Zee World: How Will Twist of Fate End? Season Finale Highlights


If you have been wondering how this season of Twist of Fate that we are presently engrossed in will end, (whether it’s season three or season four to you), then this post answers that question.

Update! (10-06-2019) Twist of fate ended on Zeeworld Africa on Saturday 8th June 2019 with the reunion and marriage of Abhi, pragya and Kiara. However the series is still running in Zee TV. 

Notwithstanding, The current season of the show chronicling events after the 7 years leap will rather end in a tragic death of Kiara (Pragya and Abhi daughter). After King discovers that Abhi, Pragya and Kiara are related, he feels cheated especially knowing that his love for Pragya and his intentions of marrying  her would not materialise.

In cahoots with Nikhil, Tanu and Aliya, he turns rogue towards Pragya and Abhi declaring them his enemy. It is in this mix-up and feud that Kiara gets caught between and leads to her untimely death..

Her ‘death’ causes a final separation for Abhi and Pragya and they both go their different ways, each carrying one of the girls. (the twin girls pragya later had for Abhi).

Twist of fate then takes another 20 years leap and continues with the lives of both girls. One bossy, spoilt and assertive having lived with Abhi; and the other homely and calm, having lived with Pragya. They girls may probably suceed in finally bringing their parents together for good. 

Read Twist of fate season 2 finale below:

In any case, the ending doesn’t divert from the plot and full story of the season 2 already posted on it blog. Although right now people’s attention has been diverted to the season 3 chronicling events after a major 7 years leap on Twist of Fate.

More so, it doesn’t end like everyone would have wanted. How do I mean? Pragya isn’t coming out of this victorious. Aliyah and Tanu still gets the last laugh as Abhi himself will throw her out of the house and blame her for the death of his Dadi.

Sad right? 😔

Well the Twist does continue in the after leap, Despite the protest from lovers of the show complaining over it’s lengthy plot and storyline.

Well Here’s a quick recap of how Twist of Fate ‘season finale’ will play out. 

A new villain, Simonica will enter the house as Abhi’s secretary. Abhi supposedly killed her husband Dushyant, so she has come to seek revenge against him; she plans and plots and does many conspiracies which are all futile.

At first Pragya doesn’t tell Abhi about the killer and hides his identity but later at his birthday she tells him the truth. On the same day she finds that Simonica is the killer. Simonica again tries to kill Abhishek and Pragya but her all plans go in vain.

Simonica tries to kill Abhi or send him to life imprisonment by involving him in her own murder case. But, with the efforts of Pragya and Purab, Simonica is proved wrong and is sent to jail.

While the police is taking Simonica to jail, an accident takes place and Simonica escapes and reaches the Mehra house. A party has been organized in Mehra house as Purab and Disha are soon becoming parents. Simonica tries to kill Abhi and Pragya but her plan goes in vain. Tanu signs a deal with Simonica that if she will leave Abhi then she will help her in killing Pragya, Simonica agrees.

As planned, Simonica’s guard calls Pragya and tells her about Simonica’s location. But Before leaving, Pragya seeks Dadi’s permission and blessing to go after her. Pragya goes to a local police station to take the police with her before heading to the factory.

Dadi, fearing for Pragya’s safety, reaches the factory alone before Pragya to confront Simonica. A struggle breaks out which results in Simonika shooting Dadi just as Pragya arrives with the police. Simonika is arrested and Dadi is rushed to the hospital.

Despite their best efforts, Dadi succumbs to her injury and passes away. Aliya holds Pragya responsible for this tragedy, Abhi without hesitation blames Pragya not only for Dadi’s death, but also for all the dangers that their family encountered.

In his anger, Abhi calls Pragya evil and throws her out of his life. A devastated and grief-stricken Pragya is shown attempting suicide by jumping off a cliff.

A 7 year years leap occurs as most of us may already know. We are treated to additional characters in the life of Pragya, King and Kiara. 


