Anupama update Friday 24 June 2022


Anupama 24 june 2022: Rakhi tells Baa that as soon as she heard about Mr. Shah’s job loss, she came here speeding her car away. Baa says it would have been better if she wouldn’t have come. Rakhi says they need not as Mr. Shah will get 2 jobs, though market is unpredictable, as he gets 2 things in life always. Mamaji asks her not to act as worried as she gets wrinkles on her face. Anu says if her acting has finished, she should tell what she came for. Baa says if she has come to offer job for Toshu, then she should go. Rakhi says she came to offer job for Vanraj and he can work in her coaching center until he gets a job. Bapuji asks if she is offering MD’s position. Rakhi says she is offering clerk’s position as only that is available at this time. Baa asks how dare she is to offer clerk’s job to her son, tiger doesn’t eat grass even if its hungry. Rakhi says her tiger eats free thepla, he lost his job and she is favoring him, but they are getting angry on her. Anu says she doesn’t know difference between favor and insult, she need not worry for him as he will do whatever he wants. Rakhi asks how will her house run. Anu says with Kanhaji’s blessings whole world runs, her house will somehow, anyways tomorrow Kinjal and Toshu have job campus selection and when god gave them 1 bad news, he will give them 2 good news tomorrow, and until Vanraj gets a job, he has 2 children and their mother. Rakhi says she is so innocent to think people are waiting offering jobs on a plate, its not that easy to get a job these days. Anu says even getting a samdhan like her was not easy, but with persistence, she got it. Rakhi says lets see and tries to leave. Toshu asks if she has job offer at her coaching center for him.

She says of course he can join anytime, but should take her family’s permission or else they will blame her; he should think if he wants to start his career from top position or grassroot level. She leaves while family stands shocked.Kinjal takes Toshu inside room and pleads him not to accept Rakhi’s job offer as he is inexperienced for it and she is just trying to break their house; they don’t need their job and can get job on their won. He shouts to stop talking like mummy, house runs on money and not ego; papa is gone and only he is the elder son who has to take care of whole family, his mother is working, his sister is studying, his brother is not settled, his grandparents may need medical emergency anytime; an elder son gets a lot of responsibilities and younger son has to just fulfill his dreams; he needs a good job and fine if he gets it from campus selection or else he knows what to do.

He asks how can his mummy be her mummy, but her mom his mother-in-law. Kinjal thinks he is right in his place, but how to explain that her mom’s intentions are really bad.Vanraj gets Mr. Dholakia’s call and speaks to him. Kavya asks him what did Mr. Dholakia say. Vanraj says he wants to meet tomorrow as he may not want to lose a valuable employee as he has applied for job in many companies and Dholakia realized that he needs him. Kavya asks him to calm down as Dholakia is also very egoistic. Vanraj says if he is Dholakia, he is also Vanraj Shah. Pakhi returns from school and asks Kavya to bring chocolate milkshake for her. Kavya agrees. At home, Anu informs Samar and Nandini that principal madam has messaged her to prepare an act with students for annual day function. Samar says its really good. Anu says even Sweety would be there and she participates every year in annual day function. Samar gets more happy.

Anu says she also got a catering order to serve VIPs who attend annual day function. Samar says she is hitting 4s and 6s continuously and is rocking. Pakhi tells Vanraj that she will not participate in annual day function as mummy is organizing a show there and even she is catering food for VIPs. Vanraj gets hocked hearing that. Kavya asks Pakhi to stop thinking what her mummy does, she should think what she will perform this time and she will help her, they will rock it. Anu thanks god and hopes she fulfills all the responsibilities given. Samar and Nandini dance around him when Nandini collapses. Samar panics worried for her and asks Anu to call doctor. Anu stops him and sprinkling water on Nandini wakes her up and asks if she is fine. Nandini says she had not had her lunch today, so she fell unconscious.

In the evening, Baa writhes in neck pain while Anu massages her neck. Bapuji suggests to visit a doctor instead of trying home remedies. Kinjal returns home excitedly from college. Anu congratulates her. Kinjal asks how does she know that she is selected in her campus interview. Anu her ability, her talent, and her confidence informed her beforehand. Kinjal takes her, Bapuji, Mamaji’s blessings and asks Baa to bless her, but Baa as usual sits frowning and asks to touch feet first. Kinjal touches feet and says she will not leave her until she blesses her. Baa blesses her and asks what about Toshu. Kinjal says Toshu is more talented than her and would have got selected and says now 3 family members wll earn. Anu thanks god and prays for her children’s better job.Vanraj meets Mr. Dholakia who informs him that after company merger, new company focuses on new young talents.

Vanraj says he gave his 27 years for this company and helped it grew exponentially via his hard work. Dholakia says company doesn’t evaluate his past and will see what he is doing at present and can in future, unfortunately his fizz and determination is gone and apart from that he is having an affair with his colleague. Vanraj angrily warns him to mind his langue, he came here to talk about his job and not affair, if he is feeling jealous of him, they would have informed him over phone instead of calling him, no new talent can replace him and he will see how their company will progress without him. At home, Samar congratulates Kinjal and Anu gives her peacock feather as Kanhaji’s blessings. Kinjal thanks Anu. Vanraj angrily leaves his office.

Vanraj packs his stuff in his office cabin reminiscing boss’ warning that his attention more towards home and less towards office, giving money to Anu for household expenses, Anirudh telling this house and Kavya belongs to him, etc. He gets into lift and shouts loudly venting out his anger. Anu looking at her via binocular prepares halwa in kitchen. Baa praises her cooking skills. Kinjal informs Anu that she is called for a job interview at 5 p.m., how will she manage. Baa says she shouldn’t bother and yells at Anu not to burn halwa. Anu tells Kinjal that one who don’t prepare need to worry and not her. Bapuji comments at Baa that someone’s heart is burning. Anu asks Kinjal why Toshu didn’t come down since her returned home, didn’t he get a job interview call.

