Blue venom girl update Friday 11 February 2022


Blue venom girl 11 February 2022: Kanika’s mother yelling at Nandita for fixing her son’s marriage even after knowing about his affair. Malay says mom does not know anything. Mother leaves with Kanika yelling. Apu takes keeps lamps in lamppost and walks towards door. Kalpana asks where is she going. Apu says to do what she was suppose to do long ago and walks out of house. She reaches Malay’s house. Everyone are shocked to see her. Kumkum shouts how dare she is to come here and shouts to get out. Apu walks in front of Malay and she accepts his love and will marry him, but she has a condition.

People say alliance happens between equal people, but after what his family did today, they are not equal, they broke her family so badly that her family cannot raise its head, whatever his family did to her mother and grandmother, she will never forget it. She wants him to return her family’s dignity first. Whole family looks at her while she walks out.Apu then goes back home and meets Kalpana and Didi bhai and says she accepted Malay’s love and only if he convinces his family to apologize them, she will move head. She heard till today what Mittal family did to them, but today she saw from her eyes, she will never forgive them. She takes oath that she will take revenge from mittal family for their each sin.

Malay tells Nandita that he knows nobody likes his and Apu’s relationship, but they did wrong by insulting Apu’s family, he wants her to apologize them. Kumkum tries to speak, but he ignores her. Malay says he will apologize Apu’s family on his mother’s behalf and will leave Mittal house. Kumkum asks Nandita to stop Malay. Nandita says nobody will stop him.Malay reaches Apu’s house. Kalpana asks if everything is alright. Nandita comes with Kumkum and asks if she can come in. Kalpana nods yes. Nandita tells Kalpana that she did not do mistake purposefully and wants to apologize. She asks even Kumkum to apologize. Apu says it is good she wants to apologize and when she made mistake in front of everyone, she should also apologize in front of everyone. Nandita walks out with Kumkum and beats thali on street. Neighbors gather. Nandita says she did mistake by insulting Kalpana, so she apologizes her and wants Apu and Malay’s marriage.

Kalpana stands in a surprise. Nandita says she loves Malay and cannot reject his plea, so she accepts this marriage. She wants Kalpana to come tomorrow to fix marriage. Kalpana says she surprised her. Nandita invites all neighbors tomorrow and leaves. Malay smiles at Apu and leaves.Apu reminiscing Malay confessing his love for her and fighting with goons and his family for her. She also reminisces Nandita accepting for Malay and Apu’s marriage and thinks how to explain them that they are going on a wrong path. Kalpana enters and brings Malay along and says he came from main door today. She goes out leavin them alone. Malay stands in front of Apu and smiles and says she told if his apologizes her, she will marry him, but he does not want her to marry him forcefully. Apu reminisces Nandita insulting Kalpana and Dida and she taking oath to take revenge from them. Malay asks what she needs. Apu says their togetherness. He smilingly holds her hand.

In the morning, Nandita gets ready with makeup and lipstick while paralyzed Harshvardhan looks at her. Kumkum enters and asks why did she fix Apu and Malay’s marriage. Nandita ays sheis doing this for Malay’s happiness as he cannot live without Apu. Harshvardhan fumes and falls down from bed. They both pick and drop him on bed. Nandita nurses his injury and says they are heading towards happiness and he fell down. Kumkum says Apu is destroyal of this house. Nandita says Apu is elder bahu of this house.Kalpana sees Apu performing pooja subconsciously. Kalpana says she should not do pooja without concentration and says if she backs off from her promise, she will never forgive her. She says Nandita is so cruel and is just acting. It is difficult for Apu to marry Malay and risk his life, but whatever Mittal did with them deserve rigorous punishment and if Apu backs off, she will kill herself. Apu says she will not back off and will take revenge of both mothers.

Nandita with her team comes and asks if she can come in. Kalpana greets them in and says they called her to their home, but came themselves. Nandita says it is ritual that groom’s family goes to bride’s family and Malay is very eager. Malay says maa.. Nandita says she brought gifts for Apu. Kalpana greets them in. Nandita says she brought pandit with her to fix muhurath. Kalpana brings Apu’s kundali and thinks why Nandita is acting so sweet. Pandit checks kundali and informs Nandita something. He says Malay is mangalik but Apu is not, so their marriage may face problem. Kalpana realizes this was Nandita’s plan. Kalpana’s pandit comes. Nandita gives Malay’s birth certificate and asks her to get it checked with her pandit. Pandit checks and says groom has mangal dosh. Nandita has her pandit has found a solution and Pandit says if groom’s pooja is done, problem will be solved. Nandita asks Kalpana to do Malay’s pooja. Pandit says bride has pitru dosh and has to perform pooja tomorrow. Nandita says she will get Apu’s pooja. Abhi congratulates Malay that he is becoming bakra finally. Kumkum serves sweets. Abhi asks Apu to bite sweet and then share half with Malay.

Kalpana thinks Apu eats sweets, her saliva will kill Malay. Apu tensely bites sweets. Kalpana gets up and cleverly pushes Abhi. Sweet falls down. Kalpana gives sweet to Malay first and asks Abhi to now give half to Apu.Nandita feeds food to Harshvardhan and says she has fixed Malay and Apu’s marriage. Tomorrow Kalpana will be busy performing Malay’s pooja on one side and see Apu’s murder on other side.Kalpana stands thinking tensely. Dida comes and says she reached her goal, then why is she tensed. Kalpana says she is unable to undersand Nandita’s plan, how can she agree for marriage so easily. Dida says Nandita has bent for Malay’s happiness. Kalpana says when Nandita does not care about her husband, why will she care about her son. Dida says a woman changes for her blood and anyways incident happened 20 years ago. Kalpana says Nandita will never change. Dida says tomorrow is pooran maasi and she should rest now for tomorrow pooja. Kalpana says tomorrow is Apu’s special day and smiles.

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