24 Responses

  1. Jayyyfwaka says:

    You are very much foolish you twist of fate how can one person suffering from all troubles pragya why not to throw out aliya and tanu

  2. Sandy says:

    I watch this because of the love praqya and Abhi have for each other . What is the fan in them not ending up together stupid ending .

  3. VERA says:

    I am tired of twist of fate please just end it dont allow abhis grandmother to die i so much love her parts just end it

  4. Joyce says:

    Mmmm this is nonsense, I can’t believe it, so that means evil will over shadow good. The producer or writer should think, we the lovers of zee world we are not foolish what we learn from it. This twist of fate of a thing you people should end it.

  5. Lilian says:

    All the zeeworld movie have to do with lost of memory,kipnap the villian alway succed infact telemundo am back.

    • Admin says:

      Lol. Telemundo is bringing a new series in March 4th titled My Perfect Family. The plot and teasers are already available on the blog. So read up and anticipate.

  6. Nikky says:

    Dis is not good ending just end d twist of fate i beg

  7. Marengwa DA says:

    When is pragya and Abshek be happy Aby is like weather hw could he tell pragya that she is evil and a which and he marries Tanu after what happened pliz let pragiya marry King its better Aliya ptu she is evil

  8. Tomi says:

    This is absolutely rubbish and stupid movie can’t continue to watch this rubbish again after 7 years seeing each other and come together again can’t you just finished it there now bringing after 20 years again after givimg us this is as continuation of twist of fate you can’t still put an end to twist fate instead you still have after 20 years when did you want to finish this zeeword? you are loosing your fans if you don’t know

  9. Mk says:

    You guys together with your movie are but just lunatic…. foolish movie.

  10. diva says:

    this such nonsence am tried of watching twist of fate just end it and bring up another interesting movie

  11. Deraa says:

    Zee world? I quit!!!

  12. Precious says:

    Am just sick n tired of zeeworld

  13. temexo says:

    You have got to be kidding me😣… how on earth will they not end up together after enlongating the series for too long…just gave me more than enough reason to give up on zeeworld

  14. mira says:

    like seriously sometimes i wonder why i still watch indian movies.. MUST there always be death and pains and evil people??hmmm…

  15. Vivian says:

    Why must the bad people have the last laugh in all your movies. What morals are you teaching us. If Kiara is going to die,then there is no point watching it again. Nonsense

  16. Favour says:

    I love zeeworld

  17. mugisha says:

    this is no motivating at all, twist of love lovers would love to see pragy and her family end together.now that it will not belike so , season two was my last watch

  18. French Mercy says:

    Please don’t show twist of faith again. The writer should go and learn more on scrip writing.

  19. Star babe says:

    I wish Zee world script writers read all these comments so that they would improve on their scripts. The whole zee world story are reflections of their culture. They celebrate evil over good in india. What a shame! No moral is learnt from their stories. Multi-choice, please be the voice of your viewers. Get the reactions of viewers to Zee world story tellers. They need to better their game if they want to make head way in the entertainment business. Viewers are no fools. This nonsense must stop!

  20. Tersa says:

    This movie is so stupid.. I hate pragya… And abhi.. Goshhbh
    Hw mean can she(pragya) be… She is the reason king acted badly ND the reason kiara died….. Please it’s enough now… Just end the movie.. Preaching love that doesn’t exist

  21. Fred says:

    If Kiara is gonna die then you better end the movie please. Kiara should grow until her old age …if anything, Tanu is worth dying.

  22. olasky says:

    Nigeria pls let live all this movies because if kiara died i wont watch it again and u should not let bulbul die
    …….pls let start our own movies pls nigerian movies is out like strangers things……

  23. Godwin chima says:

    Because of the comment people have been commenting, must that be the reason you people, {zee world}, decided to use what already had happened in season 2 to end the movie {twist of faith}. That is the reflect of what already happened and also using write up to end a movie like these is meaningless and all this are just rubbish. It means we are all fool and do not know what is Love, what it talks about to have allowed evil to prevail over good no it is on accepted.

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