Guddan Zee world update Thursday 29 September 2022


Guddan 29 September 2022: The wedding starts. AJ says in heart I am doing all this for you Antra. Pandit ji says stand up and make each other wear the garlands. AJ stands up and makes Guddan wear the garland. She does the same. Guddan is worried for Revati. She says in heart I can’t step back. I have to save my sister. Dadi does their arti. Dadi says let me see your face. Pandit ji says you can’t see the bride’s face before the wedding. Dadi says why do I still feel there is guddan here. Kaushaliya says my dreams are being shattered.

Guddan places her hand in AJ’s. He feels something. Dadi ties ties their knot together. Guddan recalls always saying you can do anything. Guddan says I will do this wedding for your reavti. she stands up for the rounds. AJ and Guddan take rounds around the fire. saru says to Laxmi well done. Laxmi says where is Guddan though. Durga says don’t talk about her.
Prev laughs and says you got me insulted in this house. Now you will be insulted in this house every single day.
Guddan says in heart I am sorry papa. I couldn’t give me any happiness in life. Perv says what a game that I played.Shweta wakes up in her room. she says where is my dress? Guddan hit me. I wont let her marry AJ. Perv says thsi will be fun when her face is seen. Shweta comes out and sees the wedding. perv takes her aside. He faints her again and says you can’t stop this wedding.

AJ and Guddan sit down. Pandit ji says fill her hairline. He makes Guddan wear mangalsutra.Pandit ji says you can’t see her face. You have to fill the hairline with ghunghat. He fills the hairline. Pandit ji says now you are husband and wife. You may see her face. AJ is about tot take off her ghughat strong winds blow. Laxmi says what is happening. Saru turns on the torch. Dadi says this couple is blessed by God himself.AJ takes off ghunaghat. He is dazed.

AJ stands up in shock. Everyone is bewildered. Kaushaliya is happy. Lights turn on. AJ says Guddan.. Durga says what are you doing here? Where is Shweta? This means you married AJ? Papa says Guddan how are you here? Saru says when we brought Shweta here it was Guddan. Kaushaliya wonders how did Perv convince Guddan? He calls Kaushaliya and says see your dream is fulfilled.Saru says we don’t consider you our daughter in law. Kaushaliya says my daughter is married to him. Where will she go if they don’t accept her? They have ruined my daughter’s life.

Guddan says enough mummy. It doesn’t matter if they accept or not, we are married AJ. You wanna know how I came here? I locked Shweta in the washroom and took her place. I did this to save my sister’s life. I didn’t wanna do all this. I would never marry AJ. The person who kidnapped Revati said he will kill her if I don’t marry him. Kaushaliya is dazed. She says where is revati? Saru says don’t lie. How are those two things related? Guddan says I did that to save my sister. Laxmi says do you have a proof? Guddan says I will show you. She checks her phone but the video isn’t there. Guddan says where did that video go. Durga says don’t do this drama. You did this for AJ’s wealth. I know girls like you. Guddan says I did this for my sister not money. Dadi I told you that I don’t wanna marry AJ. My sister’s life in danger.

He will kill her if I didn’t marry you. Revati comes and says what are you doing here? Guddan hugs her and says are you okay Revati? Revati says you married? Guddan says to save your life I did this. If anything happened I would never forgive myself. Did he harm you? Revati says who? i was sleeping in the guest room. Who would kidnap me? Kaushliya goes to find Perv.
Durga says stop lying to us. You can’t do anything. You can never be our mother in law. Kaushaliya says where are you Perv? Come out. how dare you use my daughter in all this. Guddan was blackmailed. I know she isn’t lying. If you dare doing anything with my revati I will kill you. Prev laughs and says angry? Look at how your daughter is AJ’s wife now.

