It’s not easy to love Zee world: Full story, Plot summary, teasers

It’s not Easy to Love Zee world is a family rich drama about Mithai and her dealings with the Modak and their son Siddhartha. It isn’t a smooth journey when they initially got married, however love blossoms as the series progresses…

It’s not Easy to Love starts 5th January 2023 by 10pm WAT on zee world. 

It’s not Easy to Love Zee world full story.

Mithai is a cheerful sweetseller. She travels to Modak family to sell sweets and over time, makes bond with them like a family member. One day Mithai escapes to Monohora from her wedding with an unworthy lad named Lokai,  Dadu decides to get her married to Siddhartha.

However,  he refuses to marry Mithai because he doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage as his parents had an unhappy marriage which he saw in his childhood.

Dadu decides to get Mithai married to Som who backs out on the wedding day. Therefore, Sid has to marry Mithai to save Dadai’s honour, but Mithai’s marital life is disturbed by Sid’s indifference and Torsha’s interference.

The story also shows a lot of characters present in Monohora with their personal love life including Ratul, Rajib, Sreetama, Sreenipa, Rudra, Sreenanda, Sandip, Basundhara. Eventually, Sid accepts Mithai as his wife and to take revenge from Mithai, Torsha marries Som and enters Modak house. Gradually, love blossoms between Sid and Mithai and the other couples also. This culturally rich story revolves around traditional Bengali sweets, love and family bonding amidst joys and sorrows.

It’s not Easy to Love full casts 

  • Debattama Saha as Mithai Siddharth Choubey (nee Gosain) – A sweet seller from Jatipura; Indu’s daughter; Siddharth’s wife.

  • Aashish Bharadwaj as Siddharth Choubey – A software engineer; Girish and Arti’s son; Shubham and Keerti’s brother; Kavita, Shaurya and Karishma’s cousin; Mithai’s husband.
  • Yatindra Chaturvedi as Hari Mohan Choubey – Chandrakanta’s husband; Girish, Abhishek and Geetika’s father; Kavita, Shubham, Siddharth, Shaurya, Keerti and Karishma’s grandfather
  • Shaili Shukla as Chandrakanta Choubey – Hari’s wife; Girish, Abhishek and Geetika’s mother; Kavita, Shubham, Siddharth, Shaurya, Keerti and Karishma’s grandmother
  • Saurabh Agrawal as Girish Choubey – Hari and Chandrakanta’s elder son; Abhishek and Geetika’s brother; Arti’s widower; Shubham, Siddharth and Keerti’s father
  • Ajit Jha as Abhishek Choubey – Hari and Chandrakanta’s younger son; Girish and Geetika’s brother; Aabha’s husband; Shaurya and Karishma’s father.
  • Pooja Dikshit as Aabha Choubey – Abhishek’s wife; Shaurya and Karishma’s mother.
  • Nidhi Mathur as Geetika Choubey Pathak – Hari and Chandrakanta’s daughter; Girish and Abhishek’s sister; Pramod’s wife; Kavita’s mother.
  • Darpan Srivastava as Pramod Pathak – Geetika’s husband; Kavita’s father.
  • Subha Saxena as Kavita Pathak – Geetika and Pramod’s daughter; Shubham, Siddharth, Shaurya, Keerti and Karishma’s cousin; Rajiv’s wife.
  • Priom Gujjar as Rajiv – Rohan’s brother; Kavita’s husband
  • Kervi Udani as Keerti Choubey – Girish and Arti’s daughter; Shubham and Siddharth’s sister; Kavita, Shaurya and Karishma’s cousin; Rohan’s wife
  • Nikhilesh Rathore as Shubham Choubey – Girish and Arti’s eldest son; Siddharth and Keerti’s brother; Kavita, Shaurya and Karishma’s cousin.
  • Abhishek Mishra as Shaurya Choubey – Abhishek and Aabha’s son; Karishma’s brother; Kavita, Shubham, Siddharth and Keerti’s cousin.
  • Nisha Jha as Karishma Choubey – Abhishek and Aabha’s daughter; Shaurya’s sister; Kavita, Shubham, Siddharth and Keerti’s cousin; Rohan’s ex-love interest.
  • Arjun Singh Shekhawat as Rohan – Rajiv’s brother; Karishma’s love interest; Keerti’s huaband
  • Sumit Singh as Apeksha Sharma – Deepti’s daughter; Siddharth’s obsessive one-sided lover who wanted to marry him
  • Amita Choksi as Indu Gosain – Mithai’s mother; Arti’s close friend
  • Narasimhaa Yogi as Bhoora – Mithai’s obsessive lover


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