Anupama starlife update 1 February 2024

Anupama 1 February 2024: Anupama tells Malti Devi/MD that there are 3 ways to reach god, devotion, knowledge, and love; saints walk on the path of devotion, guru walk on a path of knowledge, and mother on a path of love.

She says a guru has to work hard for years to be connected to god, but a mother connects with god automatically when she carries her baby. MD asks why is she giving her this knowledge. Anupama says to explain that only a mother in the universe can compete with a teacher; a student is cursed with betraying teacher when he/she questions guru, but when a mother questions, forget guru, even god has to answer her.

MD asks if a dust of feet will question a sky. Anupama says MD is just a broken star which fell long ago; a guru must have 3 qualities, greatness, dignity, and forgiveness, she has lost all 3 qualities and stooped low. MD warns her to mind her language.

Anupama says it would have been good if her nature was high like her voice. She says she agrees that she did wrong and even apologized for that, Gurumaa would have slapped her or taken revenge from her, but she involved her children and crossed all the limits; it’s my turn now. MD asks what can she do, is she a CM or PM. Anupama says she is a mother whose children are targeted and she can go to any extent to protect them.

She says she kept quiet when she attached Samar and Dimpy, but cannot tolerate when she tried to manipulate her Bebli. She continues to tongue lash MD and describe how low she has stooped. Gurumaa says she is a devi of art. Anupama says even Ravan was a scholar, but his arrogance destroyed him.

She says how great Anuj is and can harm MD to the core, but he is showing his greatness and keeping calm. She continues and warns MD to stay away from her children or else she will repent. Power goes off. Anupama says instead of trying to darken her life, she should think of lightening up her own life and gain peace. She walks away from there greeting Jai Sri Krishna. Nakul silently listens to Anupama’s long speech and walks away.

Anupama returns home. Anuj says CA told MD had come and when he tried to contact her, she didn’t pick his call. Anupama hugs him and says whatever happened was good. She describes all the incident happened just now. Anuj says he can’t believe such a big artist can stoop so low, anyways MD met a mother and will mend her ways. Anupama says problems will not stop right here and recalls Vanraj’s warning.

She says life is like a conveyor belt where one problem gets out and another problem crops up. They both than god for reuniting them and promise to handle the problems together. He hugs her tightly. She asks what is he doing. He says whenever problem arise, he gets romantic and doesn’t let a space for problem between them. He says let us go out today, but before that he wants to complete one thing. He dims light, sing Pyar Kiya To Nibhana.. song and serves her food. They both continue their romance.

Next morning, Toshu tells family that Pari is so happy today. Leela says soon Pari’s uncle or aunt will arrive, will Pari call him uncle or aunt. Hasmuh says she will call him/her by name. Kinjal walks out ready for office and tells them that she needs to visit office early today. Toshu asks not to worry about Pari. Hasmukh asks not to worry about the house and concentrate on work. Kinjal leaves. Leela asks Kavya to prepare tea for Vanraj. Vanraj says it’s okay. Leela asks if something happened between them, is the baby fine.

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