but he moves and the stone damages his car’s mirror. Dhruv stops her. Sonam tells that her anger went seeing him and tells that she missed him so much. She hugs him. He stops her and says not here.

Dhruv greets Sonam’s parents and siblings. He asks them to come. Shashikant asks Nutan to keep her anger in control. Cab driver thinks to teach her a lesson and is about to hit her with the broken car mirror. Dhruv stops him. Sonam tells that he demanded kiss to decrease the fare. Dhruv gets angry and twists his hand. He pays him money for the broken mirror and warns him not to come there again. Sonam tells that she is seeing his anger for the first time. He asks why didn’t you wear Salwar Kurta with dupatta? He asks her to keep this in mind next time.Shashikant asks Ankita to do aarti. Mr. Goel tells that he is not the God whom he will worship. Shashikant tells that guests are like God for him. Ankita does their aarti and applies tilak. Dhruv introduces Sonam to his parents. Shashikant whispers to Nutan to give blessings to Sonam when she touches her feet. Sonam says hi to everyone and hugs Sneha, shocking them. Shashikant signs Dhruv. Dhruv signs Sonam to touch their feet, but she holds Nutan’s hand and tells that she is very happy to meet her. Nutan gets upset with her and goes inside.

Shashikant tells that she went to arrange the breakfast and calls them inside. They all have water and snacks. Sonam goes with Sneha to know about the photoshoot location. Mr. Goel asks Shashikant if it is okay to send children to location alone as he faced a goon as soon as they entered here, which doesn’t happen in Mumbai. Shashikant assures him not to take any tension. Dhruv’s friend says he heard real tension corona virus is in Mumbai which is troubling everyone. Sonam’s mother says Modiji is trying to control virus and will address citizens tonight. Mr. Geol says he heard something breaking. Dhruv’s elder brother says maa is calling Bauji. Shashikant walks towards the kitchen.Sonam and Senha are busying chatting when Dhruv walks into his room and tells Sneha that maa is calling her. She leaves. Sonam hugs her excitedly. He nervously says this doesn’t happen here. She closes door. He says maa is upset now. Nutan fumes at Shasikant that he is allowing unsanskari bahu in her home, which she really didn’t like. Shasikant asks her not to exacerbate the issue and walks out. Dhruv asks Sonam why didn’t she touch his parent’s feet like he did, he even sent her voice message. Sonam says she didn’t get any message, she doesn’t touch her parent’s feet, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t respect them.

Dhruv says she cannot behave here like in Mumbai. Sonam says she can understand seeing him. Shasikant calls him and he leaves nervously.After some time, Sonam gets ready for photo shoot. Sneha happy hugs her and takes her out. Sonam is surprised to see flower carpet in front of her and asks what is this. Sneha asks her to keep walking and running down records her descending stairs. Nutan gets angry seeing Sonam’s modern dress and murmurs what kind of fashion is this. Sonam gets more emotional seeing heart shaped flower decoration in hall and asks where is Dhruv, she means Dhruvji. Dhruv walks in. Woh Rang Bhi Kya Rang They…song… plays in the background. He pulls rope and showers flowers on her. She enjoys it. He walks to her while videographer records video. Dhruv walks to her and she tries to hug him, but stops seeing Nutan. Nutan continues fuming. Sonam thanks Dhruv for showing her this moment and apologizes for the morning issue. Dhruv says its okay, she came to his house for the first time and they fought; his family is different than hers, but she will love them and they will also love her. Shasikant calls bahuriya. Sneha informs Sonam that bauji is calling her, bahuriya means bahu. Sashikant gifts her ramayan. Mr. Goel comments Sashikant escaped with cheap gift. Sonam says she will definitely read Ramayan and asks Shasikant if she can calling him papa/pa.

