Anupama update Thursday 23 June 2022


Anupama 23 June 2022: Toshu goes to get pain killer for Samar and asks Nandini if she is fine and needs anything. Nandini says no. Samar angrily says how can people be so cheap, they mudsling on people in social media and even in locality. Nandini says people like drama, they are loser. Rakhi tells Anu that she will not come to her house as she wishes, but her daughter stays here and how will she face humiliation and draw that will happen in this house after Anu and Vanraj’s house. Anu asks Kinjal if she feels she shouldn’t stay in this house. Rakhi says there is nothing to feel, it is obvious; tells Toshu that she feels they should move on from here as its their honeymoon period, there is only negativity and argument in this house, etc. She suggests Toshu to shift to one of her many apartment in house and suggests Kinjal to shift to their Patel Nagar’s pent house she likes it.

Baa says if she has so many houses, she should break them instead of breaking our house and separating her children. Kinjal asks Rakhi to not create more issues as already a lot happened in their house. Rakhi says she was just suggesting and calling driver says she came to take her signatures on investment papers as she made a few investments for her. She walks out of house and thinks she set off spark and let us see the blast happening. Baa yells at Anu that because of her nagin Rakhi spoke so much, her divorce will affect her children’s lives. Anu asks Toshu and Kinjal if they think Rakhi is right, they should think of their future. Baa yells that she wants to get off her responsibility and send everyone out of house. Bapuji asks to let her speak. Baa says if she listens to Anu, they will be on road begging. Anu apologizes Toshu and Kinjal for the problem they are facing because of her.

Kinjal asks not to say that. Toshu says because of divorce decision, whole family is suffering; papa left home, Baa and Bapuji are in tension, Samar fought today, and they cannot concentrate on their career; there is always drama in this house, she needs divorce at what cost, what she wants to gain by divorcing papa; she is a mother and in this age, mother thinks of children and doesn’t become selfish. Baa says thank god at least someone in house can differentiate between right and wrong. Bapuji asks what is right in this, doesn’t Anu has right to think of herself. Toshu says what is the use of it, Samar had to fight with locality boys and if he was alone, they should smashed him.

Toshu continues blaming Anu and says everyone knows papa made a mistake and she would have corrected his mistake, but instead her ego is above everything for her. Samar hearing that confronts him that instead of bringing medicine for him, he is scratching mummy’s wounds; Pakhi is a kid and can’t understanding anything, but being an elder how can he say that. Toshu yells that Rakhi is right, if mummy herself wants them to go, then why not. Baa yells that 2 already left and 2 more are going. Bapuji says he shouldn’t take any decision in anger. Toshu says even mummy took decision of divorce in anger and tells Kinjal that they should move as she had issues with mummy. Anu looks at Kinjal in a shock. Kinjal says she had issues with mummy as she felt she is not taking a strong stance against papa, but when she is taking a stance against papa, why shouldn’t she support mummy. Samar asks Toshu if he would have left house even if Rakhi had not offered him a home.

Toshu says yes as mummy is forcing him to leave the house by thinking of divorcing papa. Bapuji says Anu’s decision is right. Baa says it is also wrong. Toshu says he is on Baa’s side. Samar says he is on Bapuji’s side. Nandini says she is an outsider, but they all should support Anu aunty. Their argument start. Anu feels panics unable to hear their argument and shouts to stop, they shouldn’t fight because of her; they are feeling her decision is wrong as any other woman of her age wouldn’t have taken this decision, but for her this decision is right and its her right and she chose it after thinking much; she may face a lot of problems walking on it and she will face all the problems, but will not let any problem on her family; nobody has to go from this house, so she will go; she should have gone long ago when Vanraj kicked her out of house, now she will go. Bapuji says she doesn’t have to go anywhere. Baa says he didn’t stop her son, but is stopping his daughter. Bapuji says for her except her son, everyone are wrong, until a mother like her blindly supports her son, sons will never correct their mistake.