SHe can never prove all that happened. I have deleted the videos. Your revati was fainted all the time so she didn’t see anything. Your dream came true. He leaves. Kaushaliya says thank God Revati is fine.Laxmi says she doesn’t have any proof. Durga says you did this drama to marry AJ for his money. Shweta comes and says I will tell you all the truth. Shweta says she first attacked my head and then locked me in the bathroom. She wore my dress and married AJ. She is very dangerous. er mom says you ruined my daughter’s life. Guddan says please trust me. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I did this to save my sister. AJ says enough. AJ says thank you for coming to this wedding. If you are all done you can leave. All the guests leave. Durga says we have to tell all these people about the reality of this girl. AJ drags Guddan upstairs.

Saru says no one can save her from AJ’s anger.Aj shoves Guddan in the room. She says listen.. He says this is disgusting. You did this to marry me? She says I did this to save my sister. AJ breaks stuff and says you did this intentionally. You made me say no to this wedding. I called my wedding off with you because you asked. And then you are my wife now? People were right about you. You only think about money.

Guddan says I wasn’t lying. I did all this for my sister. If you don’t trust me I can’t change the truth. AJ says you can’t go anywhere. Tell me the truth. You have to tell me why you did this. You can’t go anywhere before telling me the truth. Guddan sees the mask Perv was wearing in AJ’s room. Guddan says where did this come from? She calls on that number. It rings in the closet. AJ says wat are you saying? Guddan says you were blackmailing me. You kidnapped my sister. How can you stoop so low. How could you do all that to my sister. You wanted to marry me and you did all this. I will tell police everything. AJ stops her. He says what are you saying. Guddan says you can’t stop me.

Laxmi says what are they doing inside. Shweta says must be having wedding night. Durga says better not use your mind. And you Revati how did you sleep? Kaushaliya says how does that matter? They are married now. He took his wife to the room. Right dadi? Dadi nods. Durga says you wanna give us your daughter? That relationship has no meaning. Police will come here any moment. Shweta says that Guddan tried killing me too.Kaushaliya says how can you call police. We have not done anything.Laxmi says I am sure this Guddan would seduce him with her looks. AJ and Guddan come downstairs.

Kaushaliya says this isn’t he right way Guddan. AJ if you want I will slap her right now. But she is your wife anyway. Dad says shut up Kaushaliya. Guddan says mummy isn’t wrong. But sindur is called marriage when there is love and respect for each other. Mangalsutra shouldn’t feel like a rope. I don’t accept this marriage done by deceit. Kaushaliya says what are you saying. Guddan says everyone thinks I did all this by deceit. I will tell you all truth. AJ is behind all this.He kidnapped my sister and blackmailed me. Durga says have you ever seen your face? AJ would never do all this for this marriage. Guddan says I don’t wanna talk to you. this uncle thought he could do anything. I will send you to jail. Guddan goes out. everyone is dazed. Guddan recalls all that AJ did. She says no one understands me.

I did all this for Revati. Aj comes o his room angry and recalls what guddan did and said. He looks at Antra’s picture and says are you happy now? I said I hate people who make mistake, your wish has tied me with a mistake. My new wife accuses me of forcing her into this marriage.Someone kidnaps Guddan. Guddan says who are you? Why did you bring me here. A guy comes.The guy says to Guddan you don’t have to do anything because police is there for you. She says you are police? You had to arrest that uncle. He forced me to marry not me. You brought the wrong person here. The guy says you don’t have to says everything. Antra also accused him with the same. He isn’t like what you think.

He is very dangerous.AJ locks the closet. He sees a his old album that has Antra’s photos. The frame is broke. AJ tries to fix it and sees that the picture is damaged too. He hears her screaming and shouts.

The guy says now you have to do my work. Guddan giggles and says I cant do anything. Arrest that uncle for marring me forcefully and let me go from here. He says shut up. I didn’t bring you here to send back. You like acting right? Go to that house and do the acting. He points gun at her and says you have to collect proofs against him so we can arrest him. Guddan says find another way. I can’t live in the same house with that uncle. I am leaving.Guddan goes out. she steps in a room. She sees her family photos being played. Guddan says how do you know so much about my family? He says I know a lot more about them than you.

