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Lost in Love 29 September 2022: Chavan family performs Bappa’s pooja. Ninad tells Sai that since she was in hospital, he didn’t touch harmonium and will play it for her today. Sai asks where is head of the family as she is eager to listen to her verdicts. Bhavani walks in holding roti roller. Sai says she will go back to hospital if kaku hits her. Bhavani says she is preparing something for her. Sai is amazed to hear that. Virat is also amazed. Samrat says they will be lucky to have Bhavani’s prepared modak. Sai asks if kaku is preparing modak for her. Bhavani says yes. Sai feels drowsy due to weakness, and Virat holds her. Pakhi gets jealous noticing that. Pakhi taunts that she also wants to fall ill to garner royal treatment, Sai has become queen of this house, etc. Sai says Pakhi already lives a queen’s life and doesn’t need any accident for that. Pakhi continues taunting Sai and calls her voice losing episode in hospital as a drama. Virat gets angry hearing that and says Sai wasn’t and started speaking since yesterday.

Samrat says let us forget this and pray god for sending Sai safe back home, they should stop frowning and smile today. Ninad asks Virat to take Sai to her room as she needs rest. Bhavani backs him. Virat says even doctor asked Sai to rest and walks towards room with her when Ashwini stops her and says Sai will stay in another room alone. Ninad asks what is she saying. Ashwini says what he heard, she doesn’t want Sai to stay in that room. Bhavani asks how can she take such a decision. Ashwini says she is a mother who thinks of children’s betterment always, she didn’t take this decision suddenly. Mansi asks reason. Pakhi says Sai is here as Virat’s wife and when she can’t stay with Virat, why should she stay here. Karishma comments Ashwini spoke Pakhi’s mind. Mohit scolds her to think well before speaking, they should listen to Ashwini’s reasoning. Samrat backs him. Ashwini says Sai is not only Virat’s wife but also her daughter and she has right to take her daughter’s life’s decision. She tells Mansi that Virat and Sai are husband and wife forever and a fool, pointing at Pakhi, may doubt about it.

Bhavani says they want to know the reason. Ashiwni says after seeing all the recent incidents, she feels Virat and Sai should stay separate for sometime. Devi resists. Sai says they need to stay away for sometime if relationship get bitter and there are misunderstandings and gives example of a bitter medicine to treat their illness. Ninad opposes Ashwini’s decision. Ashwini says as Devi thinks if Sai and Virat separate, they will be in danger, but if they stay together, they fight. Virat says he already explained it to Sai and she came back home with the same reasoning. Ashwini remembers her and Sai’s hospital conversation and thinks Sai came back for Virat. She says Sai returned home to avoid accidents again, but she feels its better if they stay in separate rooms. Sonali yells that Sai is lucky to have a MIL who instead of punishing her for running out of house is giving her a separate room. Karishma comments next, and Sonali shuts her mouth. Shivani warns that new-age bahus will not tolerate nonsense and reminds that Sai’s husband is an IPS officer and will put misbehaviors in jail. Omkar in his usual rude tone says Virat is also their relative, Sai is given a separate room instead of punishment and this never happened in Chavan Nivas.

Ashwini says things should change over time and its her decision and not request. Bhavani asks since when she started taking decisions in this house. Ashwini says nobody can snatch Bhavani’s right to take decision in this house, similarly nobody can snatch her right to take her daughter’s life’s decisions. Ninad says this may put an adverse affect on Sai and Virat’s marriage. Ashwini says marriage means walking along together forgoing the difference at any cost, Virat and Sai’s relationship is not that strong, she wants her to develop a strong relationship and give them a chance. Mansi backs her. Ashwini says their relationship will never break though; they need to make them develop a strong relationship and not just being near. Bhavani says she should have discussed with her before taking such a big decision. Ashwini says she took an expert’s decision. Everyone look at her curiously.

Ashwini tells family that she took a sensible person’s advice and took this decision. Ninad asks when she didn’t take Bhavani’s opinion, then who it is. Sai asks if she took Dr. Anjali’s advice. Ashwini says yes. Ninad asks her to ask Virat and Sai for whom she took this decision. Ashwini tells Virat that she didn’t take this decision because she is angry on him, she doesn’t have any problem with him and loves them both immensely, she just wants their differences cleared. Virat says he never questioned her decision and she would have taken a decision after thinking well. Sai says even she doesn’t have any problem and will not question where Ashwini will keep her. Pakhi comments that Virat and Sai’s jodi will create an example, earlier they used to sleep separately under same roof and now they will stay in different rooms. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Pakhi says before Sai leaving the house, Virat used to sleep on bed and Sai on floor. Sai asks her to concentrate on her and Samrat and not her and Virat. Samrat says Sai is right, husband and wife’s relationship is personal, even he used to sleep in guest room when he returned home, and when Virat and Sai didn’t comment on them, even they should respect their privacy. Pakhi makes angry gestures, but nobody questions her.

Ashwini changes topic and says she will show Sai her room. Bhavani says they should prepare mahabhoj/feast before pendit and guests come for pooja. Sonali says if all bahus prepare mahabhoj, even Sai should. Bhavani asks if she is in her senses. Sonali says Sai is also bahu of this house and should work. Bhavani says someone should work do Sai’s work, then Sonali should. Sonali’s happiness disappears and she says she gets headache if she works in kitchen. Bhavani says she will give her some other work then. Sonali reminds Sai created drama during last year’s mahabhoj. Karishma says Sai grinded masalas/spices on stone. Bhavani orders Sonali to grind spices on stone. Sonali resists, and Omkar backing Sai argues that Bhavani didn’t punish Sai for leaving house, then why is she punishing Sonali. Bhavani says its between her and Sai, he need not interfere and if he being a joru ka ghulam/wife’s slave tries to help his wife, even he will be punished. He says Sonali is not habituated to hard work. Bhavani says that is Sonali’s punishment. Sonali asks Karishma to grind spices instead of her. Bhavani says Sonali is helping her prepare special food and modak for Sai. Sonali agrees frowning.

Shivai asks Ashwini to ignore Sonali and Omkar’s drama and show Sai her room. Ashwini takes Sai along while Virat looks at her. Sai gets happy seeing her own room and says she will fix her baba’s photo on wall. Ashwini asks if she is not missing Virat’s room. Sai remembers happier moments spent in Virat’s room, then she asks about her stuff. Ashwini say its in Virat’s room, she has kept essential items and her pooja dress, Virat will bring her remaining stuff. She walks away asking her to rest till pooja. Virat returns to his room and remembers the quality moments spent with Sai. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein.. song plays in the background. He opens cupbaord and imagines Sai’s clothes in it. He then opens Sai’s suitcase and keeps her dupatta to feel her presence. Sai looking at her ring thinks Virat must be happy now. Virat starts missing her and thinks if he should convince Ashwini to shift Sai back in his room, maybe Sai is.

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