Anu asks not to fight because of her. Baa yells to stop as her wrong decision will ruin her children’s lives and society will not let them live peacefully, even Dolly’s life will be affected because of her and her in-laws will taunt her. Mamaji says Sanjay will never agree to her. Bapuji says his daughter will not leave this house and even his house’s laxmi Kinjal will not, let Samar go; if Anu leaves this house, even he will go with her. Samar says even he will. Baa says she will not let Anu go, but Anu should realize her mistake.Vanraj writhes in pain and asks Kavya to give his medicine. She says she forgot to bring it. He says she must have forgotten as her attention was somewhere else while packing his clothes, if she brought his prescription file at least. She says no. He says Anu and Samar took care of his medicines, asks not to worry as he will ask Samar to bring medicine for him. She nods yes, but murmurs that whatever she does, a link always remains. He hears hear that. Anu sits in lawn tired and sad. Samar keeps a radio for her playing a sad ghazal. In the morning, Kavya gets a call by subordinate that she is not coming, she yells on subordinate and asks Vanraj to have cornflakes in breakfast as maid is not coming today.

Pakhi gets a call from friend that she has test today and panics saying her test and uniform are at home, she will ask Samar to bring books and uniform and even breakfast for today.Baa yells that family’s happiness went away with Vanraj and charm with Pakhi. Bapuji says everything will be fine. Baa says until bahu doesn’t correct herself, nothing will be alright. Samar walks in. Anu asks how is his injury. Baa yells one who gave pain is asking about pain. Bapuji asks if she was born under a neem tree, can’t she speak normally at least for a day. Samar informs Anu that her students’ mothers also want her to teach them dance. Anu asks how will she manage dance and school at once. Samar says he and Nandini will manage. Pakhi calls him. Anu asks him to pick call and let her hear her voice. Baa asks to switch on speaker as she wants to know if she had food as maide ki katori Kavya must have kept her hungry till now. He picks call. Anu asks him to ask if she had milk. Samar asks same. Pakhi says not yet as she didn’t like the milkshake flavor here.


Kavya gets angry hearing that, but Vanraj signals her to calm down. Pakhi over phone asks Samar to bring her school dress, shoes and other stuff as she has a test and cannot miss it. Anu signals her to agree. He says he will come and says mummy prepared aloo tikki and chutney, so he will bring it for her. Pakhi asks him to bring breakfast for papa also or else he will have cornflakes. Kavya gets angry hearing that and tells Vanraj that if he is getting breakfast from home, why should she waste her time. Anu emotionally packs Kinjal’s bag and Vanraj’s medicines and medical file and gives it to Samar. Samar says wow Mr. Shah’s girlfriend took his clothes but not medicines, classic. Baa says Kavya is not only useless but also careless, she has time to trim her eyebrows but not prepare food; she asks Kinjal to pack thepla with breakfast as they may need it and they will send it every 2-3 days. Anu says Kavya will feel bad if they send it often.

Baa says that is why she is sending, Kavya is an outsider but son and granddaughter are not. Anu says they are staying in other’s house. Baa says that is why she wants them to return back and asks Samar what they call if someone trespasses someone’s property and constructs a house there. Samar says illegal construction. Baa says Kavya did same, people steal land and build a house, Kavya stole a relationship and made a house for herself. Anu says whether they like it or not, there is relationship and should follow it. Baa continues. Bapuji asks Samar to go as this channel once starts will continue for 2-3 hours.Samar reaches Kavya’s house with breakfast and Vanraj’s file. Pakhi asks why is he late. He says he came on bike and not on plane. She asks him to drop her to school once she gets ready. Vanraj asks him to come in and seeing his facial injuries asks how did it happen. Samar says bike skid. Vanraj says its not an injury of falling, if he fought, he didn’t fight before. Samar thinks even he didn’t have affair before. Vanraj says if fought for a girlfriend. Samar says yes. Vanraj asks if he is not ashamed. Samar says he fought because of Vanraj’s girlfriend, goons bullied him taking mummy’s name and when its about mummy, he cannot spare anyone. He gives prescription file and medicines and says someone forgets but mummy doesn’t. Pakhi returns getting ready for school and tasting breakfast asks Kavya to join. Kavya says she doesn’t eat unhealthy food. Pakhi asks Vanraj to join. Vanraj joins her. Samar comments when Kavya had mummy’s slap, why can’t she have mummy’s prepared thepla.