Kinjal says no, so he is upset. Anu asks if he still wants to accept Rakhi’s job offer. Kinjal says yes, his point of view is right, but he doesn’t know that they will not grow properly if they learn to walk holding someone’s hand forever, he doesn’t know her mom’s wrong intentions, etc. Baa walks in and thinks everyone are happy thinking about Kinjal’s job, but nobody is bothered about her son Vanraj’s job as this house was running for many years on his job; when a tree falls, all nests mourn, but nobody is bothered here.Vanraj returns home. Kavya apologizes him and wishes he could stay with him, but she has to go to office. He says hmm. She gives him house keys and asks if she should go. He shouts to go as nobody is bothered about him. She says she just gave him keys and asks if she should order food.

He says he doesn’t need anyone’s support. She asks what is wrong with him, she understands that he is tensed, but it doesn’t mean he will vent out his frustration on her.At home, during lunch, Kinjal informs that she doesn’t know about the company, its location yet, or her job post yet. Samar asks what if she finds about it late and cannot reach at the interview venue late. Anu scolds him not to frighten bhabhi and asks Toshu to cheer. Kinjal also requests not to be sad and encourage her for her interview. Samar says bhabs is nervous. Toshu says he knows she will do good in interview. Anu says Kinjal will get a job for sure and asks Toshu to drop Kinjal to the interview venue. He says he can’t as he has interview with Kinjal;s mom at Dave Excellency Institute. Anu says she explained him. He says he doesn’t want to hear her lecture or argue with anyone; Kinjal’s mom is right that she has double standards, she brings 5 lakhs rs ring but cannot accept washing machine from Kinjal’s mom, she says he should consider his in-laws as parents and family but doesn’t want him to accept their gift.

Baa says its not a question of gift but the intention, nagin Rakhi brought washing machine here to make them feel low and insult them. Bapuji says if someone gives a piece of stone with good intention, its diamond, but they give with bad intention, even diamond is a piece of stone. Toshu says they misunderstand Kinjal’s mom because of her nature, but even Baa’s nature is to yell at everyone. Anu asks him to finish food. He says he can’t and walks away asking Samar to drop Kinjal to job interview venue. Kinjal also walks away to prepare for job interview. Baa says nagin will separate Kinjal and Toshu’s relationship at any cost. Anu reminisces Rakhi challening about same.Kinjal gets ready for interview and takes Anu and other elders’ blessings. Anu asks her to give interview properly and return home with job. Samar drops her to interview venue and asks if she has interview in this building. She says yes and leaves.

He thinks there is Vanraj’s office in 5th floor of this building. Anu calls him and asks if he dropped Kinjal for interview. He says yes and says bhabhi’s interview is in Mr. Shah’s office building, but it has many other offices; if its same, then it would be awkward. Anu says everything happens with god’s wish and asks him to drive bike carefully. She thinks when their routes are different, why fate is getting them in front of each other, prays god to keep these routes away.Vanraj sits in home mourning. Kavya returns from office and brings his favorite snacks. He says he is not a kid to be consoled. She asks what problem he has when she is trying to cheer him up, etc. He shouts to leave her alone for sometime. She says thats what he wants. Pakhi video calls him and informs that she is going to her friend’s house and then home to get her stuff and will return late. Kinjal says she can stay there if she wants. Pakhi says she will return as she likes staying with papa and her. Kavya frowns. Vanraj noticing that asks why she is frowning, Pakhi will go in some days. She says it doesn’t look so. He asks what kind of expression is this. She says she doesn’t have any problem with Pakhi staying here, but this house is very small and she is compromising her privacy; she continues that he should reply to Anu’s divorce notice, get divorce and marry her; he was feeling bad when she cheered him up, he should use his free time now to divorce Anu and make their life better.

Samar returns to Nandini’s house and feeds her food saying when she gets dizzy if she doesn’t eat, then why didn’t she eat. She says nothing will happen to her if she skips food one day. He says even he will not let her happen anything and says though she didn’t express her heart yet, but it reaches easily and he will continue to show his love and right of friendship on her. She looks at him. He asks not to look at him like this, she loves him and will express it. She turns her face around.Kinjal returns home excitedly and touching Anu’s feet says she got a job. Anu says she knew her bahu will get a good news soon. Kinjal then excitedly informs Baa, Bapuji, and Mamaji and touches their feet. Baa asks if she got job with her mom’s recommendation. Mamaji asks her to get happy at least in happiness. Bapuji gives Kinjal shagun and blesses to succeed in life. Mamaji says he will go to job with her. Baa jokes in his bike. He says he didn’t know about it. Samar excitedly jumps in happiness. Toshu walks down and gives her a gift saying he knew she would get this job. She says employers wanted a new young talent to head their new team. Kavya on the other side informs Vanraj that Mr. Dholakia mailed her that a new talent has been hired to head the new project for summer 2021. Vanraj asks why she is informing him, he doesn’t care. Anu asks Kinjal her company’s name. Kinjal says

Samar says Mr. Shah’s company. Kinjal says they wanted a new talent to head their team who knows about world trends. Family is more shocked to hear that she got Vanraj’s job. Kavya asks Vanraj if he doesn’t want to know who got his job. He says he doesn’t want to as they must have good a young MBA blood. She says its Kinjal Paritosh Shah. Kinjal asks why are everyone looking at her like this. Anu says Vanraj works in that company. Toshu says its papa’s job and he helped papa in this project.

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