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Episode starts with Manorama seeing Anirudh. He takes the coat and says its beautiful, what’s inside, are you going to do something that shocks me, Manorama I got a thread roll with Bondita, tell me what’s happening. Bondita tells some idea to Koyli and laughs. Manorama says nothing, you know me and my mission. He says yes, I know your fearless passion for the country. She says I respect your determination towards Bondita’s dreams, you are dreaming big for your wife. He says I came to tell you, I called the school, the interviewer will come again, he agreed to give another chance to Bondita, this time she will pass and go there tomorrow itself, she has to leave before you go, I don’t want my hardwork to go waste. He cries and says I have to send her.

barrister Bahu 1 December 2022

Manorama asks can you stay without her. He says don’t know, she has become my life’s aim, I will fall lonely after she goes, don’t know what will I feel, I will bid her a farewell to become a barrister, I forgot its the last day for your mission, you will also go tomorrow. She says I can understand, its our imp mission, we are preparing for it. Manorama keeps the jacket. She sees someone’s shadow. Bondita hides from her. Manorama says where did Bondita go. Koyli comes to call Manorama and tells about Vaibhavi’s call. Manorama leaves. Bondita goes to the room and looks for the jacket. She sees it. Bihari fools Manorama on call and asks her to wait.

Bondita says I will pull the string and get the jacket. Bihari asks her to wait. She hears Bihari on call and thinks someone has played this prank. She runs back to her room. Bihari signals Bondita. Bondita gets a stool to get the jacket. She doesn’t take it. She runs from the window. Manorama comes to the room. She sees the jacket. Manorama says Bondita would have told Bihari to do this. She takes the jacket. Trilochan sees Bondita making some spices. He says I think some delicious food is in making. She says yes. She gets an idea to change the jacket. She says I can make food, stitch clothes and do everything what an ideal bahu should do. He laughs and says yes. She says this became possible because of your guidance. He says I remember, why are you saying it now. She says I was just thanking you, you taught me everything, you are Paras, whatever you touch will become gold. He laughs. She says you are so famous, but Manorama… let it be.

He asks what did she do, tell me. She says he doesn’t do anything, you have taught everything to me, why not Manorama. He says no one can tell me anything, I can teach Manorama. She says then teach her.Trilochan shouts Manorama. She comes. He asks her to learn things. Bondita laughs. He asks Bondita to get tools and weapons for Manorama. Manorama thinks does he know about my mission. Bondita gets cooking utensils. He asks her to clean the rice. Binoy comes and looks on. Trilochan asks her to clean the entire sack. Manorama says I don’t know it. Trilochan scolds her. Binoy says tell someone else, we got this chance to attend Viceroy’s welcome because of Manorama. Bondita thinks I had to change the jacket. Manorama asks shall I go and prepare for the event. Bondita says she is going, just see. Trilochan stops Manorama. He says you have to clean the rice, until then you can’t go to make any preparations. Bondita asks Manorama to clean the rice.

She adds some stones in the rice and asks what’s this. Trilochan scolds Manorama. Bondita thinks its the right chance to go and change the jacket. Manorama thinks will Bondita go and try the jacket, how shall I stop her. Bondita gets the jacket and changes it. Manorama says I have to go. She makes excuses. Trilochan gets angry and asks her to leave it, she can’t do any work. He asks Koyli to clean everything.Manorama says forgive me, I will learn everything. He says let it be, you can’t do anything. He goes. Manorama goes. Koyli and Bihari signal Bondita. Bondita gets confused about the jacket. She thinks how will I know which one is made by Anirudh.Bondita leaving with one jacket. Manorama comes to the room and sees her jacket. She gets relieved. Bondita keeps the jacket in the cupboard. She says Anirudh will be glad and proud of me now.

She smiles seeing her pic. Binoy says we have to keep Viceroy happy, keep the gifts. Trilochan says it will be a slap on Thakur’s face, when our bahu is welcoming Viceroy, his face will be something to watch. Bondita thinks I will welcome the Viceroy. She smiles. Koyli keeps the gifts. Binoy says leave this, go and see if Manorama got ready. Sampoorna says Manorama should look beautiful than everyone else. Binoy says yes, she will be welcoming Viceroy. Bondita sees Anirudh. He bends down to talk. She gets on her toes. He sits and talks to her.He says you don’t think that you are less than someone else, you are a diamond, you aren’t shining now, but you will get shine with education, I will be proud of you. She says I will make your words true, today itself.

