Blue venom girl update Wednesday 16 February 2022

Blue venom girl 16 February 2022: episode starts with Kumkum angrily telling Rasik that she does not like Vishal staring at her. He taunts that at least someone is staring her at this age. He sees Vishal walking into bhooth badi/Kalpana’s house and shouts why is he going here. Kumkum stops him and says let him trouble Kalpana’s family. Vishal enters booth badi and is shocked to see Kalpana there. He thinks what is Nandita’s sautan’s sister doing here. Kalpana enters secret chamber to feed Didi bhai and he follows her there. Kalpana gets tensed seeing him. He laughs that she entered Nandita’s life to destroy her as she does not know she is her sautan’s sister, now he will inform his didi/nandita everything.

Apu enters and says he can surely go and tell anyone he likes. Kalpana says she is Harsh’s second wife and not her did bhai. Harsh betrayed her and did not tell that he was already married. Because of Vishal’s mistake, her family is suffering since 20 years. Vishal gets afraid. Apu says now she will punish him for all his sins.Vishal pleads to spare him. Kalpana and Apu laugh and say they are kind hearted and are letting him try his best to escape. Vishal tries to run up. Apu catches him. He bites her. She smiles. Kumkum cleans house yelling that unwanted guest drop in without information. Nandita comes and asks who has come. Kumkum says her cousin Vishal. Nandita thinks why he came after so many years and says it is good he came, he can attend Malay’s marriage. Kumkum says he went to Kalpana’s house. Kalpana and Apu laugh at Vishal. Apu removes her neem/tulsi bead necklace and her whole body turns blue. Her wound also heals instantly. Vishal shouts this cannot happen and beats himself.

Malay brings mechanic to repair his car and does not find Apu there. He calls her number, but it is unreachable. Vishal asks Apu who is she. Apu says she is vishkanya. Vishal gets more afraid. Kalpana says she can lose anything to see fear in his eyes. His body turns blue and lips swell up. he asks what is happening to him. Kalpana reminisces Vishal crashing Didi bhai under his car. Vishal opens door and escapes from Kalpana’s house. Apu follows him. He runs seeing her pleading to spare him. She reminisces Kalpana’s words that Vishal tried to kill Didi bhai and is roaming freely. She says she will not forgive him. Kalpana also comes. He runs with great difficulty. Apu catches him. Door bell rings and Nandita with Kumkum knocks door. Kalpana gets tensed thinking what is she doing here. She gives Apu’s neem tulsi beed. Vishal tries to run towards door and shout, but cannot. Apu asks Vishal if he will not greet his sister. She says people love their life, but don’t care about other’s lives.

Malay calls Abhi and tells his car broke down and when he went to bring mechanic, Apu got missing. He asks Abhi to go and check at Apu’s house. Kumkum comments what Kalpana is doing that she is not opening door. Kalpana opens door and says she was busy in kitchen. Nandita asks where is Vishal, he came here. Kalpana says he had come and went already. Malay had brought him and took back, he is very cheerful. Apu pins Malay inside room and asks how will he go and informm Nandita. She asks if he knows who viskanya is, she is full of poison. He bit her and her poison went into his body, now it will spread in his whole body and slowly he will reach is end. He has only 2 ways, either to tell truth to his jiji/sister or escape from backdoor. He runs from backdoor. She says good choice mamaji.

Nandita asks Kalpana why did not Vishal return home yet. Kalpana says she insisted him to have lunch, but he did not stop. Abhi comes and asks where is Apu. Kalpana says she went to temple with Malay. He says she is missing. Kalpana acts as getting worried and says she will call Malay. Nandita calls Vishal and sayshe is not picking call. Kalpana calls Malay and if he checked temple, Apu must have gone to temple. He says he will check. Nandita asks what is happening, both Vishal and Apu are missing. Malay walks towards temple calling Apu. Vishal runs in jungle and finds Malay’s car. He falls down near car and breaks his hand. Apu looks silently. Malay calls Apu loudly. Vishal tries to speak, but cannot. Apu gets worried, what if Malay sees Vishal. Malay leaves in car.

Vishal smears blood on car’s tyre. Vishal throws stone. Malay stops car and reverses his car. Apu gets worried.Nandita goes back home and tells Kumkum and Rasik that Vishal never ignored her call. Kumkum says booth badi is very dangerous. Rasik says Vishal is moody and must have left in train somewhere. Nandita says he cannotgo as she called him. Kalpana comes and asks if they got news of Apu. Kumkum says Abhi went to find out.Apu reaches Malay before Vishal. Malay asks if she is fine. She says 2 goons tried to trouble her and she ran into jungle. She threw stone on his car to stop him, goons are still searching her. He angrily asks where did goons go. She shows opposite direction. He asks her to sit in car, he will show goons what mistake they did. He runs into opposite direction. Apu looks at Vishal.Abhi comes back and says Malay called and informed that Apu is found. Nandita asks what about Vishal. Abhi says no. Nandita says she will inform police. Rasik says they shouldwait. Kalpana saysRsaik is telling right, they should wait. Nandita gets message. Kalpana asks whose message is it. Kumkum asks why she wants to know. Kalpana says they are going to be related. She reads Vishal’s message that he is leaving due to emergency and will meet again if life permits. Apu tells Vishal she told him to escape, but he did not, he does not care about his life.

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