Anupama starlife update Wednesday 31 January 2024

Anupama 31 January 2024: Malti Devi/MD asks Nakul to increase Samar and Dimpy’s salary. Nakul says it’s not even a month since they joined. MD says she wants to lure them with increment, bonus, and gifts and make them feel pampered.

Vanraj walks in clapping and says small artists fall from great, MD is a great artist who fell from eyes; her talent is bigger, but her heart is very small; she turned a mother’s love into a crime and when she couldn’t harm Anupama, she is targeting her children. MD asks why did he come here. Vanraj says to add some sense into her; the boy whom she is making a pawn, his mother is simple but father is very complicated; Anupama considers her conspiracy as anger, but he considers her anger as conspiracy. He warns her that if she tries to set fire in his family, he will burn her name, identity, and gurukul; she shouldn’t dare to harm Anupama a bit or else he will destroy her lanka.

Anuj asks Barkha and Ankush to stop fighting in the morning. Anupama gets MD’s message. Gurumaa asks how dare Anupama is to send her ex-husband to threaten her when she didn’t accept her apology, she will give a befitting reply to both her and her ex-husband. Anuj asks why Vanraj went to MD. Anupama says nobody wants to listen, now she will do whatever she has to. Samar asks Vanraj why did he visit MD.

Vanraj says he will destroy MD. Dimpy says he will destroy them instead. Vanraj warns Samar to shut his wife’s mouth up, it’s enough now. Anupama enters with Anuj and says really its enough now. She asks Vanraj why did he threaten MD, why is he creating more mess when they are already in a mess. Samar says he was telling same. Anupama asks them to go and sit in their new car and enjoy AC or else they will stay here and interrupt, they will bear her scolding. Dimpy asks why is that so. Leela says if Dimpy interrupts her MIL, her MIL will give her a tight slap.

Vanraj says if MD tries to trouble his family, he will not keep quiet. Anupama says he is spoiling the issue more by threatening MD. Vanraj says it’s already spoilt, these fools Samar and Dimpy work for MD now, both brothers are fighting, and DIL has become more mannerless, so he can’t keep quiet. Leela says Samar and Dimppy have mortgaged their souls to MD and growl when we talk anything about MD.

Anupama warns them to be loyal to MD, but not betray their family. Samar tries to speak. Dimpy says she should listen to them first. Anupama says she heard a lot from her and would have slapped if her children would have been mannerless like her; she is a DIL and should maintain her decency. She says though MD has lost her way, she is her gurumaa. Leela asks so what. Hasmukh says Anupama tolerated Leela’s nonsense, then why not gurumaa. Anupama says she can’t throw a stone back when someone throws stone at her, she will handle the issue by herself in her own way and not interfere. She then goes to kitchen to prepare breakfast for them.

Kavya walks to Anupama and says she tried to speak to V, but he is not ready to talk. Anupama asks if she had forgiven Shah family if they had hurt her. Kavya says no, she even tried to leave the house, but V stopped her; she doesn’t want to leave the house, but can’t bear V’s hatred.

Anupama suggests her to wait until Mr shah calms down and keep trying till then like she is trying to gain gurumaa’s forgiveness. Kavya says she doesn’t want to lose V. Anupama says she knows. Kavya asks how will she handle MD. Anupama says till now she is tolerating MD trying to harm her children, but if gurumaa crosses her limits, she will lose her respect. Dimpy visits MD. MD says nobody dared to threaten her in 35 years, but Vanraj dared to threaten her today. Dimpy says she herself is tired of her in-law’s drama and starts spilling venom against Anupama and says Maaya died while trying to save Anupama, but everyone hid it from police and CA.

Romil bumps on Pakhi lost in his mobile and apologizes Pakhi. Adhik stops Pakhi from falling and gets angry on Romil. Their fight starts. Pakhi calls Barkha and Ankush who stop their fight. Ankush warns Adhik not to bully his son. Romil rudely frees his hand from Ankush and walks away. Pakhi says its also her mistake as she also didn’t watch while walking. Barkha says Adhik was support her, but she is supporting Romil. MD visits CA and tries to reveal he that Maaya died because of Anupama. Anupama walks in on time and sends CA in. She apologizes god for misbehaving with her guru and tongue lashes MD that a student can tolerate guru’s wrongdoings but a mother can never tolerate it.

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