He says yes, you can do this today, you know how, the principal… Trilochan asks her to light the diya. She goes. Anirudh thinks of her. Rishta tera mera….plays…. Manorama gets ready and wears the jacket. Bondita gets ready. She also wears the jacket. Manorama says I will get a chance to sacrifice myself. Bondita says Manorama will not know about this, Anirudh will be proud of me. Manorama recalls her mission. She goes out to the family. Binoy says you have to invite them to our haveli, tell them that we will give them a grand welcome, go now, we will send other gifts in the car.

Bondita thinks I have to hide and sit in the car. She signs Bihari and Koyli. They say that Bondita never goes without taking blessings. Trilochan hears them and ask Anirudh to take blessings. Manorama says he is right, we should take blessings. Everyone goes inside the house. Bondita hides under the gifts in the car. Anirudh and Manorama sit in the car. He asks her not to worry, her hardwork will pay off. Bondita thinks Anirudh will praise me when he sees me welcoming Viceroy. Manorama says thanks, I could have not done this without your support, you gave me a chance, time and place to prepare for this day. She shows the jacket. Bondita thinks I have worn the jacket he made for Manorama.

Manorama says you refused to marry me before, then you have come in dacoit avatar to marry me. He says I should thank you for this fake…. Bondita thinks what did he say. Manorama asks him to stop the car, they have to take a left turn. Anirudh says thanks for showing the way, we are going to our own destination. He thinks to send Bondita to the hostel. They reach the venue. Manorama introduces herself and says I m Anirudh’s wife, our names are there in the guest list.The man says yes, sorry, you can go. Manorama says our another car is coming, driver is getting more gifts for Viceroy. Bondita comes out of the car. She smiles. She thinks Anirudh will be proud of me.Bondita giving her invite. The man says you have come first in your school, who am I to stop you, go.

She thanks him. Anirudh and Manorama meet Vaibhavi. Manorama says I m glad to meet you again, you look beautiful. She signs a man. Bondita enters the party. The man says Viceroy General is coming here in some time. Everyone claps for Viceroy. Manorama gets angry and thinks when I go on the stage to meet him, I will explode the bomb and kill him, but first I have to steal the weapons from here and give it to my fellow mates. Viceroy gets seated. Bondita hides from Anirudh. The local artists perform the special regional dance form. Manorama says Anirudh, I m going for my mission. Anirudh asks shall I come along for help. She says no, I will come back soon. Manorama goes and takes a dancer’s disguise. Bondita sees the dancer’s hand. She thinks she has the same design on her hand as mine, it means she is Manorama, why is she hiding herself. Manorama thinks to take the weapons for her fellow mates, then the last part, to kill the Viceroy. Bondita hides and follows Manorama.

Manorama goes and finds the explosives in the arms room. She signs the man and passes the weapons. Bondita enters there. She sees Manorama and says robbery…. how can you do this. Manorama shuts the door. Bondita scolds her. She asks Manorama to stop. Manorama says you tell me, what are you doing here. Bondita says I can see you robbing here, does this suit you, it will ruin our family name, I won’t let this happen. Anirudh waits for Manorama. Manorama says you can’t stop me from doing this work. Bondita says I will stop you, I will tell everyone, I will call police and tell them that you aren’t related to our family. Manorama says no need to do this. Bondita says Anirudh will say who is doing wrong. Manorama sprays some powder on her and faints her. She says forgive me, I had to stop you for the sake of country’s freedom, you have to stay here until I succeed. She says I have to kill Viceroy. She changes her clothes and goes out.Anirudh asks did you mission complete. Manorama says yes, I mean I have to welcome Viceroy also, then my mission will be complete, I will never trouble you. The man says Roy Choudhary’s bahu will come on stage to welcome Viceroy, Bondita Anirudh Roy Choudhary. Anirudh and Manorama get shocked. The man says she has topped her school by scoring 100 out of 100 marks. Anirudh smiles and claps for Bondita.

Everyone claps. The man says Bondita is the first girl who has gone to Tulsipur school to study, she will honor the Viceroy today. He asks Bondita to come on stage.Anirudh asks did you hear Manorama, Bondita has come first, she didn’t let us know that she has come here, I feel really proud of her, but where is she. Manorama thinks Bondita can’t come here. Anirudh looks for Bondita. Bondita is lying unconscious. The man says sorry, I think she isn’t here, we will call Manorama Roy Choudhary on stage for the welcome.He calls Manorama on stage. Manorama gets glad. Bondita gets conscious and calls out Anirudh. Anirudh calls her out.

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