Shasikant says this is perfect, even Mumbai’s biggest pa is from Prayagraj. Mr. Goel asks who. Shasikant says Amitabh Bachan ji, doesn’t he watch movie. Sonam touches Shasikant’s feet and then Nutan’s saying she didn’t know culture, but she will follow from hereon. Nutan gifts her 10 silver coins, she excitedly hugs her. Mr. Goel says they will move to hotel after prewedding shoot. Shasikant says he has prepared rooms for them. He sees Modiji in TV and asks to increase volume. Modiji announces 21 day lockdown, leaving everyone shocked.Dhruv and Sonam’s family watch Modiji’s 21-day lockdown announcement from 12 midnight tonight and stand tensed. Sonam asks if her prewedding and wedding shoot and rituals in whole Prayagraj will not happen? She starts crying. Dhruv and whole family rush to her. Her mother Sumitra says this is just a lockdown, she need not worry. Her friend also consoles her. Nutan tells Sashikant that this duty will be theirs soon. Sashikant says Sonam is tensed. Dhruv tries to cheer up Sonam. Sonam says all her relatives and friends have booked their tickets from US and she is dieting since 2 months to fit in her favorite designer lehanga, how will Dhruv know her feelings as he never diets. She stands up and shows her waist. Dhruv and his family feel shy noticing it. Nutan taunts Sashikant again. Sashikant tries to cheer her up next. Sonam says her lehanga was pink, what if someone copies her design; how would Nutan maaji feel if her wedding is stuck in this kind of situation.

Nutan comments in her days, this wouldn’t have been such a big issue and they used to respect elders. Dhruv asks Sonam to stop now as lakhs of people marry in our country and even their wedding is stuck, like them even we will do something. She says her wedding is very important to her and walks away crying. Dhruv stands fuming. Dhruv’s brother pours water on Dhruv’s head and says there was no need to react like this, he should go and console Sonam now. Dhruv walks towards Sonam’s room. Sashikant asks Pratham to go and rest with his family and takes Nutan to their room to chat.Sashikant takes Nutan to their room and says they should let Sonam’s parents stay in their room. Nutan says what is the need for that, anyways Sonam and Dhruv have fought, if Sonam’s family starts traveling now they will reach Mumbai by evening. Sashikant scolds her and says they should respect son’s in-laws, so he and servant Batasa will sleep outside while Nutan can sleep in servant’s room. Nutan shouts why should she sleep in servant’s room. Sashikant says she has to do it for her son. She picks jewelry and says all her jewelry is in this room, he didn’t even fix strong locks. Sashikant says Pratham’s one month’s salary is more than her total’s jewelry’s cost, so she should trust people. On the other side, Pratham also throws tantrums and says let us cancel this wedding and return to Mumbai. Sumitra warns that nothing of that sort will happen. Daughter also backs Pratham and says this family is too downgrade for Sonam. Sumitra scolds even her.

Sonam in her room chats with her friend and says she is designing her wedding lehanga since she became designer and its very important to her. Dhruv walks in calling his friends and ordering them to search all designer lehanga shops in whole Prayagraj and bring the best lehangas and lock the one Sonam likes and not let the design copied till wedding finishes. He then walks to Sonam and consoling her apologizes her. She calms down. Nutan calls everyone for lunch.

Both families gather at dining table. Ankita serves food to everyone. Sonam says she will serve, Ankita can sit. Sashikant asks Sonam and Ankita to join them and enjoy Nutan’s prepared matar paneer which is world’s best and stars praising Nutan. Nutan feels shy. Sonam asks Ankita again to go and sit with her husband. Nutan says in their culture, wives have food only after husbands. Sashikant says she is right. Sonam asks why is that so, having food together will increase their love for each other. Sashikant says she is right and insists Nutan to sit with him and Ankita/Sonam to sit with their life partners.

After dinner, Pratham and Sumitra occupy Sashikant and Nutan’s room. Sumitra tries to switch on AC. Pratham says it will not work like this family, so its better to cancel this wedding for their daughter’s betterment. Sumitra warns him that she will not cancel this wedding as there is lots of love between Dhruv’s family which their family lacks.

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