Guddan update Thursday 23 June 2022


Guddan 23 June 2022: Pushpa says Saru ma this gold work saree was given to me by my MIL and now I will give it to Niya. A queen is coming to our house because of your blessings. DJ and Aarav come to Guddan. Saru says you have a job to do, you know what is at stake. Welcome the family. DJ says she isn’t a waiter. She is a cook. Shona says cancel the deal Pushpa. Guddan says no please don’t do that. I will serve the guests. It’s a good thing to serve people.

Guddan serves the juice to people. DJ says Guddan you aren’t their servant. Guddan says I can handle things. I want to be dedicated to my work to prove that I am not like them. I just need your support. DJ says our support is always with you. Guddan says I will win. Aarav says call us if you need any help. Shona says we are here to take care of Guddan beti. DJ says what? She says don’t do this drama. Shona says Money and I care about Guddan. We are trying to help Guddan. We just have to pretend in front of Pushpa. We are with her. We won’t disappoint you. Guddan says I will manage DJ. Don’t worry.Rashi prays God you help everyone. I don’t want that Niya to be my mom. Please. I only wished for a mama. Choti Chasmish can be my mama only. I will study, I won’t tease anyone. I will be a good kid. Please make Guddan my mama.


Pushpa says Guddan, bring arti thaal. Guddan brings it. Pushpa says start the ritual. Pushpa applies tilak on Agastya’s forehead. Pandit ji says in this ritual you promise each other to be together for seven lives. Guddan touches her forehead by mistake and the tilak applies on her head as well. Pushpa says may you two always live together. Pushpa says Saru ma take evil eye off Chiku.Arushi says to DJ and Aarav are you leaving? Aarav says don’t do drama. You first took my sister’s restaurant and now making her work like a servant in your house? DJ says this is wrong Aarav. Apologize to her. Aarav says I am sorry. I really care about Choti. She says I know your intentions aren’t wrong. You’re a brother. He says how do you know about my intentions? She says that cafe conversation.

Guddan says what is this Lord Krishna. I want to remove this tilak. Agastya comes in and says this could be a sign of God. She says don’t come between my Lord Krishna and me. He says I came to say sorry but now I won’t. Guddan says this isn’t a sign between us. I am not cheater like you. I better die single than to be with a man like you. Go from here. He says you go. Guddan says you’re so egoistic. Guddan slips. Agastya holds her. Guddan leaves.

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