Anupama starlife update Thursday 27 July 2023

Anupama 27 July 2023: Anuj sits for havan pooja for Little Anu and thinks Maaya has knowledge and sanskar, but everything has remained to words and didn’t reachher heart or else she would have asked Anupama before organizing yagna, she didn’t even think its important to inform everyone beforehand and just ordered everyone to sit. Anupama addresses god that she dons’t want to snatch another mother’s rights and even doesn’t want to lose her rights, so she wants blessings and whatever is right for her daughter. Little Anuj sits in Anuj’s lap. Maaya feels disheartened seeing that. Panditji says havan ritual is complete and asks everyone to stand up for aarti. Little Anu performs aarti. Maaya joins her.

Anuj feels jealous seeing that. After pooja, Anuj offers dakshina/fees to panditji. Panditji takes only 1 rs and says Maaya always pays birthday dakshina every year. Little Anu asks on her birthday? Panditji says Maaya offers dakshina on every occasion. Anuj requests Panditji to accept dakshina from his and Anupama’s side. Panditji looks at Maaya and taking her permission accepts dakshina.

Maaya apologizes Anuj and Anupama for organizing havan without their permission. Anupama says she did right as one doesn’t need permission to express love and pooja. Anuj says one has to take permission if they are staying in someone else’s house. Little Anu jumps happily shouting it’s her happy birthday. Anuj tells Anupama that they need to visit temple for the pooja they arranged and the goshala. Maaya asks them to go and let her stay back and manage things. She tells Little Anu that they will party tonight. Dimple says its Anupama and Anuj’s celebration also. Barkha and Dimple say they will also help Maaya. Maaya says she alone can manage. Dimple says they are talking about doing it together. Anupama and Maaya discuss about their love and hatred equation towards each other as mothers. Anuj asks Ankush to stay back and keep an eye on Maaya. Ankush assures him.

Vanraj hears Kavya chatting over phone regarding her London trip and recalls Leela telling him that they should stop Kavya from going to London just like they stopped Anupama from going to America. He romantically hugs her. Kavya says generally wives use romantic tricks to make their husbands listen to them. Vanraj asks what does she mean. Kavya says their romance ended when they returned from Delhi on new year’s day. Vanraj says his family needs him and he needs her. Kavya says she is with him and wanted a separate life for them, but didn’t let that happen; she is not hurt for returning back, but hurt as it was his sole decision without asking him once. Vanraj says he didn’t accept a job, but she should have. Kavya says she is working and is progressing as a model. Vanraj says a lot is left behind when one progresses away, its their relationship in this case; she can go anywhere but not out of India; he is irritated with Mohit and Maaya who do something else in lieu of events. Kavya asks what is his problem. Vanraj says Maaya, he doesn’twant her to work with Maaya. . Kavya says women’s day is far away, but she will give its reaction right now; My Life My ways. Vanraj says she will repent one day. Kavya says its better repenting after trying tha not trying at all.

Anuj with Anupama and Little Anu head towards temple. Little Anu chats with her friend. Anupama asks Anuj why he asked Ankush to stay back at home and keep an eye on Maaya. Anuj asks if she trusts him. She says more than herself. He asks her to have some patience then. Shah’s neighbor boy Rakesh visits them and complains against Toshu th at because of Toshu’s food business at traffic signal, there is a traffic jam always. Vanraj says even he saw that. Toshu says what can he do when the citizens don’t want to move forward. Vanraj says people are selling books, toys, rightlyfully banging window and begging for money. Toshu asks if he should stop doing business. Vanraj says he should do it in a proper way and describes how people suffer from traffic jams.

He says Rakesh leaving his business helps traffic police ease traffic jams, its good he didn’t go to police or else Toshu would have been prosecuted. Toshu says he is famous and people wait for his food. He asks Rakesh to become his partner. Vanraj scolds him and assures Rakesh to explain Toshu. Toshu says Vanraj is jealous of his success. Leela scolds him. Kavya asks them to stop their argument as its Little Anu’s birthday today and they need to reach on time. Toshu says he will stop food business as he has another solid business idea. Vanraj taps his head.

Maaya guides her team in party arrangments and drops a chit bowl. Ankush holds it. Maaya thanks him. Ankush says don’t worry, noting will break via her until he is there, not a stuff of family. Maaya asks if he thinks she came to break his family. Ankush says he, Barkha, Anuj, Anupama, and Barkha are 5 fingers of this family and Maaya is trying to chop off a little finger and take it away. Maaya says all 5 fingers stay together always and not shift here from USA after bankruptcy. Barkha warns her to behave with her husband. Maaya says she should tell that to her husband, she will answering a tone she is questioned. Ankush says Maaya is no position to answer her; whatever he is, he is not like Maaya. Maaya warns him to learn some manners to speak to a woman. Ankush says Maaya doesn’t deserve respect.

Maaya says she tolerated separation from her daughter for years ans can tolerate his indecency. Ankuysh says her decency below away a once and she showed her true face. Maaya asks if he will see her true face. Ankush says he knows her true face well. Ankush with Anupama and Little Anu returns and asks what is happening. Little Anu runs to Dimple. Maaya asks Little Anu if she shall get her ready. Little Anu says mummy gets her ready always. Maaya says for today. Anupama asks Little Anu to let Maaya get her ready. Little Anu asks Maaya if she knows to dance. Maaya says she has done classical dance for years. Ankush laughs. Anuj signals him to stop. Dimple tells Anupama that a lot of work is pending and takes her away. Anuj asks Ankush not to stoop low like Maaya. Ankush says whenever he sees Maaya, he gets out of control.

Maaya gets Little Anu ready chatting with her. Little Anu asks her to braid her hair like mummy does and calls Anupama. Anupama asks Maaya shall she and braids Little Anu’s hair. Maaya clicks their pics and says she is conserving memories for Little Anu. Anupama talks about a bonding between mothers. Maaya asks can they become friends. Anupama says when sisters can’t maintain cordial relationships, they are mothers of a same girl. Maaya reminds how she bonded well with Kavya. Kavya says it takes years to build a relationship and one second to break. Little Anu clicks their selfie and goes to show it to Anuj. Maaya says there can be 2 mothers in 1 photo. Anupama says only in photos and not in a family.

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