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Barrister Bahu 30 September 2022: Episode starts with principal asking the question, what’s called the land of rising sun. Badal rings the bell and says I forgot the answer. Saudamini jokes on Bondita. Bholi speaks up and says Japan… everyone smiles and claps for Bholi. Bholi cries and says I could speak up because of Anirudh and Bondita’s support, everyone thought I m a burden and got rid of me by selling me to hira mandi. She thanks them. Trilochan claps and praises Anirudh’s belief and Bondita’s love. Anirudh says yes, she saved all of us. The principal says its the last question, its tough, the answer is easy. He asks them to give an example of a food preservative. Bondita and everyone think. Bondita rings the bell and says salt. The boys laugh.

Saudamini says wrong, your answer is wrong, its NaCl. Principal says right, but Bondita is also right, Sodium Chloride is called salt in easy language. Everyone claps. Saudamini asks how did Bondita answer, I had torn the last papers of the book and got all the books from the market as well, so that she doesn’t study, how did she know. Anirudh answers her. He says Bondita has gained knowledge from her daily work, she has learnt it. FB shows Anirudh asking Bondita why is she adding much salt in the pickles. She says its good to taste, also its keep the pickles fresh for a year. He says even I didn’t know it, you taught me a new thing. FB ends. Anirudh says a household woman sees everything as learning, you won’t understand this, you aren’t an Indian, Betty. Principal says girl’s team has won. Everyone claps. Anirudh says we won, the girls won.

Bondita says Anirudh won’t become Saudamini’s slave now. Elaichi asks when will my husband come. Saudamini scolds her. Elaichi apologizes to Bondita. Bondita says even you have a right on education. Saudamini leaves with her team. Anirudh stops her. He says you have a habit to play band and celebrate for little things, sorry the band will begin now, girls are going to school. The band plays. Everyone dances. Greenwood says before everyone insults me more, I m leaving from Tulsipur. Saudamini says stop, I will go with you, I m your wife. He says you can never become your wife, you are a loser, Bondita is better, she didn’t let her husband become a slave, I have to leave because of you. She says stop, don’t leave me, what about me. She falls in his feet. He insults her a lot and leaves. She cries. Anirudh asks Bondita where are you, the villagers have come to give you a honour. She sits upset.

She says the girls are leaving, I wanted to be with them. He says its a honour that they got a call for the admission, Saurabh is also going, he will be working in Kolkata, he will take Saudamini along, he will make her learn singing, I m so happy. He recalls Saurabh’s words.Bondita says Saurabh is your best friend right. Anirudh says he is my brother. She says why don’t we give them a surprise before they leave. He says its a nice suggestion, what shall we do. Everyone gathers in the haveli. Saurabh says the villagers came to honour Anirudh and Bondita. Anirudh says these girls did the real hardwork. Trilochan makes the girls wear garlands. He pays respect to them for their efforts.

Anirudh thanks Saurabh. He says I m so proud of you, you are fulfilling your wife’s dreams, you are helping Sampoorna in her empowerment. Saurabh says I can happily give life for you. Anirudh says no, don’t say this again. They hug. He makes Saurabh sit. He makes Saurabh wear the garland. They all lift Saurabh’s chair and laugh. Saudamini wipes her tears. She says you can’t win over me all the time. She thinks I will kill Bondita.A

nirudh rescuing Bondita from the chemical factory. Saudamini sees Bondita and says this time, I will kill you by my hands. She suffocates Bondita. Trilochan, Binoy and villagers come. They save Bondita. Trilochan says her pulse is running, she is alive, take her to the doctor. Binoy worries.

The ladies take Bondita. Saudamini laughs and says Bondita came out, but Anirudh is still there, it means he is dead. Trilochan and Binoy get shocked. Saudamini says my revenge got fulfilled. He laughs. Villagers get Anirudh out from the factory. Saudamini says Bondita’s happiness is dead now, she won’t be smiling now, she will just cry. They get shocked seeing Anirudh coming. Saudamini sees someone else, wearing Anirudh’s clothes and lying on the ground. Trilochan says Anirudh, you are alive, then who is he.They check. Anirudh cries and shows Saurabh to them. They cry for Saurabh. FB shows Saurabh coming to help Anirudh. Anirudh says you had to leave today. Saurabh says Batuk told me that you are here, you are in danger, how can I go, I will find Bondita that side. Anirudh says find Bondita. Anirudh falls. Saurabh brings out. Anirudh says Bondita is inside, we have to save her. Saurabh says if anything happens to me, promise me, you will take care of Sampoorna’s happiness. Anirudh says nothing will happen to you. Saurabh goes. Anirudh faints there. Saurabh calls out Bondita. He sees Bondita and takes her out. He puts her in a drum and pushes her away. FB ends. Anirudh cries for Saurabh.

Anirudh says Kaka, Saurabh gave his life for me and Bondita. They cry. Anirudh hugs Saurabh and cries. He says we had seen many dreams together. He sees Saudamini and says my friend died because of you, I will not spare you, I will punish you, the way Saurabh died, you will die like that, I will get you punished. He takes her. She asks the police to save her. Anirudh says my friend died because of her. Binoy says she tried to kill Anirudh and Bondita, she killed Saurabh. Saudamini gets arrested. Binoy consoles Anirudh.Saudamini goes to the jail. She gets angry. She shouts I won’t leave any of you. Sampoorna says I will be going to haveli. A man comes running and shouts to Munshi. He asks Munshi to come out and see what had happened. Munshi gets shocked see the dead body. Everyone gets shocked seeing Saurabh dead. Doctor checks Bondita and says she is fighting with her death. Munshi asks Anirudh how did this happen. Anirudh says Saurabh saved Bondita and me, he gave his life. Sampoorna says this isn’t Saurabh, he went to Kolkata, why is everyone crying, you can see right. Anirudh says I wish he didn’t come to meet me.She gets mad. Biraj stops her. Koyli comes to Anirudh to tell about Bondita. Anirudh talks to Bondita. He says I won’t let you go away. He takes a diya in his hand and prays for Bondita’s life.

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