Anupama starlife update Wednesday 26 July 2023

Anupama 26 July 2023: Maaya tells Anupama that is an easy question why didn’t she meet her daughter when she was right in front to her. She gives poverty as a reason and says she didn’t have money to even have food and would save money by walking for miles to buy gifts for her daughter. She describes her ordeal how she suffered due to poverty and even after crossing by her daughter many times she couldn’t even touch her. She describes how she fought with the fate and became successful. At Shah house, Toshu’s jokergiri starts. He fixes his business card on Little Anu’s birthday gift and brags how he will dominate catering business of the whole city. Vanraj asks why he fixed so many cards on the gift.

He says if one is missed, Maaya can see other one. Kinjal says he should fix 1-2 card and not 10-15. Hasmukh brings silver anklet for Little Anu. Leela says why did he buy that, she is gifting 1001 rs anyways. Hasmukh asks why she wants to go there. Toshu says to insult Anupama.

Leela says Anupama and her nok jhok continues. Kinjal reminds that she insults Anupama and Anupama silently listens to her. Hasmukh warns tha she can attend party only if she behaves with Anupama and not humiliate Dimple. Leela says she will go there not to crate a drama but to watch a drama.

Maaya continues to describe her ordeal and informs that she worked hard and made herself self-sufficient to take care of her daughter and when she reached orphanage to take back her daughter, she met with an accident and was hospitalized for 2 months, she learned that someone is fostering her daughter, now she wants to be with her daughter always. Anupama asks her about her husband. Maaya says she doesn’t have anyone in this world except Little Anu, she knows what Anupama is trying to do and hence she will not discuss anything about it. She asks Anupama if they can go for shopping now. Barkha tells Ankush that Anupama is preparing cake with Maaya and is behaving too cordial with her. She asks Ankush if he found any information or not. Ankush says he got a solid evidence against Maaya and will throw is trump card tomorrow after party. Kavya chats with her London friend and says she will meet definitely as she will be in London for 10 days. Leela frowns seeing that and tells Vanraj that they need to stop Kavya from going to London just like they stopped Anupama from going ton America.

Little Anu rejoices seeing 2 cakes and 2 dresses from her 2 mothers and asks who will decorate the house for party. Maaya says she will. Little Anu rejoices more and goes to her room. Anupama asks Maaya why did she said that she will do decoration while they both decided that they together will handle everything. Maaya says her event management company will manage decoration, she and anupama can supervise; why shall they work when they can get paid service. Ankush taunts that she knows what all paid services one can avail. Maaya hits him back saying even distant relatives get closer for money. She requests Anupama to let her sleep with her daughter tonight, she knows Anuj will refuse, she doesn’t want to do anything hiding. Ankush laughs. Maaya says she wants to give all her collected gifts to her daughter tonight. Anuj permits and says she can only tonight and thinks after party, she will be exposed tomorrow after birthday. Maaya thinks why did Anuj easily agree, if he found out something. Anupama thinks these fights on one side, she wants her daughtger’s first birthday to finish without any issues.

Maaya pampers Little Anu and cries. Little Anu asks why is she crying. Maaya says she is feeling guilty for abandoning her cute little daughter and describes how she misses her first word, first step, singing lullaby for her, etc. Little Anu asks her to stop crying. Maaya promises her and says she shouldn’t go away from her. Little Anu says mummy, papa, and now Maaya all say same. She asks if she shall sing a lullaby an make her sleep. Maaya gets happy. Little Anu says mummy told not to hate Maaya as she left her due to some reason. She sings a lullaby and makes Maaya sleep. Anuj and Anupama watch that and sadly return to their room. Little Anu notices them and walks to them. They happily wish her happy birthday. Maaya also wishes happy birthday, finds her missing, realizes she must have gone to Anuj and Anupama, and sings a happy birthday son for her. She gets a call, picks it, and looks tensed. Anuj thinks let Little Anu’s birthday ends tomorrow, he will get into action. Maaya tells her friend Sushma that she could meet her daughter because of her and needs her help even tomorrow also, so she should visit them tomorrow for sure.

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