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Barrister Bahu 29 September 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh telling the marks of the students. Trilochan looks on. Anirudh asks why do you forget it always. He says exam isn’t any ghost, I trust Elaichi, she will remember all answers. Trilochan says you still have hope, you remember, there is just one hour left, just Bondita is there, who studies well, unlike others. He says all of them are useless, they are good in running away. He asks what was the need to do so much for them, you will become a slave for them. Anirudh says we have to just focus on the aim, we will see the sun with naked eyes and not wink, let the world come in front, we will win. The girls nod. Anirudh asks will we win. They say yes. Trilochan says until I m alive, I will not let you become Saudamini’s slave. Bondita and the girls go for the test.

Bondita challenges Saudamini and Greenwood. Anirudh smiles. Saudamini gets angry. Anirudh says thanks Bondita for reminding Betty, one side there will be success and other side failure. Principal asks them to have food, the exam will begin shortly. Anirudh asks are we ready. The girls say yes. Elaichi says my earring is lost, I will go and check. She goes to Saudamini.Saudamini says you have to do my last work, then your husband will come to take you, promise, add the sleeping medicine in the Rasgulla, they will sleep during the exam, they will be punished, you also act to sleep, okay. Elaichi nods. Bondita looks at the classroom. Elaichi goes and adds the medicine in the sweets. Saudamini thinks no one can save Anirudh. The girls take the sweets. She smiles. Trilochan says she is surely planning something, I know she will cheat some way, Anirudh’s team isn’t much smart, Bondita is the smartest. Binoy says I m also worried, I m sure that Bondita will manage everything, Anirudh has worked a lot, lets see. Anirudh asks the girls to come. Saudamini asks the boys to go and defeat the girls. The principal asks everyone to take their seats. Saudamini thinks the sleeping medicine is showing the effect.

Anirudh thinks the girls yawning. Trilochan says our fate is going to sleep, so they are yawning. Saudamini says it will be fun now. Principal asks them to hear the questions and rules well. He says its a buzzer round, you have to ring the bell if you know the answers. Badal falls asleep. Anirudh worries. All the girls sleep. Anirudh says we have to stop the exam. Principal says we have to keep the exam on the same time. Anirudh asks the girls to wake up. Saudamini asks him to go and stand at his place, else his team will be disqualified, the girls are doing a drama knowing they will lose. He says I know they have worked hard. She says they are illiterate, can anyone learn studies so soon, will they answer by some days’ hardwork. He says you know I don’t make excuses, I know you have done this, maybe its your new dirty trick, how can all the girls sleep altogether.

She claps and says I didn’t do anything, I didn’t even go to them, we britishers value time unlike these indians. Anirudh says I have to do something for my team. Principal says its enough, we must start at the right time, Anirudh go and sit. Trilochan says I can’t see this cheating, I m going. Binoy asks him to stop. Trilochan says you know the result of the failure, we will leave Tulsipur, I will go home and gather the money and papers, can you see Anirudh and Bondita becoming Saudamini and Greenwood’s servants, its better we leave. Binoy asks where will you go. Trilochan says we will go to London, they can’t find us there. He leaves. Principal asks the questions. The boys answer and win points. Anirudh worries. Bondita wakes up and rings the bell that she knows the answer. Anirudh smiles. Saudamini gets shocked.

Anirudh shouting to wake up the girls. He asks the girls to get up, they will not get the chance to study in the school if they lose. Saudamini smiles seeing his tension. Bondita wakes up and answers. Saudamini gets shocked. Anirudh and everyone clap for Bondita. All the girls wake up. Saudamini says sorry, I don’t know how they woke up from sleep. Anirudh says look carefully, all the girls woke up, see. Elaichi makes a tensed face. Anirudh asks Saudamini to have water. He drinks it himself. Principal asks more questions. The boys yawn and feel sleepy. The girls answer. Binoy and Anirudh get happy. The boys fall asleep. Greenwood asks what’s happening, girls are awake and boys are sleeping.

Saudamini says I don’t know it myself. Saudamini says Anirudh would have done something. Anirudh says maybe the boys understood that they will lose to girls, so they are acting to sleep. She asks why will they act, they have learnt well. Anirudh says they have to understand and remember, make a good excuse. She says you have added something in their food. Greenwood says if you did anything, you will be punished. Anirudh asks why would I do this, like Betty didn’t go to my team, I didn’t go to your team, did I go, no, then how can I do anything. Bondita says yes, we value time a lot, we answer well at the right time. Anirudh says yes, keep the competition on. The competition goes on. Anirudh says if you read Mahabharat, you would know how the game changed, Greenwood will never understand it.He asks Saudamini to read Mahabharat, the boys have consumed the sleeping medicines, how did it come in the boys’ food, I just heard Shri Krishna, I have pushed you in the pit you have dug. She says you can’t do this. She asks can just you play all the games, you made Elaichi against our team. FB shows Bondita and Anirudh seeing Elaichi.

Bondita says I got Saudamini’s jewellery in Elaichi’s bag. She changes the food for the boys. Anirudh says I thought to answer you in a simple way, your plans can’t work, Mahabharat…. read it, anyways. He goes. The girls get winning. Saudamini worries. Anirudh says the girls will win and open a way to their golden future. Saudamini says I will shut all the doors of their victory. She sprinkles water on the boys’ face and asks them to wake up. Anirudh says you told the rule that team will be disqualified if anyone goes to the team, that rule is still there, right. Principal nods. Bondita says Anirudh and I got to know that you added sleeping medicine in the Rasgulla, we all knew you helped Saudamini, we were just acting sleepy. Saudamini asks the boys to get up. Principal asks more questions. The boys wake up and answer.

Saudamini claps for them. Principal checks the scores and says boys are leading now, I will ask the final question, if the boys answer right, then their points will be 10, they will win. Saudamini asks the boys to answer and make the girls lose. She asks Greenwood did he prepare for their win. He says yes, it will be a big win. Saudamini says my boys are better than your girls Anirudh. Trilochan comes back. He says Anirudh, I have the car started, just come with Bondita when we lose, we will go away. Anirudh asks where. Trilochan says we will leave the country. Anirudh says we won’t become slaves, look at the score board. Trilochan laughs seeing the score board. Anirudh asks the girls to stay strong and pass the tough test, don’t get scared.

Anirudh signs Bondita. She recalls his motivational words. She says my aim is to get education rights. He says yes, tell me, is your goal bigger or your fear. She says my goal. He says then think what will you keep, you are the hero of this team, you know what you have to do, you have to decide the direction of your team and make new path to keep them together and walk, hold hands together and give them courage.She says and keep them united to win. He nods. Bondita and all the girls hold hands.

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