Barrister Bahu update Friday 24 June 2022

Barrister Bahu 24 June 2022: Episode starts with Saudamini making Bondita ready. Bondita says you didn’t tell me who you are. Saudamini asks how does it matter. Bondita says it matters, I m bahu of this family, I know everyone here, how are you related to them. Saudamini says I was going to marry Anirudh, but he left me and married you, tell me, who am I to you. Bondita laughs and says he could have never married you, you are very pretty, you look like a fairy, Anirudh also looks good, but he is very rude, everyone is scared of his anger, you would be knowing, why did you want to marry him, you will get a prince. Saudamini says I was not marrying Anirudh, I was joking, he is my childhood friend, he calls me Mini. Bondita says I will call you Pari Didi. Trilochan shouts on a widow for touching the chunri. He tears the chunri in anger and goes. Somnath asks who will keep the chunri, we have no woman in the house. Saudamini says Anirudh’s wife will get this chance.

Trilochan says right, go and keep the chunri. Bondita prays and keeps the chunri. Trilochan asks how did you come here after all this. Saudamini says I have come to celebrate Ram Navami, Bondita is Anirudh’s wife now, who can deny it now, what objection will I have. She goes. Anirudh looks on.Saudamini says I will clean the silver utensils for the newly weds’ puja. Binoy looks on and says Saudamini, you have a big heart, stay blessed, you are doing a lot, its my mistake, I didn’t make you my bahu before. She says I have accepted the truth, don’t hurt yours and my heart by saying this. Trilochan says we shall fulfill all rituals now, Bondita will make prasad. Anirudh says how can she make it, she is a 8 year old kid. Trilochan says you don’t take her side, your mum was also young when she got married, she used to cook for 100 people, Bondita is lucky to get this chance, can she make it. Saudamini says yes, she will make it, I will help her.

Binoy says Saudamini can train her and teach her everything, we should give this responsibility to her, can she make Bondita like her. Saudamini says none can be like me, I will make her better, I can teach her everything. Bondita smiles. Binoy thinks I will support you Saudamini until this girl gets out of here. Saudamini asks Anirudh does he permit this. Anirudh nods. Trilochan shouts on Bondita.Bondita asks Anirudh to ask Saudamini to teach her making bhog. She says Pari Didi, he didn’t refuse, it means its his yes, come with me now. Anirudh thinks what does Saudamini want to do. Binoy says Saudamini is great, she has forgiven Anirudh, like there was no love. Saudamini teaches cooking to Bondita. Bondita talks about her mum and late dad. She says my mum was going to come with me to Sasural. She takes care of Saudamini. She says Anirudh gave her responsibility of mango farms. Saudamini says I will talk to Anirudh and send you to your mumbon, its my promise.

Bondita hugs her and calls her nice. Saudamini thinks you will go away, Anirudh will be mine, I have to get him soon, I will send you to your mum. Anirudh thinks to talk to Mini. Saudamini sees him coming. She sends Bondita. She acts to get hurt. He runs to help her. Binoy gets to see Bondita talking to the servant. He breaks a plant pot and goes. The servant lady goes to clean it. Anirudh says you know you are my first love, why are you doing this and hurting yourself and me. Saudamini says its time to fulfill the rasam. He says you know I don’t believe in these rasams.Saudamini saying you don’t know that you are my love. Anirudh leaves her. She says that’s why, I m hurt, I won’t show my pain to make you lose, did you know me this way. He cares for her and wipes her tears. She says I can give life for you, but these tears are just mine, why do you make me cry if you care much for your kerchief. He holds her hand to get the kerchief back. Bondita comes and sees him with Saudamini.

She recalls Sampoorna and Saurabh. She calls out Saudamini. She asks is this touch good or bad. She asks again. She asks did Saudamini feel bad or wish to run away, if no, then this touch is good. She asks them to come for puja. Bondita takes the prasad for them. She keeps tulsi leaves on the puja. Trilochan asks her to forward her hands. He says you didn’t prepare the food, I can see the hands and know if you have made it or not. Saudamini says she has done much work, really.Trilochan says she should have made the bhog instead these excuses. He asks Bondita to do rituals. Saudamini goes ahead. He shouts I told this to my Bahu. Saudamini stops. Anirudh looks on. Bondita does the rituals. She thinks I don’t know how to do this, forgive me. Trilochan cries. Saudamini asks what happened, why are you crying, shall I help her. Anirudh comes to see and asks Trilochan are you happy. Trilochan says I have made Bahu keep bhog and do rituals, I got emotional. He hugs Anirudh, Somnath and Batuk. Bondita smiles.

Trilochan asks Anirudh and Bondita to light the diya. Anirudh says I can’t do this Kaka. He goes. Trilochan asks him to light the diya, if he respects him as dad, what’s the problem, think you have got light in this house in the form of Bondita. Anirudh agrees. He sits for the diya rituals. Saudamini gets angry. Anirudh and Bondita light the diya. Trilochan smiles. The diya flickers. Bondita protects the diya.Biraj sees Saurabh’s mum and recalls her words. She ill treats Sampoorna and pretends to be bad. She asks where is the dowry, didn’t you get the goats. Saurabh’s mum asks Biraj not to pinch Sampoorna in anger. Biraj hurts Sampoorna. Sampoorna says mum said she will give the goats in one month. Biraj says you would have stayed there for a month, why did you come back. Sampoorna cries and says my mum and dad will give the dowry. Biraj insults Sampoorna. Saurabh‘s mum hurts Sampoorna and then consoles her. Biraj asks Sampoorna to get the dowry. Sampoorna sits crying. Biraj feels sorry that she is helpless.

Saudamini lights the diya and says just I will be Anirudh’s wife, I m ready to burn instead this diya. She holds the diya in hands and dances.She thinks of Anirudh and sings Silsila ye chahat ka….She falls down. Bondita comes and looks on. She gets shocked seeing the fire and alerts Saudamini.

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