Anupama starlife update Friday 28 July 2023

Anupama 28 July 2023: Little Anu gives a photo to Anuj and asks him to keep it safe. Anuj thinks Maaya wants to be part of his daughter’s life, he will not let her even in a photo. Maaya enters and says even if he tears whole world’s photos, he can’t break her and her daughter’s relationship. Anuj thinks just wait for a day. Litle Anu dances wearing her birthday dress and asks Dimpy if this house looks beautiful or her. Dimple says obviously he and asks her to return to her room and have a grand entry when the party starts. Anupama performs Anuj’s nazar seeing him ready in a sky blue suit and complement him.

Anuj also complements her. Their romantic verbal exchange starts. He kisses her forehead. Little Anu walks to them and asks when will her birthday party starts. Maaya feels jealous seeing that. Barkha gets angry hearing Ankush talking to his illegitimate son.Ankush invites his friend for the party and tells Anuj that his friend had visited Ahmedabad for a business meeting and hence he invited him for the party. Anuj ets Arun. Anuj’s friends walk in next. Barkha tells Ankush that Maaya made a classy decoration. Ankush says such women don’t have any class. Barkha asks what does he mean. He says nothing. Shahs walk in next. Leela bumps on Barkha and yells at her. Barkha asks why did she come if she has so much problem. Leela says Little Anu would have hurt if she hadn’t come. Barkha says she never valued elders’ feelings, if she learnt about Maaya and Little Anu’s relationship. Leela nods yes. Barkha says everyone are here to celebrate birthday and Leela is here to watch a drama.

Anupama greets Shahs. Adhik takes Anupama’s blessings and says she should bless him twice as he reformed her daughter. Anupama smiles. Pakhi hugs Anupama. Barkha taunts Leela again and their argument starts. Anupama asks them to maintain some decency on her daughter’s birthday. Kavya searches for Maaya. Vanraj says she must be with Mohit. Kavya says he looks jealous. Vanraj says she should maintain some decency. Anupama and Little Anu go to bring Little Anu and at once extend their hands to pick her up. Anuj addresses guests and describes his love for his daughter. Little Anu enters in style with Anupama and Maaya. Anuj gets emotional and kisses Little Anu’s forehead. Everyone clap for her. Little Anu says everyone look happy. Kavya says because its her birthday.

Leela wishes her happy birthday followed by Toshu in his loud style with a big gift box. Little Anu thanks Toshu. Maaya tells Anupama that she didn’t know that Little Anu is so much attached to everyone and describes how important it is for a child to grow between family members. Little Anu asks Anu about naani and maama. Bhavesh and Kanta walk in. Little Anu gets more happy seeing them. Barkha tells Adhik that Anupama looks petrified. Adhik says they are all petrified as this house will become lifeless if Little Anu leaves. Anupama cries hugging Kanta. Little Anu asks why is she crying. Kanta says because her mother met her mother after a long time.

Maaya introduces herself to Kanta. Kanta blesses her. Maaya says she thought Kanta wouldn’t like her. Kanta says some people’s intentions are wrong and some’s time is wrong, Maaya’s time was wrong or else any mother wouldn’t abandon her child; she will always bless her daughter but wouldn’t curse Maaya. Leela recalls cursing Anupama. Maaya hopes all mothers are like her. Kanta says all mothers are same, but fate makes them different. Maaya says meeting her, she felt as if she met her own mother. Pakhi says she doesn’t know why Anupama is tolerating Maaya. Dimple says exactly. Samar says his mother is very kind. Adhik says it would be Little Anu’s decision whom she will stay with and hopes she doesn’t chose a wrong person.

Maaya’s friend Sushma arrives. Maaya excitedly greets her in. Arun asks Anuj what is that woman doing in a child’s party. Maaya introduces Anupama to Sushma as Little Anu’s foster mother. Sushma happily hugs Little Anu and offers her gift. Anuj takes Little Anu from there. Sushma asks Maaya why is Anuj behaving weird. Maaya says he is since yesterday. Sushma asks if he learnt their truth. Leela asks Vanraj why don’t Anupama and Maaya fight. Vanraj says he doesn’t know. Leela says Anupama has a big tongue but small brain, she shouldn’t have kept Maaya at he house as women like Maaya eye on men. Hasmukh says women like Leela talk cheap. Leela says she is talking to her son. Hasmukh says others are also listening. Leela says they will also see the drama soon.

Anupama asks Anuj why is he behaving rudely with Sushma. He says he will discuss about it later. She insists. Little Anu calls them on stage and thanks them and Maaya for celebrating her birthday. She asks them to say something. Anuj says he already recited a poem for her. Kavya asks to repeat it. Anuj says he will say something else and starts praising Anupama for transforming his lonely life and bringing Little Anu in his life. Little Anu hugs him and says he will never leave him. Anuj thanks her with teary eyes. Anupama hugs them both. Maaya feels jealous. Anupama then praises Anuj for fulfilling her dreams which she never had courage to dream. She then calls Maaya on stage. Anuj gets angry.

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