Happy Hearts update Tuesday 15 February 2022

Happy Hearts 15 February 2022: The Episode starts with everyone missing Chintu. Happy and Bappi come home. Rocky says you got property papers. Happy says I have to tell you something, we both will fulfill Chintu’s dream, I m not returning the property share, we will together fulfill his dream project. He says you hold 50 % shares, you told me you will sign papers, why are you refusing, I don’t get you, you can’t do this. Biji scolds Happy. Happy says don’t get me wrong, I told Rocky and I will complete the project, I want to help you. Rocky says we don’t want your help, don’t create more issues, fulfill your promise and take care of your family, let me do the same.

She says I also lost a lot, Chintu wanted me to help him in his hotel project, did you forget that video. He says stop it, Chintu is my brother, you were married to him for one day, you are claiming right. Bappi says legally she is right, you have to agree. Sandhya asks Smiley to come home with her. Smiley says Happy went there to get insulted again. Biji and Madhu insult Happy once again and ask her to leave. Happy recalls Sandhya’s words that she has to be prepared to face taunts. She wants to put up with their anger. She says Bappi will tell Rocky how this partnership will work, Rocky has to keep me involved in this project, and vice versa. She says let go of this anger, we will work together. Rocky says I haven’t changed, don’t provoke me. She says I have done it now. Biji calls her greedy. Happy says I just want to help you, knowing the loans, I will do my best, mum didn’t wish me to come here. He asks why did you come, who are you to manage a hotel. She asks did you manage hotel. He says give the share and leave.

Kulwant comes and says you don’t have any share, Happy and I hold equal shares. He takes Happy for a talk. Biji says sh will ruin us. Rocky says my family doesn’t trust me, I thought I did wrong with Happy and now I feel I was right about her. Smiley angrily bursts anger on Sandhya and says I hate you and Happy. Sandhya worries. Kulwant asks Happy why are you here. She says relations don’t end like this, Chintu loved me a lot, I can’t let his dream break, we have nothing, much efforts will be needed to set everything right. He says you can’t handle business, being a girl. She says I sold 50 water purifiers, I have set a record, I understand your thinking that girls should stay at home, you must choose between thinking and wisdom, its wise to face the situation so that Simmi and Guggi don’t face troubles, let me help, you can’t fight Bhatia again, Rocky and I can try together. He coughs. She gives him water.

She says you don’t trust me, trust Chintu, he used to trust me. He says you are willing to help us for Chintu’s sake. She nods.He says we should protect our girls, you saved our house that night, my Chintu was very intelligent, I had full faith in his every decision, today, for his sake, I m ready to give you a chance. She asks really. He says yes, I hope I won’t regret for this. He blesses her. She goes. Sandhya calls her and tells about Smiley’s anger. Happy worries. Sania tells her dad about Rocky. He says he is like my child, I m more concerned about him. Bunty says Happy has shown her true colors, she refuses to give the property, she wants to work on hotel project. Sania says this can’t happen.

Bhatia gets glad. Happy goes to Smiley and cheers her by asking her to value their town. She shows her house and college to explain Smiley. Smiley says you stay in Chintu’s house and leave us alone. Happy gets angry. a guy telling Rocky that he lost the deal because of Bhatia. Sania comes to Rocky and scolds him for working with Happy. He scolds her back and asks her does she have no self esteem. He says ask your dad to stop my way, I will have my own way, I will choose Happy over your dad, I will never work with your dad. He sees the place and thinks this needs a lot of money, how will I manage, I m so confused. He sees Chintu’s video. He says why did you give right on property to Happy, she is interfering a lot.

Sandhya asks Happy to talk to Smiley. Smiley argues with Happy. Happy asks her to give her one last chance and takes her to Chintu’s place. She tells about Chintu’s hotel dream. Rocky looks on. Happy says Chintu had excitement in his eyes, I have seen passion regarding this dream, he dreamt to restart this hotel. Smiley says the USP will be its view, why does this wall have this hole. Happy says I have made this hole, after seeing the Golden temple, I thought of this hearing the voice, I have given this idea to Chintu. Smiley asks shall we stay here for this. Happy says I lived his dream in that moment, the dream was very imp to him, only I can understand what the dream meant for him, when he learnt about my dream, he worked hard and ignored everything.

He made sure that I got a job, my job, my house, everything is because of Chintu, he was a good person, how can I give up on his dream and go to fulfill my dream, give me a chance, try to understand. Smiley agrees. Rocky smiles. Happy thanks Smiley and says this will be best decision for our life. They leave and see Rocky there. Doctor asks are you finding a financer. Happy says yes. Rocky and Happy argue. Happy asks him to involve her in every decision. Doctor says my patient is 72 years old, his son is planning to shift his business here to take care of his mum, he wants to invest money, he is a nice man, I can fix meeting if you want. They ask doctor to please fix meeting.

Doctor agrees. They get glad and excited to get the deal. Smiley calls Happy lucky. Rocky says I knew its a good day, this toffee had a note written, be happy, happiness will come. Happy says my name is Happy, I had come and happiness has come, be ready. Rocky gives toffee to Smiley. They go.Rocky gets ready and gets tips from Guggi. Biji blesses him and does aarti. Happy comes. Rocky says I have prepared the presentation, sit quiet, no need to do anything, don’t laugh unnecessary. She says I m thinking how long can person speak and hear himself. They argue. Happy asks him to dress in formal, dressing is imp for the meeting. Bappi says Happy is right, wear the suit. Rocky goes to change. He comes wearing the suit. They smile. Rocky says I m unable to tie this noose. Madhu helps. Kulwant looks on. Bappi says I will try, even I can’t do it. Kulwant ties the noose and misses Chintu. They get sad. Rocky takes their blessings. Rocky and Happy go for meeting Mr. Grover. Happy tells Rocky about Grover. She asks Rocky to keep his ego down.Rocky says I know what to do, I have to be confident, one must feel he needs us. She says you mean you will dominate him.

They argue. Mr. Grover comes and says Happy is right, come in please. He says I m meeting established people also, doctor told me about meeting you, so here we are. Happy thanks him. Rocky says its our good luck, its benefit of both parties, we have many investors, we want to work with you, read the proposal once, you will realize the profit. Grover says fine, you said you have many investors, I think you should accept one of them, sorry I m not interested. Happy says you just read our proposal once. Grover gets a call and talks. Happy gets an idea and says I m really sorry, you may need a place for big event. Grover says I have to organize birthday party of my daughter. She says our hotel ground is ready, you can organize party there, give us a chance, to be honest, we have no financers, give us one chance please, I promise you won’t have any loss. Rocky nods.

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