Kavya asks if he said something. He says no and says if mummy’s food is unhealthy, then why Mr. Shah is so fit. Kavya gets jealous seeing Vanraj enjoying food and thinks food is wife’s brahmastra and men’s life starts and ends with food. Kavya asks to finish food while she returns. Samar says he already had breakfast and will leave. Pakhi goes to bring bag. Vanraj gives Samar his credit card and asks to use if any family member needs it in emergency. Samar says family helps in emergency and he has that, so doesn’t need his credit card. Vanraj says house will not run with arrogance and self-respect, his mummy doesn’t understand it, but at least he should. He says he wishes he can become like his mummy, but nobody can be like her and cannot take her place, whether anyone accepts or not its not less than a blessing to stay with his mummy. He leaves with Pakhi.

Samar drops drops Pakhi to school. Anu notices Pakhi and walks behind her. Pakhi’s friends taunt her if she has not prepared for test, she can give excuse that she cannot prepare for test because of her parents, they heard that her papa’s girlfriend planned her birthday party, its so cool that she is getting 2 mummy’s love. Pakhi stands crying. Anu rushes to her to console, but Pakhi stops her. Anu asks why didn’t she reply them. Pakhi says whom to reply, everyone say same, all thanks to her, she shouldn’t worry about her as papa and Kavya will take care of her and she should concentrate on her so called career and life.

While working from home, Kavya gets a call from her boss Mr. Dholakia and says she will work from home for a few days due to personal reason. She acts shocked and disconnects call looking at Vanraj. Kavya informs Vanraj that he is terminated from job, company doesn’t care about his accident and since he didn’t meet his target, he is terminated; in fact, Mr. Dholakia e-mailed him termination letter yesterday. Vanraj stands shocked checking it. On the other side, Anu teaches dance to her online students. Samar informs Anu that 15 new students enrolled in her class. Nandini says they will open a new dance school soon. Samar dances saying mummy is rockstar. Anu dances happily. They both hug her. Kavya tries to console Vanraj saying he gave his whole life to this company, but they didn’t care about his sacrifice. Vanraj says how will he fund his children’s studies and take care of his parents; he will call Dholakia right now and by mistake calls Anu. Kavya asks him to calm down as this problem will exacerbate. Vanraj says this is not the only job in the world, he will get another job easily. Kavya asks him again to calm down. Anu hearing that gets tensed and reminisces Vanraj informing about his salary increment and US clients. She reaches home and hears Baa telling Bapuji that her friend sought loan from her and will return it in a month. Mamaji jokes. Baa says she will ask money from Vanraj. Anu asks her not to call or ask him money. Baa yells who is she to interfere between her and her son. Anu says Vanraj lost his job. Bapuji stands in shock and says job is Vanraj’s pride. Baa says her son is so hardworking and loyal, why did they terminate him from job then. Toshu and Kinjal also hear them.

Vanraj applies for job at multiple places and says with his experience, he will get a job offer easily. Kavya thinks its difficult as companies prefer young talents with fancy degrees, its almost impossible to get a job. Anu tells family that they all know about his job loss, but he shouldn’t know that they know about it; they shouldn’t pester him for any needs. Baa says good she informed her, else he would have asked money and he wouldn’t have denied it but couldn’t pay also. Bapuji asks how did she find out about Vanraj’s job loss. Anu says via phone call and says Vanraj is very talented and will get a job easily. Rakhi enters greeting hello everyone.

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