Guddan says what is all this? He says calm down. We know your father is a very nice man. it is difficult to prove anyone innocent.We can prove your dad guilty of anything. So help us in getting AJ arrested.Bhushan is worried for guddan. He says i hope she is fine. Revati says she will come back don’t worry. Her phone is off. I don’t understand how could I sleep. Why was she saying i was in trouble? Bhushan says if she said there must be something. Kaushaliya says what will people say about us now? He says I am worried about Guddan not people. Bhushan opens the door. The whole neighborhood is outside. they all taunt on their family. A woman says that Guddan is disgusting.

She hooked up with that old man so that she can have all his money. They all come forward to blacken Bhushan’s face.Guddan stops the man. He says how dare you come near my dad. Go and see what your son does. Go and blacken his face. Don’t you people have anything to do in your own houses? And Simran aunty you? Your daughter ran away with the milkman. Stay out of our house. You all keep saying I can’t do anything but we tolerate it not you. Stay out of our house. Get out. Bhushan says you proved you are my brave daughter. Why were you saying all that about Revati?

Kaushaliya says you have ruined our lives. What will people say about revati if you come back here. Who will marry her? For how long will we tolerate things that you do. You are defamed in the whole city. Guddan says Revati will get married in a good family and I will never let your name down. I will stay in my husband’s house. As AJ’s wife. Revati says what are you saying. You don’t like them. They don’t respect you. What is wrong with you. Don’t ruin your life. Guddan says I have decided what to do. I wont let anything happen to you.
Revati hugs Guddan. Guddan leaves.

Guddan comes to that room. She looks at her mom’s picture in tears. guddan says ma.. If I live in this house i will only defame mummy papa. I can’t do this anymore. Guddan says don’t worry mummy. I will leave this house. No one will say anything to papa and revati will be married in a good house. I will go. You will have to find another reason to be angry. She touches Kaushaliya’s feet. Revati hugs her. Bhushan caresses her face. Guddan is in tears. She leaves the house. Kaushaliay comes out. Guddan hugs her and cries. she goes out the house and sits in the car. Revati hugs her.

Scene 2
Laxmi says why are you all so upset? We can’t be sad because of that Guddan. We will get Shweta married to AJ. Durga says AJ is married to Guddan. Shweta is dressed as a bride. Everyone is dazed. Laxmi places AJ’s picture beside her. She says pandit ji start. We will start with AJ’s photo. Dadi says enough Laxmi. AJ is married. I don’t care if you accept or not. Guddan is my daughter in law.Dadi says what will I do with this thaal? I wanted to do all the rituals with my daughter in law. AJ comes and throws it away. He says i wasn’t married. This was a joke. No one will be welcomed in this house. He throws it towards the door. Guddan comes in.

AJ says you will never have any shagun from me. Guddan recalls the guy asked him to give her 100 crore. He wont give it so she will get to stay there for sometime.
Guddan says you said I married you for money. So i wont go anywhere until I get the money. AJ says you are way more disgusting than what I thought. Then be Mrs. AJ for as long as you can. AJ goes upstairs.Guddan says Mrs. Guddan AJ. I don’t ever want to be that.Guddan says dadi what did uncle say. Dadi says don’t say he is uncle. Guddan says that’s what I had been calling him. Laxmi says go from here. You wont live here. Dadi says I will decide who lives here and who not.

Not you. She says come with me Guddan. Guddan winks at Laxmi. Laxmi says what is she upto. What shouldwe do? Durga says wait. Lets see what is in her mind.Dadi takes Guddan to a room. She gives her money and gold. Guddan says what are you doing. Dadi says you said you married for money so take it. Guddan says you think i did this for money? i didn’t do it for money. I did it.. dadi holds her hand an says I know. I wanted to hear from you. I trust you completely. You will do everything and you can. Guddan says on heart how do I tell you where am I stuck. Dadi says today is your greh parevesh. Get ready for big responsibilities.

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