Naagin update Wednesday 22 June 2022

Naagin 22 June 2022: Episode starts with Dev thinking where is Brinda while he is stuck in the temple and is in pain. Brinda opens the door, says om namashivay. She comes to Dev and tries to take him out. She says Om Namashivay and manages to take him out. She tells that she will not let anything happen to him. Dev asks what is this place, this is not lal tekri mandir. Brinda says she doesn’t know about this place, but it is not lal tekri mandir. A heavy wind comes. Brinda runs to Dev, who is drowsy and in pain.

She says she won’t let anything happen to him. Vish comes there along with Shalaka and keep knife on Dev’s neck. Brinda asks her not to touch him and becomes snake and tries to bite her, but Vish becomes snake and holds her with her tail. Shalaka tries to do magic on Brinda, but the latter frees herself and says your magic will not work on me. Shalaka says you didn’t come to save me when I was running from those guys and didn’t search me. Brinda tells that she had searched her everywhere and calls her Nayantara. Dev says Nayantara. Shalaka says you are mine and not of this naagin. Vish catches Brinda in the magical ball and tells Shalaka that they shall tell them about the place and where they are. She tells that she had read in the ancient book about this temple, this temple appeared here after 1000’s of years. She says do you know what is the secret of this temple and tells that Brinda can’t take Dev out of this temple alive.

Shalaka says I am not naagin, but I know where is naagmani inside his body. She says it is on his forehead and that’s why we are going to kill him. Brinda asks her not to do anything. Vish tells that today is the eclipse day and the moon will become deadly and red, and whoever touches naagmani today will not be alive. Brinda tells that only the secret of this temple can save Dev. Shalaka says nobody can know the secret. Vish says crores of humans and nags tried to know the secret, but they died. Dev realizes the truth. Vish says you have to die and asks Shalaka to decide. Shalaka says she wants to get Naagmani and tells Dev that she can get many like him, but naagmani is just one. Brinda shouts and tries to come out of Vish’s magic. Vish says just as deadly moon appear, your Dev will be dead. Shalaka holds the knife in her hand. brinda says you can’t do anything. Vish asks who will come to help you.

Brinda says Shesh naagins and my ancestors will come to help me. She asks Shalaka not to touch Dev and asks her to leave her Dev. She prays to Bholenaath and asks her to send Shesh naag and naagin. She requests the naagins to come and save her love.Shalaka is about to kill Dev. Just then a fallen pillar is placed rightly and a snake comes out from it. The snake takes humanly avatar and she is none other than Shesha. Shalaka asks who is she? Vish says she is Shesha and tells Brinda that she has called her enemy. She greets Vish. Shesha comes and stabs Vish in her stomach, tells that she has done penance after staying in Naaglok and that’s why she came to save the good and end the evil. Brinda asks Dev to get up and tries to bite Shalaka. Shalaka hides. Vish heals her stab injury and becomes fine. She becomes two and asks how Shesha will face them. Shesha holds both Vish. Vish bites her and attacks Brinda.

Dev gets up and says Brinda. Both Vish and Shalaka keep knife on Dev’s forehead and try to take out naagmani. Vish says naagrani can save Dev, and tells that she will never come leaving the naaglok. Shesha calls naagrani and asks her to come and break Vish’s ego. The 5 headed snake is shown coming with the storm, a heavy wind comes. Vish gets shocked. The naagrani Bela comes there, sits on the snake and the other snake makes crown placed on her head. Shesha and Brinda greet her with folded hands. Bela tells that Naagrani is the head naagin and …Vish says I am bending down infront of Bela, but….Bela says she is Naagrani. She hugs brinda and asks her not to worry, tells that Shesha is with her and I have also come. She says she is enough to kill both. Brinda runs to Dev. Bela tells Vish that she is black spot on naaglok and tells Shalaka that she is black spot on humans. She treats Shesha’s injury. Shesha says I tried. Bela says I know everything. She comes to Dev and tries to treat him. Vish attacks Shesha. Shesha counter attacks on her. Brinda sees other Vish about to attack Bela and kills one of the Vish.

Shesha stabs Shalaka and kills her. One of the Vish tries to run away.

Brinda is going behind her. Bela tells Brinda that Vish is her prey. She bites and kills Vish and makes her body disappear. The moon becomes red. Brinda comes to Dev and cries. Dev says sorry for not trusting her and says that’s why this is happening. He says I loved you so much always. Brinda says even I loved you a lot. Dev says I loved you even after knowing that you are a naagin and will always love you. Brinda says I love you always. Dev dies. Bela looks at them. Brinda shouts Dev and asks him to open his eyes. Bela asks her nor to worry and tells that the secret of this temple can revive him again. Shesha says yes, he can become lively again. Brinda asks how? Shesha tells that they have come out of the two pillars and tells that someone knows the secret. Bela tells that as she said that Aadi Naagin is more big than Naagrani and tells that she can unveil the secret of the temple. She says only Bhole nath can call him. They start doing Tandav to please Bholenaath. Dev is still dead. Bela, Shesha and Brinda stop dancing and see bholenaath dancing. Bela tells that Superior Aadi Naagin is coming. Bholenaath tells that he is impressed with the three naagins and tells that I will not tell you why this temple became invisible. He tells that he is making the naagin curse free after 10000 years and she can tell her story to you all, but if she tells you story and decides to save this man, but then history will repeat itself and she will be cursed again.

Aadi Naagin asks if I tell my story to Brinda, then will her husband get saved. Bholenaath says yes. Aadi naagin appears there and smiles.Aadi naagin tells that she was cursed and then she returned back here after getting rid of curse. She tells that she has to live one life here, but she is not repenting as everyone is from her naagvansh and the more important thing is that the matter is about brinda’s love. She says what is his name? Brinda says Dev. Aadi Naagin tells that I have to tell you my story to save his life, but first thing is that we have to take out naagmani from his body. She says they have to do tandav to please bholenaath and make Naagmani hypnotized and come out of Dev’s body. The naagmani comes out of Dev’s forehead. Brinda asks Dev to get up and asks Aadi naagin, why he is not getting up. Aadi Naagin tells that she has to tell her story of her life, then this temple will become fine and will give life to Dev. She asks Shesha and Bela to return to naaglok. Bela and Shesha leave. Aadi tells that she will tell the secret of her temple and because of whom, she got separated from her naag and because of whom she was cursed, because of whom this temple got destroyed. She says we didn’t have the boon to take human avatar then, this story is 10000 old years.

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