Barrister Bahu update Wednesday 28 September 2022

Barrister Bahu 28 September 2022: Episode starts with Surayya saying I will go on hunger strike if you don’t punish Bondita. Anirudh says fine, do as you want. The girls join Surayya. He says don’t expect help from me when you realize your mistake and feel hungry. They all leave. Anirudh worries. Elaichi waits for Saudamini’s call. Saudamini calls. Bondita answers the call. Saudamini doesn’t talk. Bondita goes. Elaichi takes the call and says I have taken my call. Saudamini says great, I will send the letter to your Sasural, they will come to take you. Elaichi thanks her. Bondita comes. Saudamini says very soon I will make Anirudh and Bondita my slaves, just work like this. She ends call. “copied this update from blasters series facebook page” Bondita takes the receiver and asks is anyone there. She says why did Elaichi run like that. Saudamini says it will be fun now. Bondita gets flour paste. Anirudh joins the pages. He says the book got fine, the girls will also connect. He checks and says last 50 pages are missing, any question can come from it, find the pages, we will go and buy a new book. Saudamini has the book.

They go to buy the book. The man says the book is sold. Anirudh asks how can this happen. Saudamini and the boys come. She asks Anirudh to take the book. He asks what do you want to do. She says I will help you, this book is yours if Bondita answers the questions more than the boys. Anirudh says she is ready, it will be like a mock test. She says fine, we will start it. She takes them to the field. Anirudh questions the boy Krishna. Anirudh smiles when Bondita also answers right. The boys answers. Bondita also knows everything. Saudamini says its Bondita’s turn now, our team master ji will ask. She asks Master ji to come. Master ji comes. Bondita gets scared. Anirudh thinks I can’t believe that Saudamini can fall so low. Master ji asks Bondita. She gets scared. Anirudh asks her to answer. Master ji says now the last question. Anirudh says Bondita you know all the answers, answer him. Saudamini says she didn’t answer anything, how shall I give you the book. She makes fun of Bondita. He says you are saying nonsense, you called Master ji to scare Bondita. She says I know, its not a satsang, its a challenge, only the best will stay, better step back from this challenge.

Anirudh gets angry when the boys insult Bondita. He says you knew all the answers, why didn’t you answer. She says I got scared seeing Master ji. He says if you keep fear in heart, then we will lose, are we working hard to lose, if you lose to your heart, then you will always lose, I m not angry, I m disappointed with my best student, I trusted you a lot, I should not keep any expectations from you. He goes. She sees some toys there.

Badal says Anirudh is a devil. Elaichi smiles and provokes them. She says we will steal and take money. Bondita stops Anirudh and does a puppet show. He asks what do you mean to say, time is getting waste. She expresses her feelings to him. She says I would have answered, I would have fought with my fear if you were old Anirudh, you didn’t scare me, you used to become my courage.She cries and tells about his change.Bondita saying you taught me that unity is strength, now everyone is getting away. She asks how can we study if we are scared of studies, can’t we get old Anirudh, who used to explain with love, I used to remember you say. She cries. Anirudh cries and says Bondita, which one do you want. S

he says good one. He throws the other one. Rishta tera mera….plays…. He says Bondita, thanks, you have taught me when I m the teacher, I will become a good teacher now. Elaichi, Badal and Surayya steal the jewellery from Bondita’s room. They rush. Anirudh says I was getting mad in tension, you have seen Greenwood’s boys, they are the best in all subjects, I was under pressure to groom the girls, will you forgive me, I will have patience and teach well. They laugh. Surayya thinks we have to run away before anyone runs.Anirudh and Bondita get sweets for the girls. Bondita says I got the sweets for everyone. Koyli says Ramayya and Bholi are studying on terrace, I have seen Elaichi and Badal going to your room. Trilochan gets angry and says how dare those girls go upstairs when I refused. Bondita sees her clothes fallen out of the cupboard. Anirudh says all the jewellery boxes are empty, who would do this. Trilochan comes and gets shocked. He asks how can any outsider come inside the house. Anirudh asks why will any insider do this. Trilochan says your hira mandi girls did this, they were living here with this intention, they have stolen the jewellery and ran away.

Anirudh says no, maybe… Trilochan says enough, you wanted to teach them and make their future better, they left you and ran away. He scolds Anirudh.Bondita argues with him. Trilochan says your jodi is great. Anirudh says I will find those girls and talk to them. The girls think why is it so lonely here. Britishers shoot some protestors down. The girls hide. Trilochan asks Anirudh not to go, britishers have shot the protestors, there is shoot at sight order, “copied this update from blasters series facebook page” I can’t let you go out. Anirudh says but I have to go, three girls are outside, if anything happens to them, I can’t forgive myself. Anirudh and Bondita go. Badal gets hurt. Elaichi and Surayya take her to the clinic and get her dressing done by the doctor. Doctor says bullet just touched her hand, but we need to cure her. Surayya and Elaichi try to get medicines. Anirudh and Bondita look for them. Elaichi asks which medicine.

Surayya says Anirudh asked us to study, I wish we could study, I could read medicine name, its my mistake. Badal faints. They worry. Bondita gets Surayya’s earring. Anirudh sees the chemist store. They go in and see the girls. Anirudh asks are you all fine, what happened to Badal. Surayya says Badal got shot. Anirudh applies the antiseptic. He asks why did you all come out of the house. Surayya says forgive me, I didn’t understand that you are fighting for our education rights, I swear I will never trouble you again. Anirudh says I m sorry, I was scaring you all, I will not it again. Bondita says we will go home, I got sweets for us. Badal says I m feeling much hungry. Surayya says forgive me. Anirudh says the house is waiting for you all, I will pick the stuff, come. Anirudh teaches them in a new way. Anirudh smiles. He says you will get the Rasgulla as reward if you answer right. They answer and eat the sweets. Bondita throws away the black puppet doll. Elaichi says everything is going wrong, I m scared, if Anirudh knows then… She tells everything to Saudamini.Anirudh smiles seeing the girls studying. Bondita gets the white puppet doll and shows to Anirudh. They smile. He thinks Bondita and the girls are ready for the mental exam.

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