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If you were not there 27 July 2023: Niyati informs Abhimanyu that his mother is the reason for his illness, he suddenly suffers an attack and so stands on the balcony threatening to jump if she doesnot call his mother to him, Niyati rushes to Manaroma who is sitting at the Mandir, she requests her to come as Abhimanyu is standing on the balcony.Some time earlier, Abhimanyu exclaims that he wants to fill each moment tonight from their love, and always remember it in his heart, she tries to say something but he asks her to be quiet, holding her hand he takes a step back and starts playing the whistle blower, with the same song which he always plays, Abhimanyu starts dancing with Niyati holding her hand, he lies down on the bed however she is still crying and is really tensed, she doesnot know what should she do, he once again sits beside her but she tries to leave, he however holding her hand kneels demanding her to come with him, he helps her sit on the swing, he once again stands up, Niyati hugs him coming from behind so they both start the dance to enjoy the night which they have for themselves, she is not able to take her eyes off him.

Manaroma opens the door of the house, entering the hall she sits on the sofa after crossing her feet.Niyati and Abhimanyu take a step backward when he presses a button, Niyati is showered with the rose petals, she is lost in the surprise which he has given her, Abhimanyu once again pulls her close trying to get close to his wife, Niyati takes the name of Maa, he suddenly pushes her back, meanwhile Manaroma is looking towards the terrace.

Abhimanyu questions if anything has happened to maa, he explains that both of them were together so he thinks of calling her, Niyati wonders how he would be able to listen to the truth when he is shivering just thinking she might be in trouble, Niyati assures she is fine but informs she needs to tell him something about Maa, he asks why is she talking about Maa when they are together, Niyati asks if he remembers the promise which he made to her, he questions what has happened asking her if everything is alright, he starts calling Maa since he is really tensed. Niyati tries to stop him mentioning he doesnot have to be tensed because of what she is about to tell him, she informs that it is something which has even scared her, he questions what is she not telling him because her words have even scared him, she assures of telling him but questions if he would believe what she is saying, Manaroma is sitting down on the sofa while smiling.

Niyati requests Abhimanyu to not get take it seriously and calm down, he knows that so much stress is not good for him, Abhiamnyu replies she is giving him stress by not revealing the truth, he is about to call Manaroma when Niyati stopping him reveals his mother is the reason behind his illness and she purposefully caused him to be like this, he is not able to bear it so even drops his mobile, she reveals that his mother caused him to be like this, she even tried to kill Niyati for which she sent her goon after him, Niyati reveals that she got a call from an unknown person who revealed someone is trying to harm Abhimanyu, Manaromka herself revealed the entire truth about her actions to her, she said that he might get healthy because of Niyati so she wants her to leave him and go back.

Manaroma walking in the hall goes to the Mandir with a smile on her face, she sits down infront of the Mandir and starts reciting the verse.Niyati explains she knows that it is hyard for him to accept this truth since even she found it difficult to accept it, Abhimanyu gets tears in his eyes, he starts recalling how his mother was always there for him, he loves her the most and is really close to his mother, Niyati says this is just the half truth since she did not tell her the reason for harming him but she is sure that Manaroma would not refuse to him, she feels they might get an answer so he gets healthy once again, she asks him to come with her however he pulls away her hand, she doesnot know what has happened, and looking at him, Abhimanyu starts shivering with anger, Niyati gets tensed seeing him, he stands there shivering and blames Niyati for being a liar, exclaiming his mother loves him the most and always calls him as her son, he asks her to leave and call his mother, he doesnot even listen to Niyati saying he needs her to call his mother.

Manaroma is reciting the verse in the Mandir which explains the greatness of a mother and how she doesnot need to fight any battle, Abhimanyu asks Niyati to leave since he needs his mother, he is calling her while Niyati tries to calm her but he says that she must leave so pushes her, Niyati causes the lamp to fall, Abhimanyu is constantly calling his mother exclaiming’s he really loves him and he needs his mother, Niyati explains he needs his medicine but he leaves pushing her aside Niyati wonders how can she stop him since he has not behaved like this in any of the previous attacks, Niyati is shocked when Abhimanyu stands on the balcony threatening to jump if his mother doesnot come till the count of ten, he starts counting while Niyati requests him to come down, he however doesnot let her come near him saying that she must call his mother, Abhimanyu thinks when he was young and would not remember the counting, his mother would help him remember it, Niyati assures of bringing his mother but he must jump, Niyati rushes downstairs calling his mother but she doesnot respond, Niyati runs to the Mandir meanwhile Abhimanyu is standing on the balcony, Niyati informs that if she doesnot go with her, Abhimanyu would jump from the balcony, Niyati explains if she doesnot come then he would die, Manaroma opens her eyes.

Abhimanyu standing on the balcony, is thinking what his mother told him, she says Niyati should think this counting of Abhimanyu as her backword counting, since he has counted till six so she only has that time to think if she would leave Abhimanyu or see him jump from the balcony. Niyati is really tensed wondering what can she do now, she looks to Manaroma.

Abhiamnyu wonders what comes after four, he iss able to recall that she taught him it is five and even thinks what comes after it, however he is still confused about what comes after six, Niyati requests Maa but she says that he will not jump till she goes to him, Manaroma explains it took a lot of time for him to remember this counting, he got such an attack before they went to Mumbai, he first forgets the counting then starts calling her and it takes him a lot of time, but she must consider this backword counting of Abhimanyu as her ending time, she says he has counted till six so Niyati has till he counts to Ten to decide if she wishes to stay and watch him jump or leave his life.

Niyati exclaims she did this on purpose and choose this day, she on one hand made her son accept niyati’s love and plan this surprise but then also revealed a way to find out the truth about his mother, she questions why did Manaroma did the entire truth, she informs that she found out the truth the first day when she met her, as she was able to control Abhimanyu, she tried her best to keep the truth hidden from her but even then she managed to come with Abhimanyu since she was insisting on repaying the debt of her past, she refused to accept the warnings of Manaroma and came into this house after performing the Gouna, Manaroma exclaims she ruined all of her plans so she had to do it all as now Niyati cannot live in this house, Niyati recalls that Shugun warned her about an enemy who resides in their house, Niyati questions if she was the enemy who is trying to hurt her own son, they are shocked to hear that Abhimanyu has counted till eight, Manaroma informs Niyati doesnot have a lot of time, since she doesnot want to hurt her son and even desire he has her own life, if she wanted to harm him then could have done it in the twenty six years and can even do it in the future.

Niyati still questions her the reason but Manaroma says she should accept that she is going to leave him and she will save him, Niyati looks to Manaroma in shock but in the meantime Abhimanyu reaches till nine, Manaroma questions Niyati what comes after nine, Abhimanyu is still thinking about the counting, Niyati holding her hand requests Manaroma to not separate them both since she has left everything and come to their house, Manaroma exclaims if he reaches the counting then they both would still be separated, Manaroma says she herself said that she will beg her and she just needs to promise Manaroma to leave him, it is the only way he will be saved but if she breaks her promise then she will do a lot worse with Abhimanyu, Manaroma asks if Niyati will cry over the dead body of her husband, Niyati while crying requests her to not do this.

Abhimanyu manages to count till ten, but even then his mother has not come, Niyati accepts that she is going to leave him but Manaroma must save Abhimanyu, she immediately runs to him when he exclaims she did not come so he is going to jump, he even says Goodbye, but Manaroma calls him and they both hug each other, Abhimanyu questions where was she when he was calling her but she did not come, Manaroma assures she came but if he threatens of jumping then she will be the first on to give her life, he explains she is the best mother in the world as she used to protect him when his father would scold when he did not complete his work but she used to give him the chocolate, he asks why did Niyati come as she was instigating him against his mother but he knows she is the best mother in the world, Manaroma exclaims she is going to ask her so says Niyati should bring the medicine however Abhimanyu refuses but accepts when she threatens to go away, he insist that she ask Niyati to go away but Manaroma says she must bring the medicine, Abhimanyu acting as the child once again exclaims his mother is the best mother in the world and takes care of him.

Niyati rushes to the room bringing the medicine but as she reaches upstairs he once again insists that they send her away, Manaroma assures she is going to leave after he takes the medicine, Manaroma orders her to bring the water, but he drinks it in a rush when Abhimanyu once again asks her to send Niyati away, Manaroma orders Niyati to go away as they do not need her and she can take care of her son, Manaroma asks if he would like to sleep on her lap, Abhimanyu questions if she is angry with her because the girl said she is the one who made him mad, how can she do it but he asks her to not leave him again, Abhimanyu getting restless hits Niyati with a lamp which hits her in the head, however Manaroma manages to calm him down assuring she will not return every again. Niyati from the corner thinks the mother with whom he feels the most secured is actually his enemy. Abhimanyu points to the stars exclaiming if he knows why they came, mentioning they have come to make him fall asleep, she starts singing a song so he falls asleep while she is massaging his head, Niyati is still looking at them both from the corner, Manaroma is with her son, but she is tensed. Manaroma places his head on a pillow, going to Niyati she says Manaroma has been the one to take care of Abhimanyu and will do it in the future, she exclaims that the remote control of his life is in her hands and he is just a toy for her, Manaroma exclaims she has saved him tonight but Niyati must fulfil her promise to leave before the members arrive, she must not think of doing anything which causes her to not have enough time to save Abhimanyu, she informs Niyati that if she does anything suspicious, Abhimanyu would pay the price as she wants to see his health deteoriating